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Crypto Wrapup, News and Bullet Points for the week of 10/15/2017

Crypto Wrapup, News and Bullet Points for the week of 10/15/2017

by Rico ChetteOctober 15, 2017

Crypto Week in (P)review; Bitcoin lead the market this week blowing past 5k before holding its advance floating just under 6k, ahead of the upcoming SegWit2x hard fork the buyers ruled the week.  On the flip side there was a mishmosh of ALT coin activity, with some doing better then others, we saw Etherium get a late start but did play catchup to BtC, a bit late though and at first was to the downside. The star performer of the week was Litecoin, who advanced handsomely alongside the Bitcoin charge forward. On the downside we saw other ALTs falter, with Lisk – IOTA -BQX – BAT all held back from the likely money flow to the upcoming Bitcoin Fork. Other note worthy events of the week were as follows ~

• Russian President Vladimir Putin is heard to say that Russia will issue its own ‘CryptoRuble’ at a closed door meeting held in Moscow, stated from local news sources.

• PNC Bank, threatens client with account closure for buying Bitcoin! Customer response was said to be “What di_ks!”

• Julian Assange sarcastically says “Thank You! U.S. Government for 50,000% Gains on Wikileaks’ Bitcon stash they forced him to invest in back around 2010.

• Bitlem Opens the first Bitcoin Exchange in Mexico, going brick and mortar just blocks away from the Mexican Stock Exchange.

•[cryptocurrency_widget type=”inline” symbol=”ETH~USD” template=”basic” color=”default”] Trouble for ETH’s for Byzantium hard fork, with a bug found just days before and a low adoption rate of the updated software release/fix for it.

• [cryptocurrency_widget type=”inline” symbol=”DNT~USD” template=”basic” color=”default”] Bittrex listed Distr0x:

• [cryptocurrency_widget type=”inline” symbol=”NEO~USD” template=”basic” color=”default”] tokens unlocked on Oct 16th to support ecosystem development

• [cryptocurrency_widget type=”inline” symbol=”XRP~USD” template=”basic” color=”default”] Ripple SWELL Conference on 16th of October, big event in Toronto; Keynote presentation at 12:30 with Dr. Ben Bernanke.  Livestream on

• [cryptocurrency_widget type=”inline” symbol=”ZRX~USD” template=”basic” color=”default”] 0x Website revamped:

•[cryptocurrency_widget type=”inline” symbol=”BTC~USD” template=”basic” color=”default”] Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin:

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