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Free Premium Magazine: The Crypto Nurse Vol. 1


Our latest chili-hot addition to our popular post about Crypto Signals has been CryptoMedics, which we discovered and accompanied in their closed beta. We have been able to observe the process they were going through and have been hopefully helpful testees. Today, they rebranded their magazine, which is usually exclusive distributed to their Premium members. We are allowed to share this great mag with you and it has a very nice gem inside, which we definitely fill our bags with and hold for some time. Very valuable content, if one makes use of it. Beam me up, Scotty!


Crypto Signals from CryptoMedics


Please contact Damian to enroll.

  • Website:
  • Telegram Contact:
  • Discount Code: CRYPTONURSE (15% on all plans)
  • Plan features:
  • Pricing:
    • ~Elite Plan~ 1 Month (30 days) | 0.06 BTC / 3 Months (91 days) | 0.165 BTC / 6 Months (182 days) | 0.3 BTC / 1 Year (365 days) | 0.54 BTC (All prices -15% when using CRYPTONURSE)
    • ~Bitmex & Altcoin Bundle~ 3 Months (91 days) | 0.09 BTC / 6 Months (182 days) | 0.15 BTC / 1 Year (365 days) | 0.27 BTC (All prices -15% when using CRYPTONURSE)
  • Auto Trader: Starting in February '19
  • Accolations: 3x Provider of the Month with the best results
  • Special Features: Specialized on gems, Information the broad mass does not have, Technical Analysis on demand, Portfolio design
  • Exchanges: Markets on Bittrex / Binance /KuCoin / Huobi and many more (as they are specialized on gems, often also smaller exchanges)
  • Results Tracking: Sheet on Google Docs
  • Signals with technical analysis: Yes, Tradingview charts are attached. Elite members can request technical analysis on demand.
  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes, in a separate channel (read the review here)
  • ICO Reviews: Yes, the strength of the team. Some of their team are even on advisory boards.
  • Example Premium Content: Magazine | Vibe Hub| Ziliqa (Guest posts for Smartoptions)
  • Trading Timezones: The crypto trading signals have been spread well over the day, there was no special time to be determined when they arrive.
  • Further Information: Interview with Cryptomedics
  • Free Signals Channel: (no cross promotions)
How the paid signal channel looks like:Signal from CryptoMedics


Please contact @CMpartyzant to enroll.


Cryptomedics is a trusted Signal provider
CryptoMedics is allowed to use the TRUSTED PROVIDER seal

Halo Platform Main Net launches on May(…be…) 21st

Halo Main Net Launch

We are fans of HALO, along with being early investors in this project ourselves, as we really believe in the vision of it.  While delays with development progress became a bit out of hand, it might be one of the many cases in Crypto where patience pays. We saw early investors sell the HALO coins at laughable prices OTC, though we think they might be very sad to see the price of it in a few weeks/months. The Main Net shall launch on the 21st of this month and the UX already looks very polished. The past has shown that these dates can be somewhat “flexible” with HALO, but we think this was for the good. Major cleanup work had been done and there is nothing wrong with the aspiration to start through with a fully working product. You can download the Featherlight client for your OS here and get yourself a first impression with the quality of the UX provided:

[ICO SCOOP] Interview with The Tip Token


A few days ago, we wrote about a possible diamond in the rough we might have found: Simple user handles for crypto wallets ids, an easy way to tip or to send money the crypto way, simply said an everyday token for everyone: The Tip Token.  ICOs are often a scam or just bollocks, born in the smallest room. We found this to be different for the idea of this French ICO, led by Nicolas Nups (LinkedIn), who will be my guest today, answering me all the uncomfortable questions my skeptical mind has woven. Welcome, Nicolas!

Keep Reading

Interview with The Tip Token"]

Consensus 2018 – Ready, Set, Go: Bullrun?

  •  Biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency event
  •  When: May 14- May 16
  • Where: New York
  •  Hosts: New York Economic Development Corporation + Coindesk

To understand the massive relevance of the Consensus event you have to take a look what impact this event had in the past. After the Consensus in 2017 the whole crypto market saw a massive gain of 26% of the total market cap! Here a few examples: Keep Reading

Crypto News Digest


In order to provide our readers regular crypto news, we partnered up with our friend from Verified Crypto News. They allowed us to share their daily news digest from their Gold Members Channels. Stay ahead of things in Crypto! Keep Reading

7 Countries That Are Unlikely to Accept Cryptocurrencies Anytime Soon


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are under threat with several countries moving to ban local and foreign trading of digital money as well as its use in transactions. These seven nations show no signs of letting up when it comes to their implementation of cryptocurrencies as illegal. Keep Reading

Finally: Bittrex with Major Platform Upgrade


Bittrex, a former top exchange that lost many of its traders to more modern platforms like Binance, is finally progressing and just released an open Beta platform. The more simple UI and the current state can be seen on

How To Claim Your Callisto ($CLO) From The Ethereum Classic Hard Fork


Due to the popularity of our post about the Ethereum Classic hard fork, we receive email requests on how to claim the hard forked Callisto ($CLO) coins, which you are eligible to get if you hold Ethereum Classic ($ETC) by block 5500000. So here is a summary of all you need to know to get your Callistos.

Keep Reading

“Is The First Litecoin Hard Fork A Scam, Sir?” | Interview with LitecoinCash Dev Tanner

litecoincash interview
litecoincash interview
Tanner, Development Lead of LitecoinCash
Interview with Tanner, Development Lead of LitecoinCash

A few days back we published a piece about the first Litecoin hard fork “LitecoinCash” and, oh boy, we have been grilled for that. Due to the not yet confirmed support of exchanges and existing Litecoin wallets, the LCC team describes a way of claiming the free coins on their website by the use of their wallet – which needs the private key. As one should know, you never put the private key into any other places like website or wallets, and as Crypto is nowadays wild west, the concerns of the community are not baseless. However, as we researched the topic, we found several facts that made us think LitecoinCash is not a scam, but a team of knowledgeable nerds with profound mining experience and some kind of unfortunate marketing issues. While the slightly hysterical reaction by the community is understandable, we think it is important to stay grounded, take a deep breath and sober look at the facts to provide a balanced view – and we think it is just fair to give LitecoinCash a voice to clear the air. So, we sat down with Tanner, the development lead of the Litecoin Cash Team,  and asked them all the uncomfortable questions…

Keep Reading

Litecoin Is Getting Lit With The LitecoinCash Hard Fork (1:10 Ratio)


Those of you that bought Litecoin ($LTC) in the dip, might be able to make some attractive returns on that buy. One could think crypto is a kitchen business with all that forks and knives to catch, and now the time has come for a sleeping giant: LTC.There is LitecoinCash to come, which brands themselves as Litecoin Hard Fork, but this is just a marketing ploy due to Charlie Lee.  However, this means free coins – and the project sounds pretty promising. Truth to be told,  everyone is crying SCAM right now – we think it is just clumsy marketing in combination with an unfortunate distribution of the free coins, by the help of the developed LCC wallet (which will need your private key). Good news for miners:  you can search your old Bitcoin SHA256 mining hardware in the cellar and get ready for SHA256 Litecoin with fast transactions and minimal fees. Keep Reading

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