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Consensus 2018 – Ready, Set, Go: Bullrun?

Consensus 2018 – Ready, Set, Go: Bullrun?

by SteveMay 4, 2018
  •  Biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency event
  •  When: May 14- May 16
  • Where: New York
  •  Hosts: New York Economic Development Corporation + Coindesk

To understand the massive relevance of the Consensus event you have to take a look what impact this event had in the past. After the Consensus in 2017 the whole crypto market saw a massive gain of 26% of the total market cap! Here a few examples:


May 1st: $1466
May 30st: $2252


May 1st: $0.05
May 30st: $0.27

May 1st: $16
May 30st: $25

However, this time the event will have a lot more attendees than last year. In 2017 there were 2700 attendees while this year it will be around 4500 people attending the event. More important than the number of attendees are the names of the companies who will be there: Microsoft, IBM, Procter & Gamble, and Siemens, huge investors like CME Ventures, banks such as AMRO, ABN, Scotiabank, and Citi, and accountancy firms like EY, KPMG, and PWC.

Looking at the sponsors (120k-150k sponsorships) we can find a look of big names from the crypto space: VeChain, Ripple, Ark, ledger, Agrello etc.

All those companies won't just go there to listen to nice speeches. Look how much they pay for sponsorships. The focus is on investment opportunities, partnerships and ways to integrate the blockchain technology. Also look at the media attendance of the event: American Banker, Business Insider, Bloomberg, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Esquire, Forbes, Financial Times, Fortune, Handelsblatt, MarketWatch, New York Post, Quartz, The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Thomson Reuters- these are all the major financial global media which proofs the relevance of the event for the global finance market.
We think this should give you an impression how big and relevant Consensus is for the cryptomarket. We expect an increase of the whole market during and after the conference. In the best case Consensus is going to trigger the next massive bull run.

Our take on the event

**Do not wait for the conference to happen. We recommend investing in your favorite coins two weeks before the conference. We will add on to our position on Agrello (DLT) as they are one of the sponsors of the event and the token DLT is dirt cheap at the moment. Read more about Agrello in the Crypto Gem Series by Cryptomedics:

Note by SmartOptions: Please consider that every time after the Consensus Event, a dump happened afterward. Let's see what will happen this time. We take profit in steps on the way up and raise our stop/loss once the price increased so the trades become basically risk-free.

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