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4C-Trading introduces customizable subscriptions

4C-Trading introduces customizable subscriptions

by SteveOctober 10, 2019

4C-Trading changes their subscription model for more options for the users, improved pricing and additional value!

What do they say?

“We are happy to announce that we have changed our subscription model in favor of our members and those who will become members in the future. The good news for all current members: You will receive free additional value with our brand new TRADE ROOM.

The Trade Room is the ultimative room to learn about the market, possible trade set-ups, discuss ideas and have access to professional traders at all times. Regular Livestreams, a share and care community chat,  tons of educational material and the famous Diamond Report make the Trade Room the PLACE TO BE!

With the Trade Room as the entry level subscription we want to give you a chance to have access to the best cryptocurrency community while not paying a tremendously high price. Even better- with the new subscription model you can cherry pick your Add-Ons such as Trading Signals, SMART Bot and Gems (More to come)”

While 4C-trading used to have a tier based model subscription which is the common model for most crypto trading signal providers, they now offer full customization on their packs. For example: You don´t want trading signals but still have access to the Gem reports and investment letters, no problem! From now you can book it through the Investors Add-On. The same goes for the famous SMART USD bot for example. You might not be interested in crypto gems but want access to the bot- Great, just go for the SMART Bot package.

Subtract 25% now (in words: twenty-five-freakin'-percents) from the prices shown below, simply by using the discount code: SMARTOPTIONS

Contact their Butler Bot now to Sign up: Telegram BOT or use the 4C-Webshop

These are the BRAND NEW PACKS:

New Packages and Prices from 4C-Trading

What's new and what's cool?

“The Trade Room”
The entry level pack in 4C-Terms which is designed to give access to traders via chat and livestream while covering market updates as well as trading education. The Trade Room comes with market Livestreams, market updates, a share and care community chat with traders, educational material and the famous Diamond Report.

Member of the Trade Room can additionally purchase their most favored Add-Ons:

“The Signal Add-On”
On top of what you’ve been reading about in the Trading Circle you will also get access to: The trading signals on Bitmex and Binance, a VIP Signal chat room and last but not least; API-Bots to automatically follow the signals that are created by the 4C Trading Team.

“The Investors Add-On”
While the The Signal Add-On is perfect for everyone who actively wants to trade the cryptocurrency market, the Investors Add-On brings you the famous Gem Reports (in an updated format), a dedicated VIP chat with educated investors, weekly technical entries and access to the monthly Investors Letter.

“The Smart Add-On”

The SmartUSD bot, the ultimative trading bot to accumulate USD by automatically trading BTC/USDT. It protects and grows your capital and has significantly outperformed a buy and hold strategy by accumulating 2x gains over the period of 16 month. The SMART Bot is fully automated,

Get it ALL

Last but not least you have the “All in Pack”!

Which simply includes everything mentioned before at a reduced price. On top of that: If one decides to purchase this pack for a year or more he or she will automatically obtain access to  the 4C-Trading Technical Analysis Course.

The most beautiful parts of these changes are found in the following takeaways: It’s important to understand that splitting up packs like this allows the access to high end tools for reduced prices. Which were previously only included in the high end packages. On top of that:  The pricing for all these packs is reduced from what one could prior purchase at 4C-Trading and therefore much more accessible to everyone. You can now cherry pick your subscription which is a great way moving forward.

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    November 4, 2019 at 8:38 am

    Before 4C – I was a master of getting rekt…my crypto trading was basically a form of self harm…now after just a month of fairly intense learning and about a thousand questions about trading answered, I’m making gains more than losses. It’s sooooo easy to lose money in crypto when you are basically just gambling and get panic’d by the news, or just following trade signals blindly without any understanding of why. There’s no lazy/easy way to make money in life, but the smart usd bot over time if it keeps going as it has been for me, will give me a much better roi than leaving the money in my bank a/c so I’m loving it so far.
    Thanks 4C Team

  • Avatar
    October 30, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    Most important thing in trading I think it is trust, when the team you’re working with is trustworthy you’re half way there ? to me 4c trading is that trustworthy team. I’ve started my trading journey with them when I was like zero with alot of uncertainties but now I’m calm and confident and yea, I’m on the path but if you want to reach the other half like I did, if you want to reach the destination and see your desired results like I do, you have to be a man and pay patience.. well, anything comes with a price and when you trade and you want the results it’s your patience that pays the bill. Cheers 4C Trading , you guys have eased my business life so much.

    Safe Trade is now my motto as well. ?

  • Avatar
    October 10, 2019 at 8:51 pm

    I was a member as they morphed to 4c. The support was beat case medium. They couldn’t find a good settings.for the bot. The signals are bad. I lost money instead of gains.
    For the price, even now they don’t provide enough return to invest. 150$ is not small for the bot. The usdt/btc is totally overpriced. There are free grid bots arou s who do the same job.
    I am never of crypto quality signals, sure they are not perfect, but for 10$ they don’t need to. Making small wins with them, even including bitmex and my returns covering the losses. Don’t get fouled with 4c, stay away.

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