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Our crypto portfolio is under examination today. The next bull run seems to be around the corner. Hence there are odds that we can see it starting by mid of March. We did some research on how we will design our crypto portfolio for this scenario. So let’s take a look at how we would spread our funds for it. Thus this is more our long-term investment to exploit this upcoming bull run of Bitcoin.

As we have seen many good coins tanking hefty within the last weeks, we stay very conservative in this approach. In which there are many undervalued coins and tokens out there. Such as we have to look at the amount of ICOs popping up. Look at the number of new projects hitting the markets.

The total market cap increase is not in relation to the new coins and tokens. We can’t see enough money around to see the majority increase significantly. Actually, we expect a huge wipeout of several altcoins within the next months. So we stay on the safe road with the selected projects we invest in. 

We also filtered out projects where the price has been artificially pumped short-term with spread fake-news about never happening partnerships. This might be cool for some quick pump-and-dump-bucks, but we suspect it the legitimacy of the project in the long-term. Let’s go shopping!

Crypto Portfolio Coin List:

The underlying assumption of this crypto portfolio is that we spread 10k over the following coins/tokens:

Crypto Portfolio #1 25% Bitcoin ($2500)

Although it is obvious that we keep a majority of our funds in $BTC to participate from the expected bull run. We want to increase the dollar value of our crypto portfolio. So we need funds aside to for upcoming opportunities. Hence to average our other trades if they plummet more with the bull run.

Current Price:
Exchange: Coinbase

Crypto Portfolio – Litecoin

20% Litecoin ($2000)

One can literally feel the vibration of an upcoming bull run for Litecoin. Litecoin is by far above all other projects when it comes to mass adoption. More and more real business projects outside of the crypto space are using Litepay. Also there is much more in the oven.

Current Price:
Exchange: Binance

15% Ethereum ($1500)

Ethereum – A big name we don’t need to explain. A constant actively developed and improved major project. For example Ethereum is about to change to Proof-of-Stake to finally solve the scalability issues. Issues of which it started to face over the last months. Currently a good buy in the 70-74 range.

Current Price:
Exchange: Binance

10% Stellar Lumens ($1000)

Such as a Silicon Valley-backed project, Stellar Lumens has funds in the back and they won’t let this project go down. Stellar is already 4 years on the market. In addition to doing pretty well with partnerships in the field of IBM and the likes.

Stellar is a platform that aims to connect people from around the world. Whether rich or poor. With low-cost forms of payment and their own cryptocurrency $xlm.

The team behind is a motley team of top developers and finance personalities. The fight against poverty is paramount to them. Such as a nonprofit organization behind the project. They are appearing as the white knight in comparison to evil banker Ripple.

Current Price:
Exchange: Binance

10% Stratis ($1000)

We wrote a lot about and are still very bullish on it. It has not recovered from the recent crash and is an important project for the crypto space. BaaS – Blockchain as a Service. This model of providing easy solutions for targeted environments is very common in the business world.

If you look for web scripts for example, in the past you purchased scripts and installed them on your server. Today the majority is offered as Saas (Software as a Service). Thus this is the way we go in business, and crypto will make no difference. Stratis is a project we suspect to become often used in the future, the first ICOs are running on it. Everything below 80 is a good buy.

Current Price:
Exchange: Binance

10% Qtum ($1000)

Basically, Qtum makes several crypto transaction systems readable for each other. In this way, the Qtum Blockchain acts as a bridge between the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, and Bitcoin’s Unspent Transaction Output (UTOX).

The Qtum Blockchain is compatible with existing Ethereum contracts and Bitcoin gateways.  Qtum is also developing the blockchain for smartphones. Connection and interaction within crypto will be a big thing, we assume. If we want Crypto to succeed, we can’t cook thousand of different soups alone. As this would dilute the overall power of the idea. We need also the bridges in between, QTUM is the solution for that.

Current Price:
Exchange: Binance

10% NEO ($1000)

Neo, Neo, Neo – yes, we all have a hard time hearing the pros and cons of Neo. FUD, huge runs, significant drops, and unverified rumors. We initially said that we skip projects that want to artificially pump its price by spreading rumors and fake news.

Neo had fake news – but not spread by themselves but by a desperate community.  Neo is managed professionally and they are in good condition. Things are evolving for Neo and they have much room to grow. Which is why we will put a portion of the funds in here.

We can see many people disagreeing with that (why only 10%???). But we decided on a smaller part due to the huge volatility this coin has shown. Add the huge connection to the political decisions in China.

Current Price:
Exchange: Binance

Crypto Portfolio Performance

To have an overview of how this Crypto portfolio performs we will track it right here. Thereby If you are interested in how it will work out. You should prepare yourself a reminder to take a look from time to time.

Crypto Portfolio conclusion…

No matter what crypto portfolio solutions you choose we hope you enjoyed some of our ideas. We will present more of these in the future, so until next time! Enjoy!


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