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BitMEX Syndicate – The Silent Technicals

BitMEX Syndicate – The Silent Technicals

by Richard van DijkJanuary 1, 2019

Please note that this article hasn’t been updated in a while. Don’t make any financial choices based on the information in this post.

BitMEX Syndicate Review

~BitMEX Signals | BitMEX Auto Trader | For Signal connaisseur only ~

BitMEX Syndicate Review would have been a love story, it would have been the classical on/off relationship. BitMEX Syndicate has been listed in our BEST BITMEX SIGNALS post for quite some time, and we have been in close contact with their head trader Dan Brown. The canuck is also running, a pretty interesting and crypto podcast, worth listening (we have been interviewed by them a while ago) and also the Youtube 10x channel. To say the least, it was confusing – On one hand, we saw great signals. On the other hand, there have been accusations there shall be copied stuff from other channels. This didn’t match our impression from the straight-up guy we learned to know and left us clueless. So we decided to place a spy into the group – a signal customer, who is in many Discords and well-connected. If there’d be anything copied left, he’d surely find it. You can find his conclusion about the current at the end of this review. But now back to the channel itself and what they can provide to their customers.

We found Dan to be a legit and a pretty serious trader. You won’t find any funny memes in his channel, as he treats trading as a real business, where a loss is a business expense and a win is a revenue. With a very in-depth technical view on the markets, he is keeping a mature view of what is happening over there. We never saw Dan rushing into a trade – like really never! He will not give a single signal, which he is not 100% comfortable with, and he will never let his customers pressure more signals out of him than the market gives to him.

We didn’t get daily signals here, but we definitely got true quality. With the BitMEX Syndicate, we did not recognize the slightest gambling attitude and is meant only for traders that mean it serious. Quality over quantity – this is the motto here and if one feels a craving for constant trades,  there will be a disappointment, in the end, I’m afraid. What these people are missing out tho, is a hit rate of 93.55% (at the time of December, signals tracked which might not yet be visible in the sheet). Geezus, I almost feel like a scammer just writing about such high figures, but I verified the signals and it is insane but true.  To be fair, I have to say there have been months with just three signals, but also 12 in August on the other hand – with an unbelievable hit rate of 100%). Sometimes no trade is the best trade to protect your capital, Dan knows this for sure and his unique way of market interpretation works best with traders that can sit on their hands – again, this is not for gamblers, who want a permanent flow of better guesses. If you are OK with a smaller than usual amount of signals, but therefore a crazy hit rate – BitMEX Syndicate is your way to go!

Priorly the signals have been delivered by texts/email but due to the high demand, they deliver on Telegram now. On top of that they started a journey channel “from 0.1BTC to 1BTC” – and you can follow their steps with your account! This is an amazing, fully transparent challenge, one of its kind. After each trade, he posts proof screenshots where this challenge account stands now.

A fresh and pragmatical approach, which enables you to see how traders act, how they de-risk their trading by hedging their positions, how they do their money management to grow the account slow and steady. Important: They start the account very small, this is an important detail. Great project, which is included in your membership and provided on top to the regular signals channel.

The Auto Trader

The Auto Trader is a proprietary solution for BitMEX Syndicate and you have nothing to do, but handing over the API keys and let them do their job. They will replicate their signals, as well as the 1 BTC challenge to your account.

The Signals

Frankly, this is professional as it can be. The free channel on Telegram proves this day by day. Here BitMEX Syndicate does not give out signals but makes the stalking process for the signals transparent. He shares his elaborate technical view on the market, which assets he is eyeing and gives clues what he might be trading. The exact entries and exits will be shared with his clients alone, which also receive all signals. BitMEX Syndicate does not offer a Premium Telegram channel for his clients, he prefers to deliver the signals by e-mail or by text to a mobile device (might change in the future). I asked for the trades, which can be found in the results sheet, as I found his accuracy scary and can’t believe it in the first place – but hell, they are true. Reviewing this service was very enjoyable, as it was very easy to follow the few signals, which gave a return where others would need multiple trades to achieve the same results. The beauty with such a high accuracy is that it dramatically reduces the risk. Every trade contains a risk for an account. Many signals = higher risk. Fewer signals + high accuracy = lowest risk, though we still stick with our money management rules, of course. Once signed up, they are issuing a nice package of material which teaches the following stuff:

  • How to turn 0.1 bitcoin into 1 bitcoin with one simple formula, and we will challenge you to do this
  • The seven easy steps which practically guarantee your trades are profitable and you can deploy them every week without risking your whole budget
  • The six types of trade setups you absolutely must use to maximize profitability (and I’m not talking about layering your close positions here)
  • How to get higher quality sniper targeted positions than regular traders… without ever having to make charts
  • How to create ultra-targeted SETUPS primed and ready to profit even if you’re sleeping so you can set it and forget it
  • How to trade and not be chained to your desk all day doing market research

As a free add-on they recently started to offer Altcoin signals, which are also pretty solid and successful.

Signal Example

And here is how the trade looks on the chart:

BitMEX Syndicate
BitMEX Syndicate

The Results

In one line, constant, steady and compounding growth. I mean, please take a look at the results sheet – there is not much else to say. However, it is not the fast pace from rags to riches, but since it is a flat rate price and not a subscription price, it is all good. We can just slowly build up more and more on the sidelines – soon even without lifting a finger, once the API trader is ready, they are currently working on. A true quality service, which delivers great results. In the example above I took a nice scalp which hit all targets within a few hours. Target 4 was spot on hit at top of the wick, and this is not rare with BitMEX Syndicate – they are true precision traders and you can observe this quite often.

The Support

BitMEX Syndicate provides very decent and personal support. Sometimes one has to wait a bit for a reply, but therefore they offer a detailed, passionate reply. They guide their clients to make them achieve the best possible outcome with their signals. However, we didn’t get instant replies – you need to have some patience. Your question should be answered within the same day, but mostly not on the spot. Still, the support of BitMEX Syndicate is actually the lifeblood of this group as they take it very seriously and take their time to reply to every customer to provide helpful replies. I saw private messages by clients, which I want to show you below:

BitMEX Syndicate: The Critique

Well, yes – our contact Dan has a Partner that has done some bullshit with the channel in the past. Apparently, some of the market updates have been taken by another group and we cannot and do not want to beautify this fact. It is a bad habit. Period. Dan, our contact with the group is still highly reputable stand up guy and we trust him to watch the work of his partner closely. Whilst the signals always have been unique, the market updates should be so as well. His partner understands this now hopefully, there are better possibilities to save some time. To make sure that this has been stopped we asked a regular Signals customer to check the group. He is active on Discord and Twitter and checked BitMEX Syndicate against the other groups and investigated deeply with the help of his contacts. Thank you, MAX! His conclusion follows next.

BitMEX Syndicate: Customer Insights Review

Alright this is what I found out:

Apparently they used to use analysis from an old group from a twitter handle under crypto trooper but not the trades themselves.

A couple of people told me that trooper now does mostly forex so might have been one of the reasons they stopped or moved on.

From the looks of it they stopped or are either using their own or another analysis groups. No one recognize the most recent content so it can be legit.

Second; the trades are impressive. I talked with rob who is the trader briefly and he seems like a quality guy. The time I was in the channel we didn’t get spammed with non sense but actual stuff that was relevant. I had a lot of questions regarding his trading style and he was kind enough to forward me with a bunch of solid learning material.

They have a solid record in trades but recently seem to have been getting back on track.

Third: they have a legit api.

Every group I’ve been in has charged you for use of the api. This group is free and they only require 20% at the end of the week of profit share. If they didn’t profit then it’s at no cost to you.

Joined the API and they profited me 10% in less than a few days which is amazing for my small account.

Results of the BitMEX Syndicate API for MAX

Overall the group now is a chill non-spam group. They don’t post ads, they have reasoning for their trades, they have an API and seem to want you to learn at the same time while making money.

This Customer Insights Review has been provided by our Telegram subscriber MAX.


BitMEX Syndicate is somehow a stubborn channel, as they love to do their own thing. Customers can’t squeeze signals out of them (which is very good) and they trade like Robots or even Robot Zombies – always moving forward, straight after their plan and their money management. How they handle the API accounts by their customers shows that they are no gamblers, but follow strict rules. The analysis and the signals they provide are quality – a quality which is hard to find. They don’t offer many extras with bells and whistles but a straight service.

We gave a bad rating on Price/Performance for one reason: There is only a lifetime plan available and we don’t fancy that, as we think one should be able to test a service. At least we can offer some of you a 50% coupon. I talked with Dan about the Pricing Model, and he sees it as a flat rate pricing for an incredible investment opportunity. You pay once, hand over your API keys and let them do their work – LONG-TERM. I understand his reasoning as with this pricing model it becomes a fixed cost factor, not a recurring one, which makes it hard to stay profitable. Furthermore, they don’t have to stress how many signals they shall bring each month and have the ease to trade only what they are really confident in. The thought behind it makes sense to me. Still, we would love to see a trial or something in this direction.

What has been really annoying, is that they inserted copied/rehashed stuff from other channels for their free channel content, instead of providing 100% of their own work. This cuts of their legitimacy and it must not be like that – the short ways are sometimes the worst. Happily, this problem seems to be solved, according to Dan, our independent reviewer, and our own analysis and conclusion. As the channel is finally clean from copied stuff, we can recommend it again.

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