Alpha Trade Zone Review
Alpha Trade Zone Review

Alpha Trade Zone – The Howling Crypto Wolves

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Alpha Trade Zone

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  • Perfect Price/Performance Ratio
  • Very Educative
  • Top Level Support
  • Active Discord
  • Listed in the Best Crypto Signals Discord Shortlist
  • Long-Term Consistency Proven

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  • Single signals have been provided for other channels as well

Alpha Trade Zone Review

+++Insane Altcoin Signals / Access to profitable TV trading scripts / Guidance, Mentorship and Education+++

(Added 10/2018 – Updated 04/2019)
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Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

AlphaTradeZone is the new name of a recently rebranded channel, formerly ranked in the top positions of our website, known for their consistency, huge success rate of calls and friendly users’ community. Alpha Trade Zone comes to show the community what it is to be the leader in the trading business, being a role model of a true Alpha trader, who is not only profiting for himself, but also willing to help others to succeed by sharing the vast amount of secret knowledge and trading tricks collected over time. The All-star trading team of those guys was reinforced by another professional trader with multiyear trading experience in the forex markets, so they are claiming now to be giving even more profitable signals than before! Hard to believe, but we know now for a fact!


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The team was recently left by its head of Marketing, hence they are now re-establishing their foundations, partnerships and channels, gathering more strength and willing to compete for the top ranks, providing impeccable customer service, education and guidance for their loyal followers. I have been talking with the team and I will share some inside info from them – one of the top-traders in the team has actually previously worked with great success for one of the VERY big and old crypto signaling channels. This also adds more credibility to the capabilities of the team as you will surely see for yourself.

Alpha Trade Zone is your ONE-Stop-Shop about trading and crypto. A well-rounded set of channels is literally offering everything a trader might need. Regardless of your experience, you will have the chance profit with their Alpha Trading Team. Being a novice or a more experienced scalping trader, you will find literally everything. For the most advanced traders they are offering scalping margin trade calls with multiple entries and exits within the day, and for the novice traders, they provide a more simplified trading calls for Binance altcoins! You should see for yourself! All this with the regular BTC updates.

The Discord channel is set up in a very professional way, customized to be extremely easy to navigate through the channels and find the most valuable content in mere seconds, saving precious time and efforts to everyone who joins, willing to learn the latest news and market analysis.

I have been personally following that all-star team of traders for more than 8 months now and witnessed their success from the very beginning. They have proved their consistency even in the darkest bearish times of the crypto market, managing to save the money of their community and give them the opportunity to take advantage of the bear market, instead of running away in panic and despair. For that, they won many loyal long-term customers and partners, but most importantly they gained our trust.

What we found out when we joined their rebranded Discord server was nothing less than exceeding the high expectations previously set:

The well-structured Discord server with chat channels, open discussions, always having a member of the team available to provide guidance, mentorship and education about trading and investing. We have rarely seen a more accurate Technical Analysis, provided with charts and absolutely amazing playout history for their calls. If you are there for the education – you will find a ton of secret knowledge, that is otherwise very hard to find, plus you have to opportunity to reach a team member should you have any trading related issue.

The Offering

The comprehensive membership includes:

  • Private portfolio evaluation and personal consultation with the Leading trader Alpha.
  • Access to the Premium Trade calls
  • Actively monitoring of every Trade call with dynamic Stoploss management
  • Access to the Premium Bitcoin accumulation trading script – via a Tradingview subscription.
  • Access to Premium Bitcoin updates
  • Mentorship & education on investing, trading, risk & portfolio management, position sizing
  • 55 Lessons big video course about crypto and trading (to be released soon, not included)
  • Private chat channels that host their board of traders
  • Currently Auto Trader Solution by Cornix – but something big and new is coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Signals

Dang! Hard for me to even begin! These guys don’t stop surprising me! In the past I made a very positive review of their performance, but lately in this market mess instead of falling behind they seem to constantly improve their results every day! Who would have guessed they will manage to achieve more than 87% accuracy of their calls in January 2019? During past 3 months they managed to keep up with steady accuracy above  85%, being very profitable in the altcoin markets, where the majority of traders failed. I think I managed to discover a part of their strategy and it is precisely defining the most possible bottom for a buy in to reduce the risk and increase the profitability percentage. They also aim at low sat coins that give a better % boost even if they pump a little in absolute satoshi value.

I followed a few of their calls live and managed to sneak a nice chunk of profit easy and quick!

BAT/BTC Signal
BAT/BTC Signal
Alpha Trade Zone Trade
Alpha Trade Zone Trade

Now that’s a quick profit! In just a few hours and you see how clear the instructions for managing the trade are. Those guys are literally putting money in your pockets with the simple way of leading and taking profit while securing your win.

And right after this easy win, we got another one even bigger WIN! Is this really not a dream? No its not, this is the team of Alpha Traders leading you to success!

Let’s check another one of their Signals!

Alpha Trade Zone - The Howling Crypto Wolves 3
Alpha Trade Zone - The Howling Crypto Wolves 4

The new trader Harris has proven many times, that trading ETH is his speciality. So I am always watching out for their BitMEX signals on ETH!

January was one of the best months so far for those Alpha guys, with outstanding accuracy and profits. And more – they recently introduced margin trading signals, and with their recently introduced Bitcoin Trading customized script, the amounts of trading weapons in their arsenal is really a formidable force to reckon. Oh, I forgot to mention, premium members will also be granted access to this deadly trading weapon upon request. All included in the subscription fee which is extremely undervalued for this quality of service!

Honestly, I ask myself two things about Alpha Trade Zone:
1. How can they achieve such a nice success within this messy markets trading altcoins and
2. Why the heck are they so damn cheap? If you want trading signals, guidance and much more services on Discord – Alpha Trade Zone is an absolute no-brainer for me. They shared with me prices might increase soon, so better hop on before that happens!

Let’s check another one of their Signals!

The Results

As we discussed before, the results of this All-star channel have been near to perfect. Considering the 100% success rate is near impossible, we have rock solid results here. Alpha Trade Zone proved themselves to deliver within the most difficult market and outlasted them, coming out even stronger each month. In January success rate is 80%  with only 2 signals closed in a loss, and counting for February team has provided a lot more trading calls given the fact they were busy rebranding and reorganizing! Now in March/April they have shown their true value. Constant Altcoin and BitMEX signals, great success rate. The overall accuracy is a bit drawn down from the first months as Bitcoin Compass, which have not been easy. The replication of the Altcoin signals via Cornix has been perfect, BitMEX and Cornix is still a bit tricky but works as well. Furthermore, they are will even improve the overall results soon when they have their own auto trader ready, which connects to Binance and BitMEX and hedges positions against each other. Great outlook, Alpha Team!

The Support

Honestly, I felt for their traders as they have a Premium chat room where their customers find the very responsive staff incl. the traders seem to be around 24/7. Patiently all questions have been answered – always friendly, always well-knowledged, this is the gold standard. I often get thankful messages for recommending Alpha Trade Signals, as their level of support is very personal and helpful.

The Critique

There are some minor issues, I don’t like. One trader works also for another channel and sometimes I can see very similar or duplicate signals. In my opinion a channel should always strave to provide 100% unique work and a doubling is a no go. Furthermore, I THINK I observed how a regular market analysis post, which has been posted as information and not as signal, has been counted as signal later in the stats. The analysis was spot on, so it is no big deal, but it skews the stats as only real given signals should be found there. However, I have to mention it, as I am 90% sure I’ve seen this, but cannot prove it as I can’t find it again, unfortunately.

Customer Insights Review

This Customer Insights Review has been provided by our community member CRYPTOBALITO. You can verify it by contacting him. Do you want to review great channels for us? Join our Telegram Channel, maybe you become selected!

First Impressions

As soon as you join, one of the team attends you from A to Z. The one that contacted me was Boyan. A very communicative fellow. They are not only interested in resolving any issue or answering your questions; they are interested in your feedback.

I liked very much the discord way of organizing things applied to this group services. Some of those services are:

  • Education Material.
  • Access to premium chats where they traders are always present.
  • Markets updates
  • Portfolio revision.
  • Signals on Alts (Binance) and margin calls (Bitmex)
  • Markets updates.
  • Proprietary script for BTC on Tradingview
  • Forex signals.
  • Not all of the services are included and some are in test period, but they are all very well organized. The team knows how to take advantage of discord.

The Signals

Their signals are clear and easy to manage and ATZ (Alpha Trading Zone) make your life easier because when they need to correct a call due to a market change, they reedit the signal and you can manage it with the bot. If you are on the go there is no excuse since they are integrated with Cornix (and offer a 10% discount for all ATZ members, even the free members). Both alt signals and margin signals can be manage with this bot (semi-automated or in auto-trader mode) or manually.

They are fully integrated to discord ecosystem, but since they have the Cornix option available for the Cornix Bot subscribers, they replicate the Signal Channel of the discord server on telegram (which in my opinion is much better to manage fast accurate signals). This way you get the very well organize world of ATZ on discord with the fast and convenient to follow signals on Telegram.

The Results

I joined at the end of March. I must say that I am satisfied with the accuracy of the channel. The market have being very difficult with BTC strong swings and increased BTC dominance. Getting profitable alts signals is no easy task on these conditions. Even when this month they presented a decreased accuracy, they manage to maintain a positive balance and profitable results. I obtained a 21 % ROI to April 24.

(They report this number as Total Month ROI, and they monthly report may differ from my results for various reasons: 1 – I updated it manually to include more trades and ATZ´s report is until April 11. 2- Because they obtain profits from some trades started before I was on the group. I didn´t take into account because I didn´t follow them. If I were, then my return would be 32% to the April 24. 3 – They leave out in progress results from this report.)

I really don´t like this number to represent the performance of a group. It tells nothing really. You need to assume that each trade was taken with the same amount of funds (size position) for it (this percentage) to represent something, otherwise it´s like adding apples with pears. This is never an accurate representation because you never get into the trades in this fashion due to a couple of reasons:

1- You could use some configurations with the bot to enter in a staggered manner (as the signal says). However, these entries could get merged into one and you could be entering them at the lowest and better price, or not all the entries could be achieved, so the size position is different of what the signal called for)
2- You should be sizing your position with Risk Management.
That being said their trade results are perfectly achievable, especially with the Cornix bot.

Aditional services

One of the most interesting things was their Premium Bot. It´s a Script designed for them to work on Trading View. The accuracy it´s impressive. I find that it works better as a tool for a trend trader. You maybe won´t get in the absolute best position for a long or a short, but you´ll be surely in a good one and in profit at the end of the trade.

ATZ it´s working on implementing this script to a proprietary AutoTrader for BITMEX. Really looking forward to see this done.
The other interesting thing is that their services include Forex Signals. They just lunch this month with the addition of a new trader to the team. I must say that a did not follow this signals but after you are in crypto for some time and some bear cycles, you will learn to diversify and appreciate Forex support like this one.

The Critique

I really think that they could improve their Result Report Spreadsheet. As I mentioned they leave out in progress signals results. They should include those in my opinion.
Other thing I don´t like is the emphasis on this ROI percentage thing that not only ATZ but also every other group (with exception of a few) love so much. ATZ should include their entry target hit information for trade as well.
They could change this spreadsheet report for one of a live account, with initial funds and complete results applied to it. I think that in the end this could benefit them. This could show the user the importance of consistency month to month (like theirs) with the compound effect in gains over a year.
Final Comments:
This Group is a very complete option for any trader. Their services should be at the disposal of any trader, specially the beginners. They give you consistent profits and let you learn and evolve on the meanwhile.
Their traders are always open to questions and someone is always on the chats. If the market moves, you can expect frequent (but not superfluous) updates on market evolution that keep you on the track if you are not able to stay on your monitor all day.
This is worth keeping; I definitely recommended it.

End of the Customer Insights Review by CRYPTOBALITO.


This channel should be rewarded with an extra model for a combination which is quite hard to find: Great support + working signals in the bear market + the advanced approach of educating their members like not only holding their coins but to scale in and out to increase their Bitcoin holdings.  Overall a great service with minor shadows when it comes to uniqueness and eventually the results tracking. Still, they are a rocking team and personally I absolutely love the way Harris is rocking the (ETH) charts – damn good work.
Furthermore, we have been able to get a sneak peek into the video course they are currently developing – and well, this 55 lessons big course won’t leave out a thing. We know they will release it soon to further boost the portfolio of services they offer for a complete training program they will give you the opportunity to become an Alpha trader yourself and harvest the markets on your own. Con artists would charge you a gazillion of $ for this kind of content, Alpha Trade Zone is more about adding value and will offer it soon for a minor fee.


Enroll with Alpha Trade Zone

Discount Code:  SMARTOPTIONS15OFF (15% off)

  • Pre Membership channel:
  • Telegram Contact:
  • Public Telegram:
  • Telegram premium: Discord signals are forwarded to our private premium telegram group for the users'convenience. It is included in the subscription price.
  • Discord Contact: AlphaTradeZone®#4675
  • Discount Code: 15% off with SMARTOPTIONS15OFF
  • Plans & Pricing: 1 month 0.018BTC 3 months 0.048 BTC 1 year 0.17 BTC Lifetime sub  0.28 BTC
  • Special Features: Personal Portfolio valuation, Long-term gems recommendations, investment, and trading portfolio split, Daily market updates with analysis, Live trading tracking with stop-loss management, Binance altcoins trading AI in the final testing phase with more than 85% Accuracy on live tests. To be released in upcoming weeks for Premium members only. Weekly live market analysis sessions of 1hr, recorded. We give full access for every premium member to our custom designed BTC movement tracking script with insane accuracy. Only available for Tradingview accounts. Alpha trade Zone has implemented a new section that reflects the increase/decrease of capital if all their calls have been followed as per instructions, so that any new upcoming users can actually manage to calculate how much REAL PROFITS would they be making if they join their Premium Group and participate in the signals. This is done for transparency purposes and it was recommended by the last SmartOptions guest review, so it is now a reality! It brings a new level of trust in our signals reliability!
  • Further Information: Interview with Alpha Trading Zone | Guest Posts: 'The Ripple Mafia' & 'Cryptocurrency Bull Market Cycles'
  • Auto Trader: Yes, Cornix - soon another solution with HEDGING option
  • Exchanges: Markets on Binance / Bitmex (Margin trade calls)
  • Results Tracking: Tracking Sheet on Google Docs
  • Signals with TA: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached
  • Bitmex Signals: Yes, officially supporting signals for Bitmex as part of our premium service.
  • ICO Reviews / Seed Sale Opportunities: No
  • Trading Timezones: GMT +1
  • Chat Rooms: #open-discussion (public community chat) – general discussion #bots-lounge – user supported bot construction community #ta-lounge – Everything TA related #premium-lounge – VIP members chat, access to Alpha Team members.
Enroll with Alpha Trade Zone

Discount Code: SMARTOPTIONS15OFF (15% off)

How the paid crypto signal channel looks like:Alpha Trade Zone - The Howling Crypto Wolves 6

Discount Code:  SMARTOPTIONS15OFF (15% off)


Alpha Trade Zone is a Trusted Signal Provider
Alpha Trade Zone is a Trusted Signal Provider
Alpha Trade Signals Review
Alpha Trade Zone - The Howling Crypto Wolves 7

In this review, we check the reliability, accuracy, and support of Alpha Trade Signals. The quality of the signals in this channel have been tested for quite some time and lead us to a positive outcome for this telegram channel. The initial editor's rating was 8.5 - the overall rating is influenced by 20% through community votes from the comments section.

Editor's Rating:

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    But why he has mentioned in his spreadsheet – the stop loss trades in green color. It is very confusing he should use RED color for stop loss trades so we can easily study the results. Let him know about this plzz

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Get the armor to fight the bear market - delivered to your inbox:
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When nu post?

Get the armor to fight the bear market - delivered to your inbox:
  • Learn which Crypto Signals Provider really perform
  • Get unbiased well-researched & merciless coin reviews
  • Grab trading education, our market updates and cryptocurrency news!

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