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BitMEX Signal Reviews - We test those groups, claiming 1000% in a week. We debunk the scammers and show you the groups that are the real deal. Which BitMEX Signal provider will help you make money? Who will make you lose it? We are here to provide answers and report from our experiences.

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Margin Whales Review – We are Family.

Margin Whales Signals Review
Margin Whales Signals Review

Margin Whales Review

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Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

Since quite a few months, I was a member of the free channel of Margin Whales. I liked the quality of their posts and already asked them if they want me to check their premium channel. Unlike, the most I got no very enthusiastic reply and we left it like that. It is OK for me and I value that, as I know good quality traders are often not very fond of marketing and not very good in promoting their stuff (hence other paid groups or coaching products like courses, etc. which are marketed very good, are often garbage or scam). However, sometime later, one of the channel owners of our other listed signal providers, asked me if I know these “Margin Whales” guys as they’d produce nice results. I contacted them again, and finally, I got a seat on their channel.  Check with me, which quality & results the BitMEX trading group delivered.

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