Crypto Addicts Review
Crypto Addicts Review

Crypto Addicts – Advanced Crypto Signals

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Crypto Addicts

Starting from $29







Price/Performance Ratio


Yay! 🙂

  • Technologically Advanced
  • Very Progressive Concept
  • Smart BTC (Scale in/out)
  • Great Price/Performance Ratio
  • Contant Market Updates
  • Featured in our Shortlist
  • 2x Provider of the Month
  • Advanced Auto Trader
  • 3Commas-like Dashboard

Nay! 🙁

  • Not all signals available with Auto Trader
  • Beta Tests of new Service Elements sometimes too early with live accounts
  • Full AI Bot might be risky

Crypto Addicts Review

(added to The Best Crypto Signals 05-2018 – updated 06-2019)
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+++ Binance Auto Trader for Altcoin Signals with nice Success rate, a valuable Magazine, SMART BTC feature, and a fabulous dashboard+++

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Crypto Addicts are listed for a very long time on Smart Options. They are one of the most progressive groups we know, always on the top of the edge with their tech and always improving, adding features and generating new ideas to source money out of crypto trading. With their really perfectly working auto traders, their Smart BTC bot for scaling and out, their AI trades and what else. They are going new ways and providing service on another level. Get addicted, baby


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

One of the most professional approaches we encountered so far in the world of crypto signals has been Crypto Addicts. They do an outstanding job in all fields and act like the real European company they are (Belgium – with channels in English and French). They differentiate very much from the usual crypto trading signals channels you might find, not only by the quality of their signals but also how everything is set up. Their magazine “Diamond Report” is from top notch quality and aligns with the overall professional approach by Crypto Addicts, we have the allowance to share the April issue with you, please download it here and get yourself an opinion: Diamond-Report.pdf.

At Crypto-Addicts you can find different services such as signals & market analysis, trading bots (Binance and BitMEX), the dashboard for market monitoring, news and trading (beta), and even the opportunity to participate to Airdrops.

Crypto Addicts run one of the most advanced Telegram Auto Trader Bots for Binance and BitMEX (as well as the option to place manual trades with the bot) that allow you to trade on your own signals.

The Offering

Their offer in a nutshell:

  • Binance Altcoin Signals & BitMEX leverage Signals
  • Optional Telegram Auto Trader to replicate the Binance Signals
  • AI Auto Trader to preserve your BTC value (Smart BTC).
  • A 3Commas like Dashboard
  • A fully featured cryptocurrencies magazine, which can compete with 21Crypto and Bitcoin Bravado
  • ICO Reviews
  • A Members forum to collect valuable knowledge
  • Bitmex Signals (Special Plan needed, not covered in this post)
  • Ongoing coin reviews
  • VIP CHAT with members
  • Personal Support and Portfolio Advice
  • A unique target calculator
  • An extra Airdrop Channel

Here is their roadmap for all future developments:

Crypto Addicts - Advanced Crypto Signals 2

The Binance Signals

The crypto trading signals we have seen in our test period have been spot on.  In this time we traded 13 of their signals and 4 of them reached all targets, eight signals hit target 1 and 2,  two hit target 1 and retraced after that. One signal hit stop loss. The beautiful thing is that the channel actively supports you with their signals. They tell you directly once a target has been hit and remind you to raise your stop/loss. We used the following methodology: On target 1 we took out 50% and moved the stop loss a bit above our entry. This way we left the chances for higher targets, locked in a bit of the profit and made the trade risk-free.

Each of the cryptocurrency trading signals came with a calculated risk factor, which is calculated by algorithms (it is a mathematical result based on volatility, volume, market, correlation,…). If this level exceeds specific numbers, crypto trading signals won’t be shared with the community to avoid unnecessary risks. In the past, Crypto Addicts often spread many signals with relatively small targets. This has been happily improved very much. The amount of signals has been reduced, the targets widened, so it is not 100% scalp action. This reduced their accuracy from the high 80s to low 80s but should turn out very positive on the profits.

Each trade came with technical analysis and/or a fundamental based reasoning. Crypto Addicts make also use of an AI to source signals. This AI gives also calculated risk level – once the overall trading environment becomes risky, we can see the AI rates the signals with a risk level of 4.3 and above. They don’t post these signals officially then but inform their community. Crypto Addicts invested in the development of an Auto Trader for Binance, which is semi-automatic and takes all the manual trade setup from you. The bot kicks in, ask you if you want to take the posted trade, you confirm on your smartphone and it is replicated. This takes much time pressure off your shoulders and is very convenient.

There are also signals on low volume coins, which have to be placed manually or have to be bought at market price if you want to do it with the bot.

Signals Example

Crypto Addicts Signal
Crypto Addicts Signal

And here is the result of this trade. Please note how target 1 has been put in relation to stop/loss, so you have good minimum RR even with T1 alone.

Trade Signal Example
Trade Signal Example

The Results

As given in the review above, the success rate was quite good, and the analysts behind this project are good and worth the buck. Considering the asked price for this service, it is amazingly cheap, and it is a perfect price. The number of available crypto trading signals has been reduced (and we welcome that), and they still set the targets realistically and swiftly achievable. The auto trader comes with a great tech behind and that makes it a pretty good option, as the trailing stop module can make you profit hard with their signals, if the targets are exceeded (when a coin just doesn’t want to stop pumping for example).

For verified live results, customers can log in to the dashboard (free registration) and see the recent trades.

CryptoAddicts invest lots of money to improve the tech. We liked in particular how important it is to them, to stay transparent with their customers. They offer a signal tracking dashboard, where you can conveniently monitor all their trades, which targets have been hit and the outcome in general. The link can be found in the fact sheet box below.

The Binance Auto Trader

Crypto Addicts are constantly evolving. They put much work into the development of an auto trader bot for Telegram, which makes the trade replication super convenient. All you need is your Binance API. There is a setup welcome pack, which will help you along their active support guys to get you started. The Bot on Telegram looks like this:

Binance Auto Trader Bot by Crypto Addicts
Binance Auto Trader Bot by Crypto Addicts

As I tested pretty much trading bots while researching the tech behind, I have to say Crypto Addicts have technically the best and most advanced bot to replicate trades in your account. The setup is easy and still gives you all the freedom one needs to configure it safely and let it run profitably. The Bot itself gets very often really good updates – it is unique and not just a bought script. We tested many auto traders on the market and this one has been the best tech we’ve seen so far. Especially the trailing stop loss feature can provide you with massive gains, as you keep your position as long as the price is rising. Good job!

The Smart BTC Bot

The Smart BTC bot by Crypto Addicts is quite a nice feature: You connect your Binance account per API to the bot, and he automatically scales in and out for you. Means: If the Smart BTC Bot thinks, Bitcoin is going to drop, he moves all available BTC to a stable coin. Once it sees chances for a recovery, it moves the stable coin back BTC. This way you can theoretically increase your BTC over time if the bot does its job right. Have a look in the comparison below, between the Smart BTC Bot and the Buy & Hold Strategy:

The Dashboard

The Dashboard, currently in beta live version, is a platform to manage your investments and trades, thanks to the integration of trading bots! On this platform, you will be able to:

  • Trade efficiently with Bots Trading
  • Create your own trades in custom or quick trade
  • Define your targets, stop loss, trailing stops,…
  • Monitor the evolution of your portfolio in real time
  • View and edit live positions
  • Enable (or disable) and configure the Auto-Trading Bot
  • Use and configure the Smart BTC
  • Determine your strategies
  • …and many new options to come!

The Support

Once signed up I was contacted by one of their stuff, offering to connect with me via a call to make sure I understand everything and find all the support I need. What an excellent, engaged service – especially for new crypto traders. You have a real person at your site to understand how to use the crypto trading signals and to make the best out of your investment. The VIP chat is also constructive – I saw that each requesting member got their reply and updated for current trades or the overall market situation. Chat is pretty active nowadays and has well-knowledged traders who are ready to help. There is a second VIP available in French now if you feel more comfortable in this language. The signup bot is also very unique, you can see the process here:

The Critique

I observed how they did when Bitcoin was in a critical area, hovering over a vital support line. The acted accordingly, informed their members and used more conservative targets. What I like to emphasize is how smart they handled their orders and adapted to these difficult markets. They set more conservative targets than the most, which works out very well for their results. This is smart trading as we like it here – smarts money adjusts to the environment and still makes profits, while many others just lose it.
However, this also comes with a downside, if Target 1 is set with a very low percentage it is, of course, more likely to be reached. On the other hand, you will have to set your stop loss to entry immediately, because if the initial stop loss kicks in you will lose your profit and some more, finishing a trade with a minus even if target 1 has been reached. In the past, they had quite some problems: The bot had problems with the fill rate on low volume signals, the tiny target strategy did not work for everyone and their BitMEX service had a rocky start. The community reacted harshly. However, we have to see how hard Crypto Addicts worked to even everything out. They heard everyone out, took it by the roots and started working on the valid points of criticism. With the help of the community they ripened their product, so they can now offer something really solid. As I said, they are inventing new features all the time, trying to add more value to your subscription. However, I don’t know if I’d fancy being Beta Tester with live accounts until the ground work has been done.

What makes this channel unique? 

CryptoAddicts provide a comprehensive package of services and deliver with a super clean and professional setup – see the pros at work! What makes them unique is how versatile they adapt to the market situation and how they are constantly improving their range of crypto products. They took the community feedback serious and worked it all out from there. Looking at their roadmap, I can see some really interesting time coming up for Crypto Addicts, as well as for us customers. Crypto Addicts is truly a unique project with lots of pioneer’s spirit.

Customer’s Insights Review

We want to verify our own conclusions with real customer reviews. Of course, we are in the channels we review, but we want to see how the general customer perceives the service and how their results are. This customer insights review has been written by Benoit, and you can contact him on Telegram to verify his words.

~ Start of Customer’s Insight Review ~

“I have been using the services of Crypto-Addicts for about 4 months now and I have had the opportunity to receive around a hundred signals since my registration, which gives me enough perspective to be able to give an unbiased and constructive opinion.

I first joined the public group and then the VIP group for a trial period, which allowed me to look at previous messages and signals.
This preview allowed me to see how the Telegram group was structured, what kind of information was provided and the results of the previous signals.

The team is always available and responds quickly and accurately to members’ questions. They are available and do not hesitate to do specific analyzes when a user requests it. Regarding the technical support, a channel dedicated to the support of the trading bot is available.

In addition to the signal service, one of their goals is to transform us into real traders, with a real strategy, an understanding of the implications and a realism in the objectives. To do this, they help us to develop our personal strategy by providing quality information, relevant and comprehensive analysis, and thanks to Youtubes videos (covering several topics).

Every morning, a market sentiment and a market analysis followed by a technical analysis illustrated by Tradingview charts are sent to the Telegram group, which allows to have a first look and be prepared.
Then, updates and news on the crypto market follow each other. Finally, during the evening, a summary of the main events of the day is sent. These summaries are pretty useful for those who are not able to follow all the news of the crypto market

Regarding the signals, each trade is studied in order to keep a risk-reward ratio more than correct.
The signals are defined by a risk level from 0 to 5. This risk level is an automated indicator based on the market so that signals with a risk greater than 4.2 are not sent. It is convenient if you want to limit the risks.

The signals are sent and are automatically supported by the trading bot – if auto-trade has been enabled – while respecting the user-defined strategy.
The bot is regularly updated, which improves the user experience while meeting the needs and suggestions of members. It allows members to trade in a fully automated or semi-automated way:

The bot allows the users to configure their own strategy by setting some parameters such as the percentage that must be sold when the take profits are reached, a default percentage for the stop loss, a risk filter which ignores the signals of which the risk is higher than a certain level, a smart trailing stop that allows the stop loss to be automatically raised to the purchase price level when the first take profit is reached, etc.
The bot also allows seeing the history of the latest trades or to filter only those that are currently opened.
It integrates the possibility of editing an opened trade or to “panic sell” in the event of a reversal of the market.
The bot also gives the possibility to create custom trades by specifying the coins, the entry price or the purchase area, the various TPs and the SL. Once this information is set in the bot, it will manage the trade alone and notifications will be sent when a TP or a SL is reached. Finally, the bot also has the Smart BTC feature. This feature allows the bot to secure the BTCs by selling them against the USDT in the event of signals of a downward market trend. To be honest this is by far the most advanced Telegram bot that I have been tested.

Low-volume coins signals are also sent, but these are not automatically processed by the bot in order to avoid pump and dump, which is a good thing.
Mid-term or long-term strategies are also sent along with charts and recommendations on entry prices, TP and SL as well as advices if some of us are already in position or not. But these strategies have to be handle by the users.

Each user has access to a private area – the member area – where they can find some information such as:

  • the balance of the portfolio as well as its total value in USD and BTC
  • a graph that shows the progress of the wallet
  • the subscription status
  • the main information of the crypto market
  • the Signals tracker which allows to see the scores of previous signals

Other tools are being developed as I write these lines. This dashboard is probably one of the most useful tools since it provides access to a lot of information from a single web page. Another tool available to members is the “Target Calculator” which is an Excel sheet. The principle is to calculate targets and stop losses depending on volatility and other parameters. It is primarily a help tool for those who want to do their own trades.

Every week, the Diamond Report is sent to every members. This informative and confidential file of about thirty pages is a magazine containing market analysis and reports of the team.

Recently, an “Airdrop” channel was created in order to share the latest interesting airdrops.

In short, the Crypto Addicts’ solution is made of a very effective bot, a great support, very useful information and great tools and services which allows to trade effectively, rationally and with a real long-term goal”

~ End of Customer’s Insight Review ~


Crypto Addicts provide a technically very advanced service. Their auto trader bot is feature-rich without becoming overwhelming, great software. Crypto Addicts is frankly more than the usual crypto signals channel. It is a real company, with clearly set goals and a roadmap they follow. The list of available services gets extended month by month and while I would not make use of all of these services it is very interesting to see the progress. I have the feeling, that some of these like the AI trading bot, are tested a bit too early in the wild (whilst still clearly marked as Beta test), but the refined products end up quite well. The Auto Trader bots started clonky, but are now in very good shape and have been constantly updated, so they got better and better. The signals itself are good. they are not too ambitious when it comes to the targets to be reached, but come all with a nice Risk/Reward ratio meanwhile (it was different in the past, but has been massively improved now). The pricing is very competitive, and for all the intel and tech you get here it is a steal.



You can subscribe discounted to the service on this page or the bot.

  • Website:
  • Telegram Contact: Telegram Support
  • Awards: 2x Provider of the Month (September & October 2018)
  • Discount Code: SMARTOPTIONS (to be used with their signup bot or with the registration here) - Limited Offer: 35%
  • Pricing:
    Crypto Addicts Pricing
    Crypto Addicts Pricing
  • Special Features:  Strong direct support, Best Binance Auto Trader Technology, Magazine, SMART BTC Bot, Great daily Market updates.
  • Exchanges: Binance
  • Auto Trader: Yes, custom solution
  • Results tracking: To see the recent results, simply create an account. They will be visible within the dashboard.
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached
  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes, a separate Bitmex channel available
  • Further Information:  Interview with Crypto Addicts
  • ICO Reviews: Yes, in the magazine sometimes
  • Magazine: Diamond Report Example(March'19)
  • Trading Timezones:  We saw most of the trade in the European trading session, but starting early in the Asian trading session.
  • Languages:  The channels are available in English and French
How the paid signal channel looks like: 

Crypto Addicts Signup Currently even a 25% discount code:  SMARTOPTIONS

You can subscribe discounted to the service on this page or the bot.


Crypto Addicts is a trusted Signal Provider
Crypto Addicts is allowed to use the TRUSTED PROVIDER SEAL
Crypto Addicts Review
Crypto Addicts - Advanced Crypto Signals 9

In this review, we check the reliability, accuracy, and support of Crypto Addicts. The quality of the signals in this channel have been tested for quite some time and lead us to a positive outcome for this telegram channel. The initial editor's rating was 8.5 - the overall rating is influenced by 20% through community votes from the comments section.

Editor's Rating:

Steve McKenzie is Crypto Investor, Enthusiast and Trader since Mt. Gox ages. He was hodling through bull runs, bear markets, and has seen bubbles grow and bubbles pop. Well-connected in the world of Fintech he loves to review Crypto Signal groups on Telegram - the good, the bad, the ugly. He reviews the technical analysis, fundamental analysis, the risk/reward ratio and if the channel is giving you the best bang for your buck and tries to save others from signing up with scammers. Legendary Posts: The Best Crypto Signals on Telegram | The Best Bitmex Signals on Telegram


  1. Accuracy






    Price/Performance Ratio


    The support is really great replys with in minute I have been a member for nearly 3 months and I have only took loss on my btc so far. To my knowledge the group is not really profitable as I have lost bitcoin with this group. But they are great people. Would defo be the best channel if had a better accuracy rate

  2. Accuracy






    Price/Performance Ratio


    For me, it is simply the best crypto trading company. The signals and analyses are of very good quality and there is always someone to answer on the support.
    the Diamond report is really very complete, the airdrop channel is great because it shares good airdrops, and doesn’t harass us all day with shitcoins.
    Moreover, the Bot is really super complete and intuitive. What happiness!

  3. Accuracy






    Price/Performance Ratio


    Having tested several Telegram channels, I consider that this one is offering the best quality/price. I am very satisfied with their offer (Binance/Bitmex bots) and especially with their after-sales service. They really answer quickly, it’s nice to feel that there are humans behind 🙂

  4. Accuracy






    Price/Performance Ratio


    Really good channels, I really like the Binance bot and the dashboard seems really useful even if it’s a beta version for the moment. The team is really comprehensive, and the support is good ! I recommend it

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