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[ICO SCOOP #2] Crypterium ICO Review: “The future of CryptoBanking”



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The great thing about the crypto space is the reward of finding new innovative uses/cases for blockchain tech as you peruse the infinite web. With Crypterium we think we have found a big winner, even bigger than current bellwethers such as NEO/Litecoin/Ripple, oh such blasphemy! Where Ripple promotes the idea of crypto-banking, Crypterium will look to execute it, and in our opinion in doing so take the leadership role with first mover status. Also note we are talking full crypto-banking here, not just a payment processor or protocol based.


A multifaceted chain of moving all encompassing Fintech engine, that very well may someday unseat the likes of Citigroup/JPMorgan Chase/Wells Fargo/Bank of America. All of who seem to have their heads up their @$$es when it comes to the blockchain revolution we are in. Projects like Crypterium are not only looking to eat their lunch, but pretty much end their existence altogether. All of this is also happening at lightening speed, where the crypto community will wait for no one, letting nothing stand in it’s way.


What impresses me about Crypterium is the fundamental history from it’s creator “Gleb Markov” before any of its well polished site and showcased staff, he was a true believer of this concept from the start. His passionate verve in a seemingly single handed march to bring his vision forward, often with such enthusiasm tripping over his own words during interviews. This we believe he does because he so vehemently desires to convey his dream of the future. Many of his vids of long ago, show him talking to anybody who would care to listen. That imo is what I want to see, true believers. Much of life gets lost in the flutter of money & motion, but the passion for a project and sheer determination to see it through, casts a shadow forward both in time and space.


A Crypto Banking solution that is – Mobile, Easy to use, Secure and opens the door to future cool. Like the blockchain age we are in, the speed of change is unrelenting. Crypterium embodies this speed, these guys are not going to wait for banking to catch up to them, they are creating what banking will be in the now of our everyday lives. It is about USE! In everything I have watched and noticed about Crypterium, it comes down to using the their tech in the real world as the above video demonstrates. It is not conceptual or idealized, but rather the Me and You of the real world. That is what you want in an ICO, far too many of them are just concepts and the “trust me crowd.” These guys are the “REAL watch it work live crowd” with them wanting to make this sh*t real today! I want an ICO like this as the poster boy for what companies should be about for their future offerings. With all the gamed manipulation in order to just get paid by silly, if not outright scam concepts, at least you have people like crypterium not only solving real world problems, but shining a bright light on the use of blockchain technology of the Cryptoverse.  In my view Crypterium is an ICO worth going in big on!

Key points of Crypterium’s future business model

• Decentralized Network using smart contracts for transaction verification/security.

• Lower banking transaction fees compared to traditional banking.

• Built-in Mobile banking from anywhere and to anybody using your phone or smart device.

• No size limits on transactions.

• A Loyalty Rewards program that looks to pay a much higher % than traditional banks due to reach and efficiencies.

• Advanced Credit & Lending that will enable both the lender/borrower fair and low cost solutions vs traditional banks.

When we looking at what is possible with Crypterium and the future of crypto banking with a front end, to say the least we are very excited! Crypterium looks to not only provide a solid backend, but frontend as well, it wants to put a face on crypto banking of the future. We like this face, it is very pretty. Many are developing backend technologies to allow for crypto banking, Crypterium is looking to build the complete package in our opinion. The strong point of their game plan is their mobile payment solution, which should be easy to implement globally in order to get wide adoption on into the near future. Because of how adaptable blockchain is technologically, you can’t even imagine how things might transact in this future, until that future is here. With all the programming elegance blockchain offers us in adaptability and innovative uses that have yet to be imagined, which we believe Crypterium can bring forth with it’s vibrant youthful vision of the future in Crypto Blockchain Banking. In short I can’t wait to buy my next cup of coffee with a ClicknSwipe using Cyrpterium, or maybe even my next home a few minutes later? CLICK!

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