“Crypto Bytes” TV – Episode 1


Welcome to the first episode of “Crypto Bytes” here we will give regular updates of the market, signals and important happenings in the Crypto/Blockchain world, we hope you will take a bit of a byte! 

In our first episode we would like to note the differences of Signals, Autotrading Signals and Fund Management. These are three ares all newbies should really understand as what they are getting from whatever signal providers you might wish to work with. Below are a the 3 different types of services generally offered. 

  1. Trading Signals – Trading signals are the vast majority of what you have seen in the past on the site until recently the use of Autobot trading through an API has only recently taken over in terms of this. A trading signal is generally just a person or group using a method to decide buying/selling areas/levels/percentages to make money instead of just the simple buy and hold philosophy. These signals can come from a person judgment of buy/sell levels or even just a script of code/indicators in a logarithmic set of parameters. Often it is up to you to buy and sell yourself from there on your account if you agree with their analysis or use it in which way you see fit according to your own desires and knowledge. Again note you are in full control here and make all the decisions/hold all the cards. 
  2. AutoTrading Signals – Unlike just getting signals of which you can decide where to buy and the disadvantage is you might be asleep or for whatever reasons miss the signal all together we then have the AutoTrading feature where you can set it up through an API a bit of code that allows for instructions from a signal provider to execute trades automatically in your trading account. The advantage here is simple you should not miss any signals and can allow a signal provider to copy his trading into your account, with respect to this an Autobot can have several features and you should understand them completely A) Signals can come from a trader B) Signals can come from a bot which I call EAs or Expert Advisor which is nothing more than a set of preprogrammed variables based on different indicators/methods often very mathematical in nature. This is good because it is logic driven and takes the human emotional element out of the market. Autobots are used by most services now and offer both the auto as well as manual execution based on the user’s preferences. Autotrading signals will execute trades in your account so be careful you have a signal provider you trust who is not a gambler taking excessive risks that will end with you losing your funds, also note that bots have no ability to withdraw funds so only trading puts your funds at risk here.
  3. Fund Management – *WARNING* We at smart options will not work with any providers who offer this on the site unless they have the regulatory/legal/custodial/fund management company/institution elements in place and comply with each of the countries they work out of regulatory bodies. Most groups offering in the past do not have any understanding of what it requires to offer this type of service and the costs involved, most are breaking many laws that could end them up being sued or imprisoned even. This is why we avoid any services that try to offer or get people to send them money of which they promise to send back their funds and profits of their trading. It is also the #1 focus of scammers because they want you to send them funds #1 = they have your money! That is the #1 thing scammers no matter what scheme they use will try to get you to do. “RED FLAGS” should be raised when an individual asks for you to send them funds to trade on your behalf. If you see a group in on our site doing this, please report them immediately to us! Real Fund Management companies will have a prospectus and give monthly/quarterly/yearly reports and have all the legal/custodial/accounting apparatuses in please to comply with the countries of which they do business in. This offers both them and you a legal and safe framework of which to do business in. 

Next, in our Crypto Bytes are two signal providers who have special promotions/updates of interest to our users. First is Verified Crypto Traders who are offering 30% +5% for SmartOption members on signup! A really great deal, get it while you can! 

"Crypto Bytes" TV - Episode 1 1

Then we have 4-C Trading a new supergroup of traders from Crypto Medics and Crypto Addicts, very funny if you think about it you have the Medics helping the Addicts LoL!  This should be a hot group as they are combining the best elements of their services in education and trading signals so check them out —-> HERE <—- Also check out these great numbers from their Smart BTC BOT

"Crypto Bytes" TV - Episode 1 2

On Crypto Bytes we believe in real adoption is real use of crypto for payments across the board globally with ease, and it is here we believe in companies like UTRUST that will usher in the real advantages of using crypto to buy everyday things as a currency not just a store of value/asset to be traded. Real adoption will need everyday people buying everyday stuff. In a future article coming soon, we will show you the future of Crypto Payments and how they will drive mass adoption so bit coiners can rule the world!  

"Crypto Bytes" TV - Episode 1 3

BITCOIN = FREEDOM! The recent events in Hong Kong/Venezuela have seen the buying of Bitcoin SPIKE in recent months for both countries. The political turmoil in these countries shows us that Bitcoin/Crypto being used as a refuge from tyranny! BYOB! BE YOUR OWN BANK! If they want our crypto they can pry it from our cold dead hands! This will only grow and shows what true democracy/freedom of the people that crypto represents just by simply existing. Below are recent numbers from LocalBitcoin showing volumes skyrocket upwards on bitcoin buying. 

"Crypto Bytes" TV - Episode 1 4

Last we have Libra Coin imo this shows just how corrupt Facebook and Zuckerberg are, along with their corporate coin which is just a centralized useless stable coin of sorts to allow them a foothold into the crypto space of which they are jealous and afraid of. There is some evidence that Zuckerberg may very well be a shape shifting alien/lizard man as noted by conspiracy theorists in the woo woo community, this only further proves his intent to inslave humanity with their facebook coin 😀 

"Crypto Bytes" TV - Episode 1 5

Stay tuned for the next episode where we talk about John WacKaFee & Craig Blight in their narcissistic crypto adventures, along with a funny site that wants everybody to defund crypto all because they invested in sh*t coins and were burned bad! See you next time on the Byte!

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