#BTFD - Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now! 2

#BTFD – Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now!


The market took a severe nosedive this year. BTC was breaking down to 6K – altcoins went scuba-diving. BTC recovers slowly into the direction of 12k – altcoins get hit by the flying fist of Judah again.  Especially for traders new to cryptocurrency trading, it is hard to develop trust in the belief that these markets will ever discover. The Damocles sword of a possible bubble is hovering over our heads and make us hesitate to enter a position. But if we believe in this technology and if we believe in the long-term outlook for some serious blockchain projects, it is actually a great time to pick up legit coins and stake some of them for the upcoming better times, aka the next altcoin season (which we and many knowledgeable sources expect to happen in March).

Let’s pick some nice coins and hodl!


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#1 Cardano $ADA

#BTFD - Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now! 3

Cardano is a blockchain technology designed to build a new decentralized economy and democratize financial markets in emerging markets. Cardano enables a cost-effective, secure and scalable creation and execution of distributed applications and contracts.

The Cardano project is expected to set itself apart from many others in the industry: it is open to the need for regulatory oversight while maintaining privacy and consumer protection through innovative software architecture.
The project and development team consists of a large number of well-known names in the blockchain and finance industry. If the promises can be kept and the roadmap initiates further steps in the near future, this coin can make its way into the crypto world.

$Ada took a hard hit with the recent forth and back of Bitcoin and the falling wedge is nearing an excellent buy zone with strong support and massive upside for the coming months. The blue box is the buy zone.

#BTFD - Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now! 4

Price @ time of writing: 0.00003476 sat
Current price:
Exchange: Binance

New Economy Movement $XEM

#BTFD - Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now! 5

NEM is a “smart asset” blockchain. The Blockchain project is designed to provide very efficient and secure ledgers, as opposed to other technologies, that deliberately address the business context as well. NEM comes with an API (programming interface) that can be addressed in any programming language. This makes it possible to create very flexible and modular applications based on NEM. The biggest concern about $nem is that it is no privacy coin, it is 100% traceable.

The recent $NEM robbery on a big Japanese exchange gave the coin a hard hit along with the BTC situation it recently broke huge support and dropped hard further. Since the project has much in the oven and tons of possible use-cases for the future, it might be a good pick and trades already in the buy zone (blue box).#BTFD - Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now! 6

Price @ time of writing: 0.00004806 sat
Current price:
Exchange: Bittrex

Stratis $STRAT

#BTFD - Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now! 7Stratis is a blockchain-in-the-cloud project to put it in a nutshell. $Strat is a cryptocurrency that can be used on their own Stratis crypto platform. This allows transaction fees to be paid and stored as an asset. In total, 98.746.799 STRAT  are in circulation on the market. Currently, the market capitalization is around $987.951.852 and has a daily trading volume of approximately $15.000.000. On Stratis’ platform different programs and applications can be programmed and implemented on the Blockchain – for example, you can run ICOs on it. The first has just started, and much more are to come soon. Coded in C# the platform is pretty interesting to developers. There is also an API connection to a cloud hosting platform where developers can use the .Net framework to develop open source projects. This makes Stratis a great tool on the market – especially for experienced developers, as it offers many possibilities and a secure environment to develop in.  The fundamentals for Stratis are also pretty well, with the upcoming smart contracts solution for .Net devs, the Sidechains Alpha & the Identity iOS App.
#BTFD - Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now! 8
After starting quite a small rally into the 200k direction but stopped by the Bitcoin dump. Now it is nearing a zone which has acted as strong resistance before and should serve now as solid support.
#BTFD - Three Scuba-Diving Great Coins To Pick Up Right Now! 9
Price @ time of writing: 0.00084441 sat
Current price: 
Exchange: Binance

PLEASE NOTE: This is just the technical view on things. The prices rely heavily on the future moves of Bitcoin. What looks like the bottom, might be even deeper. There are chances we are catching a falling knife. Therefore we stagger our entries and keep it small in this environment.

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