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Crypto Signals Interview: Hawkeye Bittrex Signals


Our recent article about Telegram Crypto Signal Groups got quite some attention. Some even called us out to promote a scam, which is certainly a baseless assumption. We know that Telegram has so much scammy and shady signal groups which you should avoid like the plague. But especially this kind of state has been the reason for us to take a deep dive into this shady world and find the very few gems. One of these gems are the guys behind Hawkeye Bittrex Signals, a group of two, that offers free signals for the Bittrex exchange – without offering anything paid beside! So you can be sure, they don’t want to sell you anything, because there is nothing to sell. The quality of their channel was far above of those we tested and they showed off some quite profound knowledge about trading. We took the chance and interviewed them with five questions. Enjoy!

Interview: Hawkeye Bittrex Signals

Free Crypto Signal Channel:

Smart Options: Thank you for taking the time, would you please introduce yourself shortly to our readers?

Hawkeye Bittrex Signals Group: Thanks for this opportunity,  first of all we want to introduce ourselves. We are a professional team that spend most part of the day analyzing the market, we have a huge experience reading charts and giving signals, we also make a huge research looking for news.

Smart Options: What is you trading history? Did you started straight with Crypto and how did you built up your knowledge to create successful signals?

Michael: Although I’ve been in the crypto scene since early 2013, I didn’t actually start trading or mining until August of this year. I introduced my best friend to crypto back then, and although he was never too tech-savy, he achieved significant financial successes through mining and now owns various related and non-related businesses. This guy always believed in me, so he sent me 1 BTC right before the BCH fork to get me started. Given the following altcoin massacre and my complete lack of knowledge, I naturally lost over half by mid October. Yet, I received a lot of experience and understanding in return. After sharing some ideas in a talk group to receive some feedback from others, people noticed that I was very accurate in my predictions and began asking my advice. Within mere days, the owner of the Telegram group offered to pay me a small weekly payment to share signals in his channel, as he had become occupied with his studies and upcoming exams.

Javier:  Before joining this crypto world, I used to be a forex investor and a Binary options trader, but slowly I moved to this amazing world and I don’t regret. I love reading and learning, that’s how I built my knowledge. It also helps that I have been trading Binary options and Forex for 3 years.

Smart Options: Do you follow a Risk and / or Money Management strategy. Please elaborate.

Michael: To be completely honest, I’m hardly familiar with these terms. Of course there’s some risk, but I minimize it by doing extensive analysis of the charts and never taking my eyes off of large investment. Experience, intelligence and some understanding of mass manipulation and psychology are very helpful, and so is the pressure of knowing that other people trust my advice with their money. I truly believe that trading is largely about having strong nerves and being able to separate emotions and intuition – a skill that took me years to develop and that I see many people lack.

Javier:  Of course I do – building a strong strategy is the key of the success in this business.  Trading all in is a big error, because you can’t control feelings. In my case I only trade with a 30% of my total bank amount; the 70% of my holdings are in long term coins such as BTC ETH NEO… You can’t be greedy and search for a coin; opportunities comes alone the only thing you need you need is being ready to catch them. I use a strong Money management, never go all in and use Stop Loss.. this is quite an important fact.

Smart Options: How do you deal with emotions while trading? How do you handle the pressure of providing signals – especially if one does turn out not successful?

Michael: You really need to be able to shut off your emotions, from getting too proud when your signals are right (I haven’t had a miss in two weeks) to keeping your cool when all emotional alarms set off and tell you to sell or your hope or greed kicks in when you should be selling. I’ve pretty much gone through most of my life alone, and life puts us all through a lot of difficult situations. With hardly anyone around to support or help me through such situations, I understood that I had to either find a way to function regardless of my emotional state or sink, so I guess I’m well equipped for this game.

Javier: As we said before, if you have an strategy, you need to be strong and stick to it, if you cant do that, you cant trade because at the end you can lose everything… If you fail with one coin, no problem, other opportunities will come; that’s why money management and Stop loss are really important.

Smart Options: How do you try to protect yourself ? How do you try to get out in time if you believe that a trade turned into an unwanted direction?

Michael: I mostly base my targets off of historical resistance as well as trend resistance (especially when swing trading) – and this is quite accurate. Nonetheless, there are times when I am not sure if something will push further or not, momentum is not always a good indicator as there is a lot of manipulation from large money (so I suspect) trying to trick people who bought during strong momentum to panic and sell at a loss. What I’ve found works best for me in these situations is to set several targets based on how sure I am. If I am 70% sure that a bullish movement will bounce off of a resistance and dip, I sell 70% and that resistance. If I am 70% sure it will shoot through and continue to rise, I sell 30%. This is among the best tips I can give other traders. Always buy and sell in bits according to the probability you determine.

Smart Options: Do you have some tips for our readers, how to know that a telegram signals channel is a scam or a pump and dump group? What should the customer look for?

Michael: I can only answer this generally and do not want to offend any groups whom this does not apply to – there are always exceptions. I would say that any pump and dump group is a guaranteed way to lose your money, unless you’re a paying member. If you are a paying member, please know that you are the type of person who uses cheats in their video games, and although profit in trading generally comes from another person’s loss, therefore you are not technically stealing from anybody – after all, a person who decides to invest money shouldn’t be so naive as to fall for such scams – you are not profiting, you are not winning the game, you’re cheating! And you are doing so at the expense of your (lazy and naive) brothers and sisters in humanity by extorting their hopes. This is about as low as starting a cult to extort money from people by giving them some false hope and I urge you to rethink the cost of what you are doing, because everything comes back to you in life. As for paid signal groups, you have about a fifty-fifty chance of getting ripped off, because you already paid them. Sure, some people choose to do business this way, and for their work they deserve to receive payments. I spend hours and hours doing this. But I do it anyways, because I invest my money in it, and if I do it well, why not share with others and help them. Like I said, everything comes back in life. And I still look forward to that one day when somebody investing larger sums than me will decide to reward me for any profit I helped them make with a donation, but until then, the thanks and respect I receive and especially the satisfaction I get from knowing I am making a difference in a place where so many people are out to take advantage of my brothers and sisters in humanity is more than enough.

Javier:  Guys, as you know there are many telegram channels but you don’t need to follow all of them; search for one which is transparent, and also provides info such as charts, news..
Many people think pump and dump is a good way of making money, but HELL NO!! is a scam… Please don’t join pumps and dumps groups. An important fact about a channel is that the admin is close to people and have time to answer questions and provide personal support.

Smart Options: Thank you for your time, guys! This was quite an interesting interview.


  1. Hi everyone,

    This is Michael, the analyst for HE signals. Feel free to join @CryptoSigTx to receive more than guidance than just signals and chat with my partner Constantine and me.

  2. Hi Javier and Michael and the lady on the back Constantine 😛

    HawkEye Bittrex Signals
    telegram group link :

    is the best signal Telegram group i have ever found most honest and most helpfull on any kind of way thnx guys and keep the good work on 🙂

    best wishes from Kosovo

  3. Hello Javier and Michael

    I think you are doing an amazing job and me as a begginer I am very lucky to have found out about you.
    Thank you and keep going, you have all my respect

    CT , London

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