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AlphaTradeZone® Review

+++ AlphaTradeZone® Bitcoin & Altcoin Signals / TV trading scripts / Consistency, Mentorship and Education+++
~ Crypto Trading Signals for Binance, Bybit & Bitfinex | Education & Trading Course | Bitcoin Analysis | News | Market Overview | Telegram and Discord ~

AlphaTradeZone® Are leaders in the crypto signals industry, have recaptured the trading spotlight, so we want to bring their high quality signals to you attention once again. Known for their consistency and huge success rate of calls in this user friendly’ community. AlphaTradeZone® comes to show the trading space what it is to be a leading signal provider.

Being a role model of a true ALPHA trader who is not only profiting for himself but also willing to help others to succeed by sharing the vast amount of secret knowledge and trading tricks collected over time. This is an All-star Signal Group. AlphaTradeZone® is lead by Talin the owner/operator, which now offers a NEW educational video course and insight into the market dynamics of how they trade. Don’t miss out on some really insightful knowledge and their many chat group offerings so you get the full benefits of their A2Z courses and trading.

Increased consistency = high quality signals

AlphaTradeZone® has changed quantity to quality, thus improving their trading returns vs risk/reward profile. This is important because it shows a level of a vetran understanding of the crypto market that many have yet to attain. One of the main growth factors for a signal provider is their consistency, without it you are left with a see-saw battle for profitability.

With this increased focus on the quality of their signals the results for the given market conditions are improved and with proper money-management applications the average subscriber can increase their profitability many times over using the correct leverage. This is a level of maturity you would look for in a crypto trading signal provider and we welcome it wholeheartedly as one can see in the results AlphaTradeZone® crafts for their members.

AlphaTradeZone™ is still your ONE-Stop-Shop about trading and crypto. A well-rounded set of channels is literally offering everything a trader might need. Regardless of your experience, you will have the chance profit with the ALPHA Team. Being a novice or a more experienced scalping trader, you will find literally everything you need here. For the most advanced margin traders they have leveraged trading signals often lasting 1-4 days in length. For those more into alt coin trading or the novice trader, you have their Spot trading signals lasting from a 2-6 weeks in length often.

Each of these can be taken on your own brokers of choice, but note that they recommend Bybit for their margin trades and Binance for their spot trades.

2 Telegram & 17 Discord Trading Channels!

Telegram is pretty much the standard, but AlphaTradeZone® really loves Discord too! The Discord channels are set up in a very professional way, customized to be extremely easy to navigate through as well a large variety of topics to utilize. AlphaTradeZone® you have a Plethora of channels meeting all their member’s needs again from ATZ.

The large number of chatrooms AlaphaTradeZone® has serves a purpose, as they wish to 1) Work for you 2) Educate you and 3) Support you. The well-structured Discord server with chat channels, open discussions, always having a member of the team available to provide guidance, mentorship and education about trading and investing. AlphaTradeZone® is also featured in our discord post here: Best Bitmex signal providers.

The combination of Quality Signals, Education and Support is hard to beat here, added their new EDUCATIONAL push and many chatrooms for the support you will see the advantages of being part of AlphaTradeZone® very quickly as you hunt down profits in the market with them by your side!

Visualized Education of ATZ program

A nice brand NEW offering of AlphaTradeZone® is the ATZ course 37 Lessons of both VIDEO+AUDIO based training, taking you from well A to Zed, starting from the basic understanding of how the history of money started to an advanced understanding of technical analysis and how to use it in your trading. The ATZ course offers not only 37 videos, but a private area you can long into for future videos all at a single price point for their:


  • Chapter 1 – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – 9 lessons
  • Chapter 2 – Cryptocurrency investing – 9 lessons
  • Basic technical analysis – 11 lessons
  • Advanced technical analysis – 8 lessons

AlphaTradeZone® Pricing

The comprehensive membership includes:

  • Private portfolio evaluation and personal consultation with the Leading trader Alpha.
  • Access to the Premium Trade calls
  • Actively monitoring of every Trade call with dynamic Stop loss management
  • Access to the Premium Bitcoin accumulation trading script – via a Tradingview subscription.
  • Access to Premium Bitcoin updates
  • Mentorship & education on investing, trading, risk & portfolio management, position sizing
  • NEW ATZ video course about crypto (stand-alone product.)
  • Private chat channels that host their board of traders
  • Currently Auto Trader Solution by Cornix

Trading Results

Wow! What surprises me here about AlphaTradeZone® is their transformational adaptability, this is a sign of great traders. Markets are always changing and you have to change with them. AlphaTradeZone® does exactly that.

They have gained experience to become market veterans, leading to not high quality signals, but to at the time of writing a 15 trade win streak! This once again shows time has taught them to adapt and thrive in the market, as well they keep their trading record transparent from day 1 for you to see how they improved over time in the crypto trading space.

—> AlphaTradeZone™ Trading Results <—

I followed a few of their calls live and managed to sneak a nice chunk of profit quick and easy!

Now that’s a quick profit! In just a few hours and you see how clear the instructions for managing the trade are. Those guys are literally putting money in your pockets simply by leading and taking profit while securing your win.

And right after this easy win, we got another one even bigger WIN! Is this really not a dream? No its not, this is the team of Alpha Traders leading you to success!

Let’s check another one of their Signals!

Now that’s a quick profit in just a few hours you notice how clear they charted the entire movement for WRX crypto signal and how insanely accurate the actual price action followed their prediction!

This is mostly related to the supply and demand zones knowledge those guys have accumulated. The vast majority of their telegram signals and predictions follow the same rules. When they draw a chart and make a squiggly line, it looks like the price just LISTENS to what Alpha has predicted and follows suit!

That makes trading be a joyful, fun, but also STRESS FREE and profitable experience!

Right after the WRX trade we got into their BTC long call which hit all their targets in less than 6 hours! Is this even possible? YES, with the Alpha Team you will get such crazy calls DAILY!

Amazing how well and accurate a simple chart can be read!

July 2020 is one of their best months, whereas they have 17 successful crypto signals, hitting TP and only one stop loss! Not bad!

The Support

Honestly, I felt for their traders as they have a Premium chat room where their customers find the very responsive staff including the fact, traders seem to be around 24/7. Patiently all questions have been answered – always friendly and knowledgeable- this is the GOLD standard. I often get thankful messages for recommending AlphaTradeZone®, as their level of support is very personal, knowledgeable and helpful.

Customer Insights Review

This Customer Insights Review has been provided by our community member CRYPTOBALITO. You can verify it by contacting him. Do you want to review great channels for us? Join our Telegram Channel, maybe you become selected!

First Impressions

As soon as you join, one of the team attends you from A to Z. The one that contacted me was Talin. He is a very communicative fellow. They are not only interested in resolving any issue or answering your questions; they are interested in your feedback.

I liked the Discord way of organizing things applied to this group services. Some of these are:

  • Education Material.
  • Access to premium chats where the traders are always present.
  • Markets updates
  • Portfolio revision.
  • Signals on Alts (Binance) and margin calls (Bybit)
  • Markets updates.
  • Proprietary script for BTC on Tradingview
  • Forex signals.
  • Not all of the services are included, and some are in the test period, but they are all very well organized. The team knows how to take advantage of Discord.

The Signals

Their signals are clear and easy to manage as AlphaTradeZone® makes your life easier, because when they need to correct a call due to a market change, they reedit the signal and you can manage it with the bot. If you are on the go there is no excuse since they are integrated with Cornix (and offer a 10% discount for all ATZ members, even the free members). Both alt signals and margin signals can be managed with this bot (semi-automated or in auto-trader mode) or even manually.

They are fully integrated into the discord ecosystem, but since they have the Cornix option available for the Cornix Bot subscribers, they replicate the Signal Channel of the discord server on Telegram (which, in my opinion, is much better to manage fast, accurate signals). This way, you get a well-organized world for trading on Discord with a fast and convenient way to follow signals on Telegram.

Additional services

One of the most exciting things was their Premium Bot. It´s a Script designed for them to work on Trading View. The accuracy it´s impressive. I find that it works better as a tool for a trend trader. You may not get in the absolute best position for a long or a short, but you´ll surely be in a good one and in profit at the end of the trade.

ATZ is working on implementing this script to a proprietary AutoTrader for Bybit, Really looking forward to this being done.
The other exciting thing is their expansive educational section now. They just launched this recently by adding a new trader to the team. This focus on education, as one can see with their video lessons, advanced resources, price-action & supply-demand concepts.

End of the Customer Insights Review by CRYPTOBALITO.


This channel should be rewarded with an extra model for a combination that is quite hard to find: Great support + working signals in the bear/bull markets + the advanced approach of educating their members like holding their coins and scaling in and out to increase their Bitcoin holdings.  Overall a great service with minor shadows regarding uniqueness and, eventually, the results tracking. Still, they are a rocking team, and I absolutely love how Martyn is rocking the (ETH) charts – damn good work.

Furthermore, we have been able to get a sneak peek into the video course they are currently developing – well, these 37 lessons in this comprehensive course won’t leave out a thing. We know they will release it soon to boost further the portfolio of services they offer for a complete training program they will allow you to become an Alpha trader yourself and harvest the markets on your own. Con artists would charge you a gazillion of $ for this kind of content Alpha Trade Zone is more about adding value and will offer it soon for a minor fee. Also, check out our Interview with the owner of Alpha Trade Zone.


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