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[BITFINEON] A Crypto Exchange That Might Set New Standards


Here is just a quick & dirty post for you guys, showing a rock-solid exchange coming up soon. We told you about ALQO a while ago and that they will soon start a fiat-enabled exchange, called BITFINEON. I wanted to share with you the latest development update, as one can grasp the quality these guys are working on. In my opinion, this might really set new standards. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Personally, I can’t wait to move my Binance funds over to them (and also a part of my XLQ for the Bitfineo Sharepool). The Beta launch is announced for Q4 ’18, but these guys don’t rush and release first once they are satisfied.

A Crypto Exchange That Might Set New Standards"]

ALGOs suggest a “BLACK CHRISTMAS” for Stocks, Bitcoin too!?


ALGOs that model/predict future price selling/buying pressure in TIME, RANGE and ENERGY. Suggest a likely Black Christmas, as the modeling of institutions own buy/sell programs and have likely triggered to a large degree, of which selling from Sept 9th to Jan 7th… These advanced ALGOs are used in highly liquid markets such as the Dow/S&P 500/Euro and have a high probability due to the ARC = Energy numbers being fairly high. Boxing out = expecting the full range within the given time, denoted by the geometry of the box in the above chart. Many elements here indicate further price declines in the U.S. equities market going forward, so what possible effect will this have on Bitcoin? Keep Reading

[Podcast] as Guest at Barstool Bitcoin

SmartOptions Guest at Barstool Bitcoin Podcast
SmartOptions Guest at Barstool Bitcoin Podcast

Normally we are the ones that interview crypto folks, but it was refreshing to flip positions: Barstool Bitcoin, quite a well-known Bitcoin Podcast sat down with us for their fresh issue. The discussed topics in a nutshell:

  • Coinbase Pro advantages
  • Crypto Signals
  • Crypto taxation and what you’re probably missing
  • What is the biggest problem facing traders right now?
  • Bitcoin price prediction (short and long-term)
  • U.S. SEC fines & charges EtherDelta Founder
  • Student who invested $5,000 in Ethereum now owes $400k in taxes
  • and much more

Download & listen here: iTunes: | Stitcher: | Google Play: as Guest at Barstool Bitcoin"]

User Report: How I got robbed with an OTC (Over The Counter) Trade

Experience Report: How I go robbed with an OTC Scam
Experience Report: How I go robbed with an OTC Scam

Recently we saw someone in a chatroom telling about a sad story. The guy got robbed in an Over-the-counter deal in a Telegram group for such kind of transactions. Obviously, he is still angry about what happened and searched for a way to spread a warning to the community, trying to effectively reduce the number of scams and learn from his expensive lesson, so he can pull something positive for others out of his pitiful situation. We want to help him and make sure our readers won’t fall for the same scam. Thank you, Samo for compiling your story into an interesting read. And now read and scare while reading this cryptocurrency thriller. The following content has been contributed by Telegram user @samurai007 – Please contact him if you have further ideas, hints, information for his hunt. Keep Reading

SmartOptions Live from the ALQO Gala Dinner

Live from ALQO GALALive from ALQO GALA
Live from ALQO GALA

We got the black ties ready!

This is going to be a rather short post, as we just want to inform you that, we will send you live updates from the ALQO and Bitfineon Gala tonight, starting from 8:00 PM CET in Germany (if it is allowed on site, we don’t know that yet). We recently featured ALQO as HODL THAT! and it has done extremely well since that. We hope to get a sneak peek into the Bitfineon Beta tonight (a new Fiat2Crypto Exchange by the ALQO team with XLQ as base currency). We will post a roundup here on in a few days, but if you want to follow the Gala live with some pics and comments, please follow our accounts on

See you there!

Nouriel Roubini’s fear of the future, of the people by the people…

Crypto Clown Roubini

I can’t help but laugh as I listened to the arguments of Nouriel Roubini who has a look of a person suffering from permanent constipation, along with being totally delusional with exaggerated #s and facts to support his thoughts. I would go as far to say he seemed like he was sexually abused by Bitcoin, which left him traumatized and the shell of the man he is today. It was very odd indeed to dare comprehend his arguments at the Senate hearing earlier this week.  Do we really expect many of the older generation to get what a decentralized store of value is? I don’t, just as I don’t expect many of them to know how to use their smartphones… Keep Reading

Bitcoin ETFs vs. BAKKT – in Layman’s Terms


Crypto embraces many youngsters and often shows up as the first touchpoint to individuals when it comes to trading and the world of finance. Yeah, there wasn’t a more hip thing than to own Bitcoin Dec ’17 and even the price dropped like a rock – the young generation is yet mesmerized by cryptocurrencies. Understandable that many questions arise – many see themselves deep in a rabbit hole. When it comes to Hopium, the Bitcoin ETF approval is still #1 on the list, which is considered as a catalyst to make the price great again. But once you start your research engine, you will discover critical voices, denying that these kinds of ETFs will be good for the crypto economy  – those often see BAKKT as the holy grail to recover the invested college funds. Let’s break these two down for you and check what they are and how they differ from each other.
Keep Reading

Bullish News Everywhere – But Where Is The Moon?


Since the inception of crypto itself, there has never been more bullish news about this particular market within a month like in September 2018. The signs of a bull market are everywhere and we can sense the smell of starting rockets – but why, oh why, doesn’t reflect all this news to the price?  We are getting hammered by optimistic news all around – now the price has to follow.  Due to our analyst Ricco the markets are more than ripe for a fat reversal, see the video above.
See what has happened this month alone, and this is only an extract of the most important things that have happened, accompanied by even more smaller headlines: Keep Reading

Bitcoin Trend change “BULLMARKET” confirmed!


Bitcoin broke through key resistance points in the 7700-7800 levels today without retracing beforehand. Major institutional investors/Hedge funds will see this as a major turning point for BTC and scatter the field and any future pullbacks with a multitude of buy orders. Majority of them should reside in the low 7k range to mid-upper 6000 range. Watch for indications of future upside BTC movement with increases in bitcoin prices vs ALT coins, as well look for upside spikes to be more prevalent in price behavior in the coming weeks/months. The majority of ALGOs/Technical methods many of these funds/institutional investors use will have triggered and upside volume coming in on the buy side should be very pronounced. Liquidity does reside around 7800 short term, though being it breached can allow the interest of the larger fund buyers to overwhelm the sellers in a grand fashion, thus crushing all resistance and exacerbating the upside movement.

Bitcoin and market psychology- Sell off before take off?!


Our friends from CryptoMedics send us this Market Update to share with you. We found it useful and thought you might enjoy!
We have mentioned it many times-this markets are heavily influenced by manipulation.
Now, the US is even investigating bitcoin price manipulation. Will that change anything? No, we don’t think so. If you want to understand manipulation, please go back to our APRILS NEWSLETTER– we have given you an easy explanation.So, what is going to happen to BTC? Bitcoin is not following any rules when it comes to TA at the moment which indicates manipulation. When it comes to trading we have two major players:
Keep Reading

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