Bitmex Signals
Bitmex Signals

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram


BitMEX Signals – Where to get them, what to know – Version: 4.1.0 ( Last Update: 03/12/19)

The Best BitMEX Crypto Signals Providers

Best ProvidersAccuracy Rating
1. Yo Crypto82.54%
2. Margin Whales82.54%
3. Cryptomedics78.9%
4. Verified Margin Traders63.71%
5. Margin Signals39.07%

Trading cryptocurrencies is not fun right now – you can only buy and hold – and hope it will get up, but what if everything you touch just tanks. For many people, BitMEX becomes teasing more and more to trade the financial market of cryptocurrency, as it offers the opportunity to reap some profits while the other holdings on regular exchanges are dropping. BitMEX is a trading platform, not an exchange in the way you might be familiar with, which makes an important difference. We wrote an article about BitMEX and its danger of high leveraging your trades, and want to stress that leveraged trading can zero your holdings in no time – especially if you don’t know what you are doing. So keep in mind every high leverage traded recommendation is a risk for your account, due to the well-known volatility of Bitcoin and crypto in general.  The risks are obvious: Once your margin is eaten, the trade – in the worst case your account becomes liquidated.  You need a trading plan, on when to enter and when to exit the markets to make money. If you are new to BitMEX and just playing with the thought to start over, please take some time to read our BitMEX Guide. BitMEX is heaven and hell in one – it can help you to stop the bleeding of your account value and it can cost you everything. Our selected providers will help you to make the first case happen: Growing your BTC holding while the world falls apart – ready for the next bull run!

BitMEX is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform that works as a real-time application for potential investors. It operates in many regions such as Japan, South Korea, and Europe, Russia. US Citizens are blocked by an IP ban from using the live platform (but can use a VPN via RDP like many users report – no guarantees given here). Its commission rates vary with each transaction. BitMEX is since 2014 in the game and was the first to launch a leveraged swap contract on cryptocurrencies. In other words, since there is no expiry (on the perpetual contract for Bitcoin ($XBT) ), one does not need to roll one’s position at a fixed point every time – only the future contracts run out.

Table of Contents

    1. BitMEX Signals
      1. Finding the best BitMEX Signals
      2. Signal Providers
    2. General Informations about Trading on BitMEX
      1. How to use signals on BitMEX
      2. How to use leverage on BitMEX
      3. Differences between leverage and margin
      4. Example of a leveraged trade
      5. Options on BitMEX
      6. The fee structure of BitMEX
      7. Free BitMEX Signals on Twitter and Telegram
      8. About BitMEX

Finding the best BitMEX Signals

The first thing we found out pretty fast, is that there are near to no good BitMEX signal providers on the market. They are hard to find and way often an outright scam. We’ve thrown out the fishing rod and found a few ones you could trust. These are providers whose channels we are monitoring for a long time and can vouch for their seriousness. As we are subscribed to the regular crypto signal channels for months now, we can say these guys do a good job in general and if we have to trust anyone for a leveraged signal, then this groups would be our way to go. Not all of the listed groups have general trading channels, though – some of them formed out of other channels or are solely BitMEX-focused telegram channels. If you prefer Discord for BitMEX signals, we have this well-researched post for you. If you go with other BitMEX channels be very careful – there is scam beneath every corner. NEVER, like really NEVER, give someone your account credentials to trade your account. There is an API which enables you to let a provider trade your account without risking a robbery – way too many folks got scammed by an “I trade your account for you – guy” – don’t be that Jack!

No matter how excited you become to have found finally some reliable BitMEX signals, you should never, never, never use more than 10x leverage, even if a provider suggests it– as this can become a trading suicide pretty fast. As we rank our providers by their consistency rate, we even give out a High-Leverage Penalty if they exceed 10x. One thing you might have observed in trading is, that there is nothing like a “dead-sure signal” – things can change quickly – bad news comes in, the sentiment changes suddenly, and the best technical analysis won’t cover your back. Different to normal crypto trades is that you can’t just hold until the price recovers, especially not with leveraged positions, because the leverage works in both sides, so your equity can be eaten pretty fast if the price runs against your direction. So whatever you trade, if you buy or if you sell, if you are bullish or bearish – you should always have a good stop-loss in place and use proper money management and calculate your risk-reward ratio. It is teasing to go all-in if you have a provider you can trust – but they will also fail from time to time – it is like that, no matter what and it is totally normal and OK – Money management is there to protect you from these cases. Personally, we would not exceed 1-5% of the total equity, you allocated for BitMEX. Remember: slow and steady wins the race and there are no overnight riches waiting for you.

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But now let’s go – here are the best Signal Providers for leveraged Crypto Trades


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and let never anyone trade for you. We do not support or advertise "FUND MANAGEMENT", we only review signal providers/analysis/education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

Constantly Updated Post

As this post gets much attention by our valued readership, we provide regular updates about the listed channels. Also, we stay in each of these channels to ensure they maintain the quality that made us list them. If we don't have access to these channels anymore, the quality drops signifcantly or something shady happens, we will delist them from this post immediately. The ranking of the providers is based on a calculated formula for long-term consistency (Account Growth & Accuracy as factors) in their trading.



Our Hand-selected List Of BitMEX Trading Groups On Telegram

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 1

#1 Yo Crypto

~Provider of the Month | BitMEX and Altcoin Signals | Responsible Trader | Great Risk:Reward Ratio ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

I spent quite some time to observe the premium channel of Yo Crypto, a reader has recommended them for the great success he had with them. At first, I wanted to skip it for superficial reasons: a Guy Fawkes image as the logo, the only plan is a one-time fee – as you know we are not a fan of such things. I contacted them anyways for some chit-chat and to see if they appear legit, as we value our reader opinions and we like hybrid channels that offer regular signals as well as BitMEX ones. I was surprised to see my prejudice invalidated. Ronny, the admin, was very friendly and showed quite some knowledge, so I decided to take a look. I found a superb success rate with his Bitmex trades, as well as their altcoin signals. They don’t offer a bloated program of services – you pay one time and get great signals for BitMEX and general altcoins short-term and long-term, along with some Background education, simple as that. We first had this provider in our post about Crypto Signals but decided to move it here, as the emphasis was on Bitmex, we figured. Worked for us even in tricky times!

Their offer in a nutshell:

  • Excellent Bitmex Signals
  • Very accurate altcoin signals
  • Long-term coin picks

Signals Review:
The crypto trading signals by Yo Crypto have been excellent for us. Even if you do not want to make use of their Altcoin signals, they’d be still to your advantage. They always have a close eye to Bitcoin and its corny moves and adapt their strategy for altcoin trades. We received signals on XBT as well as altcoins on Bitmex. They often provided a lot of targets, so you can adjust with your risk appetite – we never went in longer than target three, but some will love this. The first three targets hat the best hit rate in our test. Don’t expect daily signals here – there are days with many signals and days with less. This is very responsible as the market dictates the trades, and this is the only right way to do it. If the markets are dull or moving in a weird way, it is better to stay out – however, newbies want to burn their fingers first, before they accept it. Yo Crypto is a good solution for those that like to go both ways: Bitmex and altcoin trading in general. We had a FANTASTIC success rate on each kind of signal and especially the Bitmex trades made us great profits. The signals have been so spot on, we can’t believe it at first – but the market did hit his targets very often super-precise. This indicates a deep knowledge of the markets. We felt very good guided by him, as he monitors everything happening around the corn and updates accordingly if, e.g. news appear which are not in our favor. You might not like that Yo Crypto does not provide the technical analysis with his trades, but we have been super happy with the consistent profits he was able to generate us. After testing his BitMEX signals for about a month, we decided to side with his targets and trade direction, if we see conflicting signals. A very honest person, not cocky or anything with magic fingers when it comes to picking the right trades.

Signal Example:

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 2

 And here is how the trade looks on the chart:

(Mind you how profitable such moves on altcoins like Ada are with Bitmex! This was a 58% profit move – it just dropped like a rock!)

Ada Trade by Yo Crypto
Ada Trade by Yo Crypto

The Results:
The BitMEX signals by Yo Crypto have been impressive, he clearly has an edge on these markets. As you can see from the trade example Yo Crypto plays the safe card. Smaller targets, taking profits step by step – this is how it should be done. He just doesn’t go nuts, but basically locks in profits when they are there. In our test phase where we traded his signals, we had not stop-loss hit and locked in some nice profits. There have been also larger gains, than in this example but this is not about advertising to promise you heaven, but more to show you how responsible trading works. Yo Crypto does an excellent job with that. We have mentioned countless times how dangerous Bitmex can be – not being too greedy pays off! Be patient, follow his rules and the gains should come. And now – drumrolls check out the astonishing results, we checked them one by one, and they are real: see recent performance track record here.

Biggest Consecutive Win Streak: 8 | Biggest Consecutive Losing Streak: 1 (February ’19)

Channel owner Ronny is pretty responsive and knows his stuff. While the channel does not offer a chat room for his customers, he usually replies within an hour (depending on the time zones obviously).

Behavior in critical situations:
Yo Crypto is obsessed with Bitcoin and observes it carefully to stop providing signals if they anticipate risky moves of corn. They also warned once it is better to get out of alts if you are in a trade short-term (if you don’t intend to hold it anyways, or do not want to get back in with a lower price). Very reliable in critical situations, prefers to play the safe card. He actively monitors the news and delivers trade updates to get out at breakeven if something happens that could affect the success of the current trade.

Provider of the Month
Provider of the Month

Fact Sheet for YO CRYPTO

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 3Discount Code: SmartOptions (10% Discount) If you entered the discount code, you can transfer the discounted amount.

How the paid signal channel looks like: 

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 3Discount Code: SmartOptions (10% Discount) If you entered the discount code, you can transfer the discounted amount.


Yo Crypto is allowed to use the Trusted Crypto Signal Provider Seal
Yo Crypto is allowed to use the Trusted Provider Seal


Margin Whales is a Trusted Signal Provider

#2 Margin Whales

~Insane Accuracy | BitMEX and Altcoin Signals | Great Risk:Reward~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Margin whales is a channel for leveraged trading signals for BitMEX and similar exchanges that allow margin Trading, but they also offer a second channel for Altcoin signals included in the Membership. Since its inception end of June ’18, they had quite a good series of success and might be a good addition in your signal provider arsenal. There is not much to tell about the story behind the channel, but this is sometimes not the worst to keep a clear view of the signals itself. Let’s review them.

Summary: Margin Whales is one of our favorites. They have a very decent hit rate and make use of intelligent stop/loss spots, so the risk:reward is well-aligned. Frequent market updates give an overview where we currently are and yeah, those targets are getting rocked! If you want more information, please have a look at our full review of their BitMEX Signals:

The  full review of Margin Whales can be found here (incl. Trade Examples, and much more)!


  • Telegram Contact:
  • Discount Code: (SMTO19) for 5% off
  • Signup Form:
  • Plan and features: 1Month - 3Month - 1Year (VIP includes: VIP chat, 24/7 support, help in risk management)
  • Pricing: 150$ for month - 350$ for 3Months - 1Year 1000$
  • Auto Trader: No
  • Member Chat: Yes
  • Results Tracking: Google Docs Sheet
  • Signals with technical analysis: No
  • Trading Timezones: 24/7
  • Free Channel:
  • How the channel looks inside:


Margin Whales is a Trusted Signal Provider
Margin Whales is a Trusted Signal Provider

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 5

#3 Cryptomedics Margin Channel

~BitMEX and Bitfinex Margin Signals | Trading Group | Provider of the Month three times in a row ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Cryptomedics is a well-known channel for special information nobody else has, as well as for great technical analysts. These guys definitely know what they are doing and have quite a big team to deliver some seriously good stuff. Their Elite channel was the only chance to get into their margin channel until now, but recently they opened it, along with their altcoin signals in a bundle for lower budgets. So besides the BitMEX signals, you also get their valuable altcoin signals as well.  For their customers they have prepared documents and webinars ready to make sure no one does stuff on BitMEX, they do not understand. Very good level of education. The channel also comes often with general Bitcoin strategy updates – how to react to the recent ongoing things, how to be prepared for eventualities. Worth to mention: They manage a 400k fund and trade this also on BitMEX for their clients. So…

Cryptomedics Trade Example
Cryptomedics Trade Example

Signals Review: Woohoo – these guys rock it with their signals. They offer pretty great margin calls with exact instructions of what to do and where to buy in. What I liked the most with them, besides their high success rate, is that they give exact entries for a laddered entry. This means you don’t enter with 100% of your allocated funds at $6540, but instead they show you several entry points, where you can split these funds to get into the trade with an averaged price – this is a huge risk decreaser! They also trade alts on BitMEX, but honestly, it doesn’t matter, they just kill it there, no matter what they touch! They have a  nice set of great traders in their stack, which will give you much more than just simply buy and sell signals. They offer the traders also very good education, taught along with the signals. Their trader XHB called the short when Bitcoin hit an all-time high, he even called it to go down to the 3k area where it is right now – and got banned from several groups for publicizing his opinion. He is your guy for long-term recommendations. Their trader Jonas is a fantastic day trader, a math guy that really knows his shit and is in the trading game for a very long time – way before Crypto was a thing for the masses. Jakov is their newest addition to the team and he posts very elaborate signals with a heavy emphasis on the education factor. He is also in charge of live streams and live trades with the clients, hosts webinars and Twitch sessions (he runs the infamous GET GOOD TA channel and has contributed the Weekly Open Strategy to SmartOptions). The signals are often updated while running as the traders seem to have stopped sleeping, giving you the best possible returns. GREAT stuff that makes me really raving about them! The signals come with technical analysis and most often with an explained reasoning right after, also the trading style (like day trade or swing trade) is mentioned. Furthermore, they developed a really good sheet on Google Docs which lets you calculate the sizing for each position to stay in line with perfect risk management. This, in conjunction, with being “SIGNAL PROVIDER OF THE MONTH” for the third time in a row makes Cryptomedics a solid choice.

Signal Example:


 And here is how the trade looks on the chart:

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 6

The Results:  You really cannot compare Cryptomedics to the other channels as you get updates on the trades on a very special level, tweaking your profits to the max while educating you about the trades. The trade example was extreme, where you could have gained 280+ % and much more if you have put a stop loss instead of a take profit. They have a proven track record of great success and you can check their past performance for the Altcoin + BitMEX Bundle in this regularly updated performance tracking sheet.

Support: The support is great and very personal. They also have a very active chat channel, which contains pure gold of extra information for every crypto trader. The chat room enables you to tag a trader and request a custom TA for coins you have a current position in. They will advise you a way to get out if you are in a loss or the best possible targets to get out in profits. TA on demand is a very unique way of support, which not many channels do/can offer.


Crypto Signals from CryptoMedics


Please contact Damian to enroll.

  • Website:
  • Telegram Contact:
  • Discount Code: CRYPTONURSE (15% on all plans)
  • Pricing & Features:
    Cryptomedics Pricing
    Cryptomedics Pricing - Use "CRYPTONURSE" for 15%
  • Auto Trader: Starting in February '19
  • Accolations: 3x Provider of the Month with the best results
  • Special Features: Specialized on gems, Information the broad mass does not have, Technical Analysis on demand, Portfolio design
  • Exchanges: Markets on Bittrex / Binance /KuCoin / Huobi and many more (as they are specialized on gems, often also smaller exchanges)
  • Results Tracking: Sheet on Google Docs
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached. Elite members can request technical analysis on demand.
  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes, in a separate channel (read the review here)
  • ICO Reviews: Yes, the strength of the team. Some of their team are even on advisory boards.
  • Example Premium Content: Magazine | Vibe Hub| Ziliqa (Guest posts for Smartoptions)
  • Trading Timezones: The crypto trading signals have been spread well over the day, there was no special time to be determined when they arrive.
  • Further Information: Interview with Cryptomedics
  • Free Signals Channel: (no cross promotions)
How the paid signal channel looks like:Signal from CryptoMedics


Please contact @CMpartyzant to enroll.


Cryptomedics is a trusted Signal provider
CryptoMedics is allowed to use the TRUSTED PROVIDER seal

dividerThe Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 10

#4 Verified Margin Traders

~ BitMEX Leverage Trading | Trading Group with excellent Trades | BitMEX Auto Trader  ~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

These guys astonished us with their precise work and a great network of traders and hand out valuable pieces of education to their subscribers.  We reviewed the signals channels some time ago and are still suckers for the reliable service by the Dutch company. They started to run a separate channel for margin trades and cover BitMEX trades there. They hired two popular traders for this channel to provide daily signals (if the market allows): Crypto Twitter’s trading star CryptoCoffee and Tomas, who runs big crypto funds and is a well known in the blockchain scene. Cryptocoffee & Tomas now provide their excellent work to the Verified Crypto Group.

Tomas started with Crypto at the beginning of 2016.  Mid 2017 he signed his first contract for trading with the capital of someone else and running a managed fund, purely on his results. Right now he has a big bunch of people under contract and trades not only for himself but a series of managed investments. Before all that Tomas studied politics and economics, He also started his own company that was focusing on giving out loans with interest and managing other people’s finances. Right now Tomas has a role by starting and developing the German Bitcoin political party with a former BTC contributor and developer Jörg Molt. Tomas will be adding BitMEX and BTC /Alt calls for VCG.

Buying and selling this virtual currency markets is risky, so you need signals with a good probability, as the market volatility can become high.  As the name implies, you will also get a constant stream of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin news.  Once BitMEX Signals have been only an add-on – but became the main profit gainer for the trading group. Crypto Coffee gives very elaborated technical signals. Her success rate proves her knowledge and especially in the last few months, their earning numbers grow more and more – a true dream team when it comes to BitMEX signals!

They have outstanding results: November alone gave a potential profit of over 1000% – and this is not an exception for them.

Special: VMT offers now an auto trading bot which can execute your trades on BitMEX. Furthermore, it is notable, that VMT is a registered company in the Netherlands and legally liable for their actions. This makes it extra secure for the customers as they are forced to act responsibly.

Signal Example:

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 11

 And here is how the trade looks on the chart:

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 12

The Results: The Verified Margin Traders are doing an outstanding job providing consistent results, which reflects in our Consistency Rank. The signal example above was a +250% example – a real killer signal and this was by far not the only one of that manner. Especially convenient is the trading bot if we set up and configured the bot right, we just had to click the “follow” button, which you can see below each signal. Automagically, all buy orders are placed in the account. Once activated it adds the sell orders. The beauty of it is that you can configure the stop loss to your likings, like trailing stops, stop at breakeven etc. – so you have really a good chance to make your way through all targets and gain the full growth potential without having to sit in front of the screen manually moving the stops. I run the auto trader of Verified Margin Trades on a test account and it runs perfectly so far. The setup and all the configuration options might be tricky for newbies, but you will get help and assistance. Auto trader test account is in good profit.

Support: Support is great – the traders interact in the chat and it is always someone there to reply to all of your questions. They offer a 24/7 chat support in the channel and on the live chat on their website.


The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 13Discount Code: VCTSOVIP1 (5% discount)

How the channel looks inside: The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 14

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 13Discount Code: VCTSOVIP1 (5% Discount)


Verified Crypto Network is a Trusted Signal Provider

dividerThe Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 16

#5 Margin Signals

~Swing Traders for trades with long endurance and the real big gains | BitMEX Auto Trader | One Target – One Stop~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Margin Signals is trading power from Down Under! The sun seems to have a positive influence on their success rate. A great trader is out to make a great job providing excellent signals for BitMEX and altcoins on top. Mainly they post BitMEX signals, but they don’t refrain to post a good altcoin opportunity which you could take on your Binance or Bittrex account for some extra profits. The free channel gets most of the unleveraged calls and once in a while a margin trade. Right now they offer only margin calls for BitMEX, but soon they will support Bitfinex and also regular Forex calls on top. If we let the numbers alone, I would call out Margin Signals as my personal favorite channel. Robbo just does an excellent job – and the chat of Margin Signals is actually the only one I am personally active in. There are tons of extra trades as their members are a real resource.  To be crystal clear: Margin Signals are Swing Traders, and you will be shocked about the targets often in the first place, but smiling your way to the bank once they hit. Their success rate is a bit lower than the other, but the trades that hit the targets are so rewarding, that you will be happy with the loss from the prior trade. And it is not as bad as it sounds, with ~60% success rate and these ultra high targets the outcome is fantastic. Especially if you manage it to get into the auto trader (limited and with waiting line). If you are in, you will be happy to have found one of the VERY few opportunities for a passive income. Since we monitor their success, auto traded accounts must have grown pretty much month by month!

In our audit, we saw a strong will to educate their members in the best possible way and to get them trading and learning TA on their own accord. They provide tons of materials to their VIPs like PDFs or calculation sheet for trade tracking, management, risk management, portfolio segregation, and various youtube videos. Additionally, 1v1 TA coaching sessions will also be added next month, though it comes with additional cost.

Rob, the trader behind Margin calls, comes from the forex world and has been a full-time trader for just under a year in Crypto and just under 3 years in total with FX. He mainly trades off pullbacks and reversals off-key lines and breakouts of strong continuation patterns.

The trading style is strictly swing trading.

The paid service offers you:

  • BitMEX Signals and occasionally unleveraged Altcoin signals. Soon they will have Bitfinex and FX support.
  • Automatic replication of the trades via Auto Trader by using the Bitmex API
  • Personal support by the trader in a chatroom, where all the trades are accompanied by live directions.
  • Accurate exit targets and an estimated risk level, depending on the trading style.
  • Great Material to have all the needed knowledge to start out with Bitmex. Download their basic trade guidelines here as an example.

Signal Example: An example of a leveraged BitMEX signal and how the trade turned out. Margin Signals publishes swing trades – which enables to get into a position and hold it far longer than day trader would. Hence we have the opportunity to catch some bigger swings and therefore bigger profits. There have been many other long-term leverage trades with Margin Signals – so to be clear, this group is not for you if you have a problem with holding a position. A great example of their trading style was the following XBT trade:
Here is the signal:

XBTUSD Trade by Margin Signals
XBTUSD Trade by Margin Signals

And here is how the trade has turned out (upper end of the red zone marks the stop/loss, lower end green zone is the target): This was a VERY profitable trade but had to be held for days – Patience rewards in Crypto and especially with a Risk:Reward Ratio like here, it is a very nice trade. This trade has been manually closed with 165% profit due to a change in the recent price action, but it was a wonderful ride – Beautiful!

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 17

Support: They are really great with that and are always there in the chat room to support their members live – no matter if it is about getting out of a trade that turned against them or if the customers need emotional/psychological support. Providing the needed materials and explaining basic things of BitMEX. Rob and his partner Capfive are always there to support you with everything needed. When the auto trader did not work as expected, they sat down all night long to manage all the accounts manually to avoid loss. Right after the Auto Trader went into maintenance and got fixed and tested. When it comes to supporting their members they are really one of a kind, very passionate and friendly. The cherry on the top is their great community chat, which is one of the most active we have seen. Much TA and help are shared there and the people you can find there are friendly knowledgeable.

Results: We had quite a few good trades here, out of 8 trades we took, 7 succeeded and one failed hard. This is common, as a 100% rate is very hard to achieve. It was a trade that has been stated as a risky one and turned against their TA. As things got a bit emotional in the chat room they published a statement about this trade on the next day. We liked their transparent approach and taking the time to explain why that trade failed and how they roll with it. The majority of their trades was pretty successful and not only small scalps, but trades with big-time gains like the anticipated XBT drop. The signals always contained a clear stop/loss for your risk management and have been live supported in the chatroom. I run the Margin Signals Auto Trader on a test account and it worked perfectly so far and completely hands-free without any hassle.  Auto trader test account is in VERY good profit.

Biggest Consecutive Win Streak: 3 | Biggest Consecutive Losing Streak: 2 (December ’18)

What we like very much with this provider, that they have a clear track record of their results and tidily keep note of all their trades.

Important to know: Margin Signals trade all their signals on a master account to be able to prove their success in the most transparent way. You can request current screenshots for validation. Here is an example for September:
The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 18
Behavior in critical situations: While the recent dump left other providers burnt left and right Margin Signals kept their emotions under control and selected only the best signals, hence the good success rate in this overall mess. Very responsible behavior, a top trader that makes his groups nice returns even in the worst times. Margin Signals have much to come in the oven!
Auto Trader: Margin Calls offers now the automatic replication of their trades with an auto trader. This is included in the price. Find the official statement here:

What is Auto Trader?

Auto Trader is an API connection to your BitMEX account.  From there, we have the access to trigger your account into any trades that get made by our Telegram channel.

All criteria are specific to that trade;

  • Amount of account balance at risk for the trade (10% max)
  • Leverage
  • Entry Stop
  • Profit Target/Exit
  • We can also trail the stop loss as the trade progresses

This isn’t some bot, that triggers entries based on a few indicators and scalps tiny profits or averages down your buy-in if the trade goes bad….  This is a fully customized system that will set your trade based on the individual trade set up.  Fully managed end to end by our head trader.

Who does this suit…?

If you are on a different time zone, have heavy work commitments, not confident in your own trading skills or even just want an investment you can compound and come back to in a year or two.  Our Auto Trader has it covered for you.

A game changer for the Trade Signal space, a first of its kind that we are aware of.


The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 19Discount code: "SmartOptions" (15% Discount)

How the channel looks inside: The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 20

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 19Discount code: "SmartOptions" (15% Discount)

Trusted Signal Provider

Margin Signals is a Trusted Signal Provider
Margin Signals is a Trusted Signal Provider

Removed Provider History:

  • Cryptonizers (inactivity)
  • BitMEX Lifestyle (inactivity)
  • BitMEX Syndicate (copied trade setups)


How to use BitMEX Signals


Golden Rules when trading these Signals

This is a small BiMEX Signals 101 on how to not burn your account. Follow this rules to a T and you will have your account very long and prosper. I know, many people just join signal groups and go all in, in full trust, but this is not how to do it, this is the way to burn your account. Traders are never 100% right, 60-70% is great rate and these tested providers have shown this number consistently for a longer timeframe. But there will be losers – it is normal! Here are the rules for you to print and glue them on your desk.

  1. Allocate no more than 10% of your total equity for each trade.
  2. If the entries are even numbers, modify them to odd numbers
  3. Spread this 10 % for each signal 4% at entry, 3% more above, another 3% even more above for short order, 4% at entry, 3% below and another 3% if the price drops even more for a buy order.
  4. Take profit on targets, make targets odd numbers if even.
  5. Take 50% out on TP1 and move the stop-loss to break even. This way you book profits and make the trade risk-free at the same time. Take 10-20% on the targets after TP1 and leave some tiny % on the trade as you never know.
  6. Start with low leverage. Once Target 1 has been hit and you moved your stop loss to entry, you can go even 100x – it does not matter, as long as you have a stop market order in place (don’t use stop-limit)
  7. There are no “safe trades”. Treat each trade like that. Safety can only come from how you handle your account by your money management.

How to use leverage on BitMEX

Day Trading cryptocurrencies has its ups and downs. However, the biggest advantage in bear times is leverage trading on BitMEX for your trades, if you know what you are doing. Leverage simply means that you borrow money for investing in something. In the case of the cryptocurrency market, these funds are given by the other traders’ funds as BitMEX is a mercantile peer-to-peer exchange with a smart funding feature. If you critically evaluate the working of the Bitcoin trading sector, then the working mechanism is similar to that of the Forex market. For example, when you trade leverage 50:1 in the forex market, then this means that you can trade 50 times more than the original capital. Different cryptocurrency exchanges offer the users the facility to open up leverage positions, BitMEX even offers up to 100x times leverage on Bitcoin trades – our suggestion though is that you never should exceed 10x. However, the leverage ratios that are offered in the digital currency market are quite low for the most other exchanges. The reason is the volatility of the digital currency market and the implemented danger to leverage a trade in high numbers. The leverage in the digital currency world follows one simple rule, “High leverage can yield high returns,” but there is also a possibility that high leverage can yield heavy losses.

Let’s start a small tutorial that shows how you can trade on BitMEX with possible leverage.

Understanding the Difference between Margin and Leverage

When you have made up your mind to trade cryptos with leverage, then you need to be familiar with another concept also, and that is margin trading. Margin can simply be termed as a good faith deposit that is required to keep your trade open. The leverage can be termed as a by-product of margin trading, and it helps the trader to control the trade size.

When you wish to indulge in margin trading with cryptocurrencies, then you will have to borrow the money against your existing funds. This means you will trade on margin on BitMEX and you are leveraging your existing funds and increasing your buying/selling power.

With great power, comes great responsibility


Example of a leveraged long trade with BitMEX

If one buys 1 bitcoin with 0.1 BTC by buying a 10x margin position at BitMEX, it must be noted that the rate of dollars used will vary with current market value. This leverage is taken at 10x. Moreover, the price of bitcoin can also be shorted if the contract is sold by any means. Here the constant risk of losing the stake is present. This leverage was initially set at 10x. It can be raised to as high as 100x  with Bitcoin, which is never advisable.  Evidently, 100x leverage is a blind risk or gambling as some people may call it. But if one plays a successful gamble, it pays blind riches back – but most of the times it leaves rek’t accounts behind. The key to such a mammoth success is how effective the strategy of the businessman or investor is. As far as the jargons are concerned, when carrying out the operation, the available balance and cost are defining factors.

Note: The cost must be lower than the available balance for the uninterrupted and successful execution of the process.

At first, the position of the user is set at a certain quantity. This quantity is in dollars and is variable according to the changing asset. Moreover, the amount of money that is reserved as a risk is less than that. It is an unsaid rule for a smooth operation.

      • Cost: There is another term known as a cost that has slightly more than the literal meaning of the word. The value of the BTC determines the cost, and the leverage factor multiplies to that values, e., in this case, it is around 0.10 BTC (leverage is still 10x).
      • Order Value: Next thing we encounter is the order value. In this example, the value of the position is set to a specific value. The order value is determined by that. Here too the value is 1 BTC. Its value in dollars is calculated according to the current rate of the dollar in the international market.

Note: It should be remembered that fees are calculated on this value.

      • Available Balance: Available balance is also an important term. It is the amount of the equity present in the current time for the trading. As mentioned before, it should be sufficient enough to start off a trade and must be quite greater than the cost as we have defined it previously.
      • Liquidation Price: The liquidation price is also calculated during the process. It is an approximate value that is calculated in case of insufficient time, or the business faces insufficient exposure at any time. There is a calculator on the website, you can use up front to calculate your liquidation price – and you should make use of it.

After defining all the terms, values and margins, we are ready for the execution. The details of all the inputs and corresponding output are now ready to be looked at. An interesting fact is that the profit can exceed 100% or even more but the losses are restricted to 100%, and the efforts are of course made to minimize this percentage as low as possible.

Example of a leveraged short trade with BitMEX

The procedure is the same, but the percentages of the long and short profits and losses differ a great. Like long, the profit can exceed up to 100%, but unlike long, it cannot be termed as unlimited. This is because, in short, profit is limited when the price has fallen to 100%. Now, the price would become negative as it falls any further with the current or increased rate hence limiting the value of the profit. This is one of the many specialties of the BitMEX. The trading contracts are designed in a way to optimize the benefits of the clients to broaden the outreach of this entire program and translating the business strategies into the digital world to provide an easy and timely access across the globe.

Options, Options, Options for leveraged trades on BitMEX

Most of the platforms offer two order types. One is the limit order, and the other one is a market order. This means that you will buy or sell your order at the market or the limit price. With a market order, the order gets executed directly against the order book. With a limit order, it gets triggered once a certain price is reached. You always should add stops to your orders when you go into day trading, chances are high to get your complete funds on this bet liquidated fast, especially with leverage. For this stop orders, it is the same, you can place it as limit order (not advisable, these often don’t get filled in fast moves) or as a market order. This means that your order will only be executed once the specified stop level is reached. In short, the stop level will act as a trigger for your order. If the trigger is not reached, then the order will not be executed.

BitMEX also offers advanced order types. For example, you can set hidden stop loss orders,  trailing stop orders, take profit as limit or as a market order. Again, using these options makes sense with the market option, even if you pay more fees for it. Past has shown limit orders often don’t trigger with fast moves, and those happen pretty often.

The Fee Structure for Leverage Trading on BitMEX

The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 22
To those who are not familiar with the maker/taker fee concept it works like the following:
Maker fees are paid when your order is executed via limit order below or above the current ticker price. Example Bitcoin is at 7,000 USD and you place a sell order at 7,250 USD. You add liquidity by doing so, this is rewarded with a small payment to your balance.
Taker fees are paid when you trade the order book with a market order. If you place a market order to buy at 7,000 USD it needs a seller that wants to sell his contracts at this price. This removes liquidity from the system as it removes other traders’ offers.
So if you buy with a market order you pay 0.075% fees. If you use the leverage of 10x, it will multiply with it and you pay 0.75% and so on. Always keep the fees in mind!


Free BitMEX Signals on Twitter and Telegram

Furtherly we found a few Twitter accounts that provide also great trading signals for Bitcoin on Twitter. The signals are just a few here and there and you have to follow the Twitter account closely, but it is worth it. On top of that we provide one telegram channel that gives great BitMEX signals for free, though it is just a matter of time, it will cost something.

We hope you enjoyed this overview of BitMEX signal providers and wish you much luck and good results in trading. Please be sure to use a low leverage like 3x max to put an extra layer of safety to your trades. Trading is no fast money-making, it is about a slow and steady increase in your equity.  Buying and selling with leverage in the markets can raise your funds – and yes, you can use them than to purchase more altcoins at the current discount prices, but the risks are significantly higher. Always keep that in mind. Stay & trade safely!

About Bitmex

The Bitmex Mercantile Exchange is a place where professional investors trade Bitcoin derivatives in real time. This platform provides derivatives; future trading and helps the users speculate on the future values of digital currencies. Depending on the transaction Bitmex charges various commissions Founded by former bankers Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo and Samuel Reed in 2014 it is registered in Hong Kong and is also registered in Seychelles. Bitmex is currently one of the largest Bitcoin trading platforms with over 540,000 accesses and 35,000 BTC monthly. It also has a trading history of over 34 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin. Bitmex is unique because it only accepts deposits through Bitcoin which is then used to purchase other cryptocurrencies and is currently not regulated in any jurisdiction. To register, all you need is A phone number, full names and an email address that needs to be valid so that one can receive confirmation of registration. Once registered, there is no trading limit; however, one needs to be at least 18 years old. It is important to note that Bitmex does not accept any US, Cuba, North Korea and Iran based traders and often use the IP checks to verify the location of the users. This is because there are alternative exchanges that are available for US users. Bitmex is currently optimized for mobile and is only available on android phones however; one can use it on the desktop. Bitmex only supports three currencies, US dollar, Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan. Bitmex is safe and allows the user to see how the funds are kept. It also has a system that checks risks and if the total holdings on the Bitmex website do not add up to zero all trading is stopped. Bitmex often communicates with their users by sending emails and when there is an announcement there is an announcement box on the left top side of their page. There is a live chat available for traders and the trading system works for 24 hours.

Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram - [Updated March 2019]
The Best BitMEX Signals on Telegram 23
Legit BitMEX Signals are hard to find. Like very hard. This review gives you an edge as we tested them all and found this set of signal providers to be the best on the market.
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    • Hi Steven,
      simply check the timestamp and you know who the thieves are 😉
      Frankly, do your due diligence before your signup anywhere. We know Ronny since his BitMEX channel was free for everyone. This was way before anyone heard ever of you ‘heros’, which try to make dime based on other people’s hard work.

  1. Hello Smartoptions, i’ve been looking at this Crypto channels for around 7 months now. The guys behind it are very solid, they launched premium 2 weeks ago after lot of work. The guy have crazy results on tradingview and lot of calls. You can see all for yourself. Check him out.

    They are also running community group, which is golden! I’ve been there for 3/4 months and everyone are helpfull, they letting few people in monthly for free and only choosing those who have right knowledge in the area. Currently the group have 330 people and the channel 1100.

  2. Hi Steve, maybe you should take a look at the telegram channel and compare the analyses there to the free channel of bitmex syndicate… Maybe you could do a little research if syndicate is stealing from bitmex gains (according to the timestamps) or if there is the same person/group behind both channels.

  3. Steve and Yocrypto,

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work! I posted a couple of times last month and I wanted to commend you again, Steve, on your great and informative posts. In the crypto space, I bet there are groups trying to pay you for good reviews and it’s refreshing to see unbiased advice based solely on performance.

    The new post, rating signal provider performance each month, is something I’ve been looking forward to as a reader and information collector. If nothing else, it is extremely interesting and can even help new traders realize how the market and crypto investing is a marathon no matter how good the returns are. I look forward to checking those posts out and providing helpful criticism, when I see fit!

    Ronny /Yocrypto,

    Your hard word never fails to impress me. I posted last month about a few updates that would be awesome to see in your next list of signal history, and you went above and beyond to fulfill that request.

    I know going through all the listed signals and matching them with dates, etc can take a while, so I really appreciate the effort. I think it will also help future members to see your consistent results and choose to join.

    As stated, I am a member of your group, but I am confident that you would have made the suggested changes even if I was just a random commenter on this site because you always strive to do better and improve yourself and the group. That really means a lot to me in a space that is known for frauds and scams (no, I swear all the ICOs of 2017 are legit—hahaha!)

    Anyway, thanks again and I apologize for my super long comments, but I like to be thorough with them and post less frequently instead. Keep up the good work!


    • Hello Justin, your comment means A LOT to us and I want to thank you for taking the time to bring out your thoughts.
      Yes, we want to let the numbers talk and we are proud that those underline our selection. Everyone can see that our selection of traders is one that brings profits if you play it right – this way we bring value to traders like you, which is really what we are after.
      In the beginning, we had groups listed that turned into a scam, unfortunately. We learned, analyzed talked with the teams behind those groups to get a better feeling for them – we gained experience in this field and want to share it with you guys. Thank you so much for recognizing the hard work behind all of this.
      With YO CRYPTO you are in great hands, keep it on with him and great results will come for sure. I feel a bit bad, as this month analysis does not reflect his hard work – his gain numbers are lower than others, as he always wants to play the safe card for you guys, similar to Bitmex Lifestyle. From the next months’ analysis, we will be able to consider the prior results and present you a consistency rate – this is what everyone should be looking on. Long-term consistency in great results. As you know, it is never about becoming rich overnight, you become wealthy step by step with a good portion of discipline. After some month the big fluctuations will iron out, measured in the overall consistency.
      Stay safe and wish you many great trades!

  4. Hi Steve,

    Would you make more gains if you followed all five of their signals? Any advice if I did so?
    For example, you mentioned picking yocryptos call over others if there was conflict.

    Oh, you should also check out xxx. He has an history in accuracy.


    • Hey there, that is a good question!
      You have to consider that the traders look sometimes on different time frames. Margin signals for examples offers long term swing trades, where you stay sometimes for days in a trade. Therefore it can cause conflicts if someone trades a short term up/down tick. However, if I know the traders look at similar time frames and I see for example a trade by Yo Crypto I don’t dare to trade against it. If I get confluence, I might increase the position a bit.after all I’d suggest to follow one trader if you feel a bit insecure in general, because seeing conflicting trades can take your confidence and you might kill a profitable trade. You have to build trust to the traders you follow otherwise you will hop on and off, which will cause more damage than good.

      Btw: Please apologize, I had to remove the name of the group you recommended, as there are way too many guys trying to place hidden promo here. But I promise I will take a look.

  5. And update to my above post – – – – I went through all the calls and managed to connect which were which. It turns out that Ronny was one step ahead, as always!

    I mistakenly assumed the calls went through September 8th (when the update was posted.) This isn’t the case. The last call on that update, #91, was last made on the 1st of September, I believe. The ones not marked down happened later (they are closed, so I’m being careful not to give away any current calls or info.)

    In other words, the trade results I was looking for will be in the next update, not this one. Sorry for the inconvenience, but now you know these results have been triple checked haha! Please do consider adding dates from here on, to make these sheets more easily read and interpreted. That’s the only possible critism I can make about this awesome channel. Thanks for your time

    • Hi Justin, thank you for updating – I took the old sheet down and exchanged it with the recent one, as I can see this might had added to the confusion. Keep up the good work verifying the records! Great attitude as a signals customer – and yeah I agree: Ronny is a great person and his channel definitely deserves to be listed among the best.

  6. Hello Justin, Thanks for the good comments.

    The profit and loss sheet has been drafted carefully and is posted here after it has been double verified. The XRP call had a loss of 14% and that is what we have mentioned there. Likewise it is for XBT call.

    Performance sheets is posted here after it has been cross-checked by Channel Owner (Ronny) as well as Steve (Owner of Smartoptions).

    With regards to your comments on having the dates in calls, i have noted it down as a feedback and would evaluate having it in sheet going forward.

    I always love hearing back from members about channel and how do they like us to improvise.

    Hope you having a good time going forward as well and earn awesome profits through our suggestions in channel.

    Cheers !
    Telegram Handle: @ronnybuoy
    Yo Crypto Signals

    • Ronny, thank you for your extremely speedy reply! I am, however not seeing the xrp call on the sheet.

      The last performance sheet shows it was updated up to call #67 on August 5th. So the latest update is from call #68 onward. I do not see the xrp results listed on there.

      As stated, I know you and your channel are full of integrity, and would not give misinformation. Is it possible that one of the calls in the newest update is the xrp loss, but maybe it was listed as “xbt” by accident, instead of “xrp” ? I just want to clarify because I love showing friends these stats when suggesting they join (:

      Thanks again!

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Get the armor to fight the bear market - delivered to your inbox:
  • Learn which Crypto Signals Provider really perform
  • Get unbiased well-researched & merciless coin reviews
  • Grab trading education, our market updates and cryptocurrency news!

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