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CryptoMedics + Crypto Addicts = 4C-Trading signals

CryptoMedics + Crypto Addicts = 4C-Trading signals

by SteveJune 15, 2019

4C-Trading comes alive! Today is a special day – two of the groups we are working with for a very long time merged to one = 4C-Trading. CryptoMedics and Crypto Addicts fused and personally I think this was a great decision for their customers. There are no other two serious trading/signal companies that would complement so well with each other.

We are currently checking everything out, and observe how the fusion works out, so we are preparing a new review for you guys right now. Until then, please check out which advantages you -as a customer- can expect from this merge:

4C-Trading Powerhouse

First off, my personal opinion:

CryptoMedics: One of the best Signal Providers around, fundamental blockchain knowledge – great expertise in evaluating crypto projects combined with great traders. The best channel in my opinion when it comes to educational content and trading courses.

Crypto Addicts: The best tech on board for Telegram and the web. Fantastic trading dashboards online (3 Commas Alternative), superb telegram trading bots that work like a charm ( enjoy the trailing stop feature ^^ ). Plus their Smart BTC bot scaling in and out.

4C-Trading: So far I checked out the bots and stuff – guys, this is amazing, the butler bot will check your subscription and generate you all your invite links to the news channels in seconds. The vibe in the chats is already great and yeah, excitement is justified for this project. It was quite some hard work, I guess. Check the pricing table to learn what features you can get – the possibilities are endless!

And here is the official announcement of what you get:

  • – Bitmex and Binance Trades
  • – Auto-Traders
  • – VIP Trading Community
  • – Gem/ICO Analysis (FA)
  • – 4C Weekly Report
  • – SMART BTC stable coin tool
  • – New Coin Listing Bot
  • – Web Dashboard
  • – Traders that work in Shifts
  • – Webinars
  • – Trading Courses (yeah, that red hot $999 CryptoMedics trading course!!)

Moreover with the new 4C-Trading, you will enjoy a bigger team dedicated to your success operating from a central office in Bruxelles- The financial center of Europe!

The Philosophy

4C-Trading – And what they are about.

Here are some of their own words about the philosophy behind the project:

Human judgment and experience
Thus, we know that our team is our greatest asset. We’ve selected team members who have tremendous experience, unmatched passion and the willingness to improve daily. With us, you know that you have people dedicated to your success!

Technology and AI
4C-Tradings new Advanced Trading Technologies are another extremely important element of our overall concept. Our tools and bots are smart, easy to use and efficient. You can relax while we do the work!

Educated Community Members
We see it as a duty to educate our members to ensure that they can achieve their goals in the global cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we publish a lot of free educational content, give webinars and offer unmatched trading and investment courses.

Risk Management
Managing your risk will be the most important step to safely enter the cryptocurrency markets. We provide you with risk calculators, teach you and ensure our default bot settings execute risk management in perfect fashion.

Everything you need to know now

…about the merge, the infos, the signups and the migration:

For New Subscribers (Discount!)

Dang, we gotta discount, discount, discount! Here are the steps for signing up: 25% (in words: twenty-five-freakin’-percents) from the prices shown below, simply by using the discount code: SMARTOPTIONS

Contact their Butler Bot now to Sign up: Telegram BOT or use the 4C-Webshop, We also have a 4C-trading review for you.

For Existing Members: The Account Migration

Find all the info in this document: 4C-Trading Guide

Final thoughts on 4C-Trading

Firstly we have to note that there are some nice features of this team before we conclude. For example the past crypto medics/addicts, had great teams. Thus they were very popular for the signals space in their own right.

Many question why the merger? Answer is simple because it makes sense! So, we have to look at the past. However both groups were also similar.

Firstly in the past they both traded similar pairs, secondly they both had similar educational services. Lastly both had similar reporting, even if on different coins. Thus it makes perfect sense for their merger. In conclusion we hope you check out 4C-Trading and all they have to offer!

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