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Crypto Noobs Elon Musk & Mark Cuban “The Dumb and Dumber of Crypto.”

Crypto Noobs Elon Musk & Mark Cuban “The Dumb and Dumber of Crypto.”

by Erik VonJune 2, 2021

Crypto Noobs that is what this article is about. Amazing the pure stupidity of not only the crypto market but the stupid millennial that follow HYPE and crypto noobs like Mark Cuban & Elon Musk. These guys know nothing about crypto it seems and worse seem to be manipulating cawk suckers. In this article, I will show you why they and most people in crypto are dumb and dumber…

Neither Mark Cuban or Elon Musk has a plucking clue as to what crypto is about. I guess I can forgive such as crypto noobs, well we were once the same at one time? Nah I expect more savvy inventors and shrewd business leaders. All I can say both of them have left me very disappointed… 

Dumb & Dumber

It sucks when you have people like this with such great influence becoming DOGE coin retards.  Worse than this is the fact I know of one family member who in their 20s followed into the BS HYPE of these guys with DOGE coin and now is sitting on some hefty losses, well hefty for his mini-me bank sized account. Does the 20-year-old ask my advice on DOGE coin or anything crypto-related? Nope, he just tells me one day with glee that he purchased a bunch of DOGE coins! Because his friend made some big returns on it… Sure enough soon after DOGE and most of the crypto market has tanked. Wow-what a perfect sign of DUMB & DUMBER the Crypto Noobs… 

I have over 30+ years of trading experience and have been lucky to have waited for this crash to start buying back into crypto. Crypto Noobs like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban don’t add up to DOGE sh*t to me as a trader. They are just a part of the bigger picture in time. Maybe they add some intrigue or interest, but crypto is so much bigger than silly little retards like these crypto noobs. Which please understand what a crypto noob is “Noob” Stands for Newbie. We call them noobs because like a door handle they often get turned. They are the ones who panic sell at the bottom and panic buy at the top. Sure it is mean but you don’t get better by not calling out stupid, and as Forrest Gump said “Stupid is as stupid does…”

Crypto Noobs – Elon Musk

Crypto Noobs Elon Musk High on Weed

One minute Musk loves bitcoin next says “Opps an environmental disaster!” The guy is either bipolar or just pure stupid. I wonder if he knows his stock TESLA is likely going to tank back to under $200 and maybe even lower. Maybe he is trying to distract from this uncomfortable fact of his wealth taking a nosedive when people get over the extreme overvaluation of Tesla as a company. I think he knows Tesla is about to get whacked and wants some investment alternatives.

I really don’t trust much from Elon Musk, he seems to just cause trouble and he is going to be in trouble in the future. As we have seen with him and the SEC on Musk. His Bipolar crypto games might fly under the radar for now, but at some point, it is likely the CFTC/SEC might be knocking on Elon’s door again… Hope they bring beer next time since they seem to be frequent guests LoL!

The Tesla Short

Crypto Noobs Tesla Short

Maybe he is in drunk mode as an investor. This happens when you get a giant move beyond say your wildest dreams. So now what do Crypto Noobs like Elon Musk do!? HODL if he is smart and buys more, but buy real coins like BTC/ETH/XRP, etc. Not trying to pump some meme coin like DOGE, which I will go over more below with a 5 billion coin inflationary print per year. 100% stupid. His stock is just sitting there waiting to get whacked, with shorts in it like the great Michael Burry of “The Big Short.” Not only a great movie explaining the crash of 2008 but oh so true of the meme/DOGECOIN hype of today. I wrote about him on the coming ETF CRASH. He is a smart cookie, and I am in the same trade technically with him 😉 as noted above.

Also, it is a sign of his disrespect for what Crypto stands for. His further calling crypto a hustle on SNL was a smack in the face, maybe it is a hustle to you Elon, but to those of us who really believe in what crypto stands for. It stands for FREEDOM! Freedom from the manipulation of bankers, hence why it soon appeared after the financial crash of 2008. Know your history, read more! 

Dumber now gets Anonymous hate

Seems constant the updates to this article, in this case now Elon has upset Anonymous too :/ Oh great well that shows when you say stupid things or post stupid tweets you get what you deserve. Elon Musk may be to him this is all a game? To many bitcoiners and crypto enthusiasts, it is not. We are out to make a better world, get an education on crypto Elon, find out what it is really about and stop yourself from saying/doing stupid things. Good luck with the hackers now pointing out all of your flaws *Thumbs up!

Crypto Noobs: Mark Cuban

Crypto Noobs Mark Cuban eat a banana

Wow how quickly our belief systems can change. Mark Cuban use to slag off Bitcoin and all of the crypto as a worthless and a great fool valueless hype. Should we abuse him for his past comments that were out of ignorance? Nah, because before people learn about what crypto is the crypto noobs will think that it is a scam or worthless hype as Mark Cuban once did.

Ok, so crypto noobs like Mark Cuban learn more about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, how they work, what problems they solve and the lightbulb goes off in their heads. Crypto solves all kinds of problems for the everyday people that use it. For bankers and middlemen, it makes things very efficient. Banks would have tons of competition and reduced profits with the coming of DEFI, along with how much of a fossil it makes the banking systems we use every day look.

Fine so he comes around, but wtf! DOGECOIN! Seriously, ok now Mark is a Shrewd businessman. So how does it go sideways with him investing in DOGE! He is a shameless promoter, maybe he can go on Ellen again and try to pump DOGE after the latest decline we just had. Again adding credence to stupid! So like Elon, Mark disappoints…

Update DUMB gets HIT by TITAN TOKEN!

Mark Cuban Titan Token HIT
Titan Token HIT by Mark Cuban

Updated 6/17/2021 – Mark Cuban aka DUMB takes a HIT on Titan Token collapse. As we see this noob investing in garbage hype coins gets what he deserves with TITAN/USDC token going from the $60 to near $0…

TITAN/USDC Token Crash

So this is what happens to most NOOBs who invest in garbage HYPE coins, enjoy your DOGE LoL 😉 Mark Cuban is a NOOB and just because he has billions from businesses he runs, means nothing when trading/investing in the crypto markets. Let this be a lesson to all you newbies who want to the hot hype coins…

What is wrong with DOGECOIN!?

DOGE Rectum Torture Chamber

Ah finally the right question to ask! What is wrong with DOGECOIN? So let us start as to the reasons why DOGECOIN Sucks.

  • No Utility
  • Inflationary coin with an unlimited supply
  • A lack of differentiation
  • No fundamental catalysts
  • Even the dogecoin developers think it is a joke
  • Whales control most of the coin’s supply

My crypto noobs let us attack each of the above reasons and I will even add a few for you to think about. Crypto is my sacred space, in the future when Bitcoin is up 10-20x times from where it is today, what will DOGECOIN be at then!? Answer who the F cares it is DOGECOIN! LoL, if you want the anti-crypto rationale of the anthesis trade, well ok. DOGECOIN is your coin. It represents the opposite of what crypto is about. Hence its popularity.

No Utility – That is correct, it has no real utility. It was created in under 3 hours by 2 developers who combined the Shiba Inu Japanese breed of dog with code of Litecoin (LTC) making a meme coin second rate copy. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it is just a meh copy coin, big deal.

Inflationary Coin with an unlimited supply – Ok this is what really bothers me most about the Crypto Noobs Dumb and Dumber here. Why on earth would you pick an inflationary coin that has an over 5billion print a year of dogecoins!? Prices get diluted every year so if demand drops, well then they are screwed as you will have the knock-on exponential effect of dilution making it a far more volatile coin to trade.

Inflationary coin!

A lack of differentiation – The core developers of DOGECOIN stepped back soon after creating it. So it is not advancing and is just a there. Many more advanced coins and developers of the big coins are moving right along, while DOGE is just sitting there being like so many other coins, they only thing it has is a cool name = meme and tons of the anti-value hyperbole of stupid millenials buying into the hype of crypto noobs like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk.

No fundamental catalysts – What are fundamental catalysts? In this day and age they seem to be what stupid does and how the super rich and manipulate prices with a few tweets. Bitcoin is the first, the one that started it all. Ethereum is the smart contract coin giving us the whole DEFI space of which to trade and advance fintech into the future. So all you have is hype and millienials looking to strike it rich, oh great.

Even the dogecoin developers think it is a joke – codeveloper Billy Markus says it best “I don’t understand” He agrees the value is absurd, but that is crypto, the value of anything is what people are willing to pay. The coin was made as a meme coin in under 3 hours just for fun, remember that!

Quote of Billy Markus CoCreator to Dogecoin

The Idea of Dogecoin being worth 8 cents is the same as GameStop being worth $325. It doesn’t make sense. It’s super absurd. The coin design was absurd.

Billy Markus DOGE coin codeveloper

Whales control most of the coin’s supply – When a coin seems super manipulated we go back to the motives of our friends Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. If these guys played that game with their stock/companies well they would be in jail. Same with crypto? Ah, no because it is unregulated and free for all currently. So these rich momma boys can get away with it.

Whale Concentration/Manipulation

Crypto Noobs being taken advantage of

This is another extremely important reason to run away from DOGECOIN. In the above picture, you have Vlad Tenev the Owner/CEO of Robinhood. I want you to read this article “Around 100 People Control DOGE’s Entire $46B Market.” It is thought that it is possible that Vlad Tenev here is the DOGECOIN Whale… Nobody can tell because Robinhood does not allow deposit/withdrawal of crypto from its platform. This makes it impossible to track their inflow/outflow of crypto.

There is a good chance these manipulators figured out to use DOGECOIN as a grift/hustle on Millenial noobs. Since they are easy to manipulate, just PUMP the coins up 1000s of percentages and own most of them, then DUMP the coins later on at inflated prices into the crypto noobs and let them take the losses.. Because of manipulators of DOGECOIN, I welcome CFTC/SEC regulations.

Makes sense right, and who is going to ever know? There are no regulations to prevent a group of these guys to come together and promote some “DOGGY SH*T COIN” like DOGE right? At the very least there should be transparency in who holds what coins, Robinhood does not provide that currently…

Crypto Noobs Mark and Elon Conclusion…

DOGE to a Dollar

What can you say, they get a coin like DOGE and pump it, that simple. These guys have much to learn about crypto so I wish them well on their journey. Maybe at some point, they will actually not be so F-ing retarded! It is great they see the value of crypto and are a great promotion for the whole space. Elon bipolar tweets, mark myopic bets. Like DOGE both Elon & Mark are disrespectful to the crypto community and in it for their own egos more than anything. Well, crypto is always interesting if nothing else.

Between the possible manipulation from rich mommas boys which certainly all of the above guys seem. We only can ask for a transparent playing field. No brokerage should be allowed to hide their holding as Robinhood currently does, the SEC needs to play catchup to prevent these type of possible manipulators.

I wish you to understand the main points that Doge is a Meme/Joke and represents the anti-value/anti-alpha nature. It has an inflationary print of 5.26 billion coins a year of pure dilution in it. Just like wallstreetbets vs the hedgefunds. We are in strange times with trading for sure. Maybe we have to have different metrics for what value is now. Maybe these crypto noobs will wake up one day and figure out “Opps that was dumb!?” I am sure it will happen at some point, and it will be funny. Just as funny as them promoting a meme/joke coin like DOGE 😉

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