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We regret to inform you that CryptoSimplicity is no longer one of our partners. Their team has fallen apart and members have left the channel. Plus, they had stopped sharing their trading results for a couple of months and we don’t endorse this kind of behavior. We understand that CryptoSimplicity is no longer a functional signal provider and hence, have decided to remove them from our lists.

CryptoSimplicity (added to The Best Discord Crypto Signals 03/2022- removed 06/2022)

~ Automated and Manual Crypto Trading Signals for Binance and FTX| Copy Trading ~

++Generate Long-term Growth in Bearish or Bullish Markets++

CryptoSimplicity aims to bring the crypto market and its opportunities to every willing person. With a goal to make successful investments in crypto simpler and more accessible to everyone, CryptoSimplicity is making powerful tools available to all. 

The team behind CryptoSimplicity offers a range of services for long-term growth whether the market is bearish or bullish. We think it’s a great way to introduce them by their signal performance results during the first two months of 2022. 

Uncertainty dominated the crypto signal performances in January and February 2022. A time when even the best performing crypto signals have struggled and have had to face some losses. The folks at CryptoSimplicity have maintained an incredible 70%+ win rate with a couple of trades resulting in 25%+ profit! This is promising.

CryptoSimplicity does not describe itself as merely a signal provider. It expands beyond signals and brings a wide range of other services like copy trading, portfolio stacks, hedging trades, and more as it grows. Let’s discover more about CryptoSimplicity, the team behind it, its services, and what sets it apart. 

Who Runs CryptoSimplicity?

Before we get to know the team, it’s worthwhile to discover what they stand for. CryptoSimplicity has a vision. A vision to bridge funding gaps and bring investment tools within the reach of the common man. They want to level the playing field for everyone, no matter how large or small their capital is.

Not just that, but CryptoSimplicity is offering all services under one roof. It combines signals, bot trading, copy trading, portfolio management, and consultation services all on one platform. That said, let’s meet the core team. 

  • Oliver (Lead Strategist) – Found his first crypto mining company back in 2016. Oliver has been a dedicated and successful crypto trader for almost 10 years now.
  • Gonzalo (Creative Director) – In the crypto space since 2017 
  • Piotr (Full Stack Developer) – A full-stack developer and architect with a strong infrastructure foundation. 
  • Lachezar (Full Stack Developer/Quantitative Researcher) – Experienced trader in all sorts of different financial instruments like Equities, ETFs, Options on stocks and ETFs, Futures Spreads, and Crypto.

Trading Expertise – Crypto Signals Review

Signals are provided by Ty and Oli with a combined trading experience of almost 20 years! CryptoSimplicity aims to generate long-term growth. Risk management is an essential part of their trading strategies. You will never see them use more than 3x leverage and 5% funds for each trade. They always consider the RRR (risk/reward ratio) to be in favor before considering each entry.

Apart from chart technical analysis, the expert traders at CryptoSimplicity consider various other factors when making their decisions. They understand that derivative markets are price-determining for crypto assets. This is why they define entry points based on a range of on-chain factors like implied volatility, open interest, funding rates, and other market indicators such as yield curve shape, USD flow, SPY, QQQ, and others. 

All in all, they don’t just look at the charts when giving signals. The veteran traders CryptoSimplicity consider a wide range of other market factors to give the right trading signals to you. 

Crypto Signal Services Offered by CryptoSimplicity 

Like most professional signal providers, CryptoSimplicity also runs a free signals channel along with its premium channels. Their free channel gives new users a taste of what it’s like to trade and earn profits with them. And for those who want more of it, can get a CryptoSimplicity membership for more signals, auto-trading, copy trading, and added perks. 

CryptoSimplicity Free Telegram Crypto Signals Channel

CryptoSimplicity has a free-to-join Telegram channel where they post free trading signals for both Binance and FTX users. The signals are the same as they give their premium members, but there’s a difference in quantity. 

They usually post 2 or a maximum of 3 signals every week. Each signal is complete with entry points, target profits, stop loss, leverage, and the recommended fund percentage to use. The free channel also gets market updates but is not as active as the premium CryptoSimplicity channel.

CryptoSimplicity Premium Services

  1. Copy Trading –  A copy trading plan gives you access to Pepe Le Bot, CryptoSimplicity’s exclusive bot that’s well-known for making money on its own.

Once you log your API key in your dashboard it gets automatically connected to the trading bot. Their system will change your account trading settings in the correspondent exchange to mimic CryptoSimplicity strategy settings.

The exchange account will then mirror the exact trades Pepe Le Bot makes in real-time and with no delay. All of this happens automatically. You don’t need to do anything. It’s all done by the CryptoSimplicity bot powered by their proprietary algorithms.

  1. Signals – CryptoSimplicity signal service lets users use it in two different ways. Fully automated or manual.

In the automated mode, signals will be executed in the user exchange account by API key

Connection. The user exchange account will receive the trade exactly as they send it

In the manual mode, every signal is posited in the Premium Signal Telegram Channel with all the necessary information. The signal is the same as in automated mode, but users can manually change the settings if they want to. They can change leverage settings, change fund usage for such trade, or even decide whether to follow it or not.

How Do CryptoSimplicity Signal Services Work?

CryptoSimplicity has developed, back-tested, live-tested, and currently operating, its own platform that manages all services. This is what sets it apart from the many other crypto signals group out there. CryptoSimplicity is here to provide an all-in-one solution, a lot more than just signals. 

They use an excellent method to automate trading while all your funds are in your possession at all times. All you need to do is connect the cryptocurrency exchange with the CryptoSimplicity platform using an API key. This eliminates the need for members to incur additional costs by using third-party services (e.g. Cornix).

Automating your trades while having full possession of your assets is one of the best things about CryptoSimplicity. It has established itself as a Non-Custodial entity whereby connecting your exchange via API only gives them permission to read and trade on select markets. 

Connection via API doesn’t let CryptoSimplicity transfer, deposit, or withdraw funds from your exchange. This extra element of full control of your assets is a huge selling point for them. 

Pepe Le Bot – What Sets it Apart from other Bots?

cryptosimplicity bot

Pepe Le Bot is a one-of-a-kind trend reversal strategist. It catches trend reversal on selected coin pairs without running into the risk of getting caught by sudden price dumps or missing out on significant price increases. The bot works like a charm for both short and long trades.

Pepe Le Bot uses a low-risk management strategy with a 2x leverage on its trades and operates 6 to 7 coins max at once. The coin pairs are selected through deep market analysis looking for the most volatility possible. It doesn’t matter which direction the market goes, Pepe Le Bot makes trades.

It outperforms many investment tools available on the market. The bot uses an incredibly accurate trend reversal strategy. On top of that, it only goes ahead when it sees a solid RRR.  With high net profits, it’s an excellent choice to let Pepe mirror your trades. 

Trading Performance Results

We have been watching CS crypto signals for quite a while now. We have reviewed their signal results from the last few months and we can say they’ve done an awesome job! The lead traders at CryptSimplicity have maintained a healthy win rate over the last few months. 

Most importantly let’s see how they have performed in the recent bear markets that continued from January’s crash. Their February performance is a classic example of how experienced these guys are in the trade. 

CryptoSimplicity gave out a total of 14 trades out of which 11 were profitable. They’ve had an amazing win rate of 78% last month with an average profit of 10.4% on all their trades! Impressive. While most providers gave out only a few signals in these uncertain times, CryptoSimplicity has kept its subscribers satisfied with a healthy number of trades and an awesome win rate. 

Customer Reviews

Customers only have nice things to say about CryptoSimplicity. Don’t take it from us, read the CryptoSimplicity Trustpilot reviews yourself. We are yet to hear from more customers as the platform grows but so far so good! 

Customers really appreciate the trust element that the signal provider’s Non-custodial policy brings to the table. Users love it when they can make profits with complete automation while having their assets in their hands at all times. 

CryptoSimplicity Customer Support

Robust customer support is an absolute must for any service provider to thrive in the market. And the folks behind CryptoSimplicity understand that fully. 

CryptoSimplicity’s customer support is available 24/7 for resolving any technical or membership issues, helping users with trading settings, and providing market technical analysis.

Their membership system works round the clock, 365 days of the year, and it’s fully automated so no interaction on their part is needed for new members to join. This really is a plus point as compared to other crypto signal providers. Even some of the biggest providers rely on admins to manually activate a subscription, and it can often take a couple of days. 

CryptoSimplicity’s automated system ensures you can start using their services as soon as the payment is confirmed. Telegram is their main means of communication and customer support. Apart from that, you can also reach out to them via their website. This is great for users who aren’t a part of their channels. 


Pricing CryptoSimplicity

The signal service offered by CS has a cost of 140 USD per month for 1 API key connection for automated mode. No API key is needed for manual trading. This plan includes both spot and futures markets along with market TA and customer support. You will have to pay the Cornix bot cost additionally.

The Pepe Le Bot package offering the Copy Trading service costs 250 USD per month for 1 API key connection. You won’t have to pay for Cornix since you won’t be needing it. 

The full CryptoSimplicity package is a great bargain offering both signals and Copy Trading at a reasonable cost of $900 per 3 months. This breaks down to $300 per month which actually is a pretty good bargain!

CryptoSimplicity – Plans for the Future

The core team at CryptoSimplicity believes that the crypto/blockchain industry is still in its budding stages. As more and more countries regulate this industry, it will open up a path towards healthier, more sustainable development. 

The signal provider aims to play their part in improving the trustfulness of this industry by providing reliable investment tools in a highly secure environment for the common man. They are constantly developing new algorithms to bring an even more sophisticated trading experience for their users as it grows to be an all-around services provider, just like a hedge fund but without being one as they don’t take control of your funds. 

Crypto Signals Review – Final Thoughts 

CryptoSimplicity comes from a place of experience, knowledge, and a deep understanding of

how the markets work and all the risks it entails. Their expert traders always interact with members to explain the risks and the RRR in trades. This way, every member is fully aware of how they operate and can learn a great deal.

They’re a professional provider that celebrates wins and accepts the fact that not all trades can go their way. All in all, CryptoSimplicity’s mission, their recent performances, and their plans to grow are pretty promising! Let’s see how they perform in the coming months. 

The only pressure we have is the one we put on ourselves to deliver our very best to every single member of CS.” – CryptoSimplicity Team

Fact sheet for CryptoSimplicity

  • Official website: CryptoSimplicity website
  • Join: 
  • Pricing: Full CS Package: $350/month | Pepe Le Bot Package: $250/month | CS Signals Package: $150/month
  • Discount code: SMART10 (50% discount)
  • Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi,
  • Results: See our Result-page


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  1. I have been with CS for a couple of months now, and for me it really has been a warm bath. Compared to other crypto groups out there, CS has a community that sticks together. The traders are extremely experienced, both signals and analysis really are outstanding. Furthermore I can recommend Pepe le Bot to everyone. Just come and check it out for yourself, you won’t be dissapointed :-). You can find me (Charlotte) in the free community channel, please feel free to ask me anything about my experiences with CS from a customer point of view.

  2. This is the way all crypto groups should be. They explain all market moves to anyone who wants to learn about crypto in a very friendly way. And for the less inquisitive there is Pepe a new gen trading bot which does all trading for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  3. I just want to tell that this group is developing from day to day. team put so much efford in the work they do, they are working on new services which will make all of us to earn some good profits. They have a huge potential! We have already a new ALGO BOT whiich earns when market goes up and down! This is unbelivable. More servises you have never heard of are about to come. All is only about patient and not to judge after one month because in that way you can all the time check every crypto group and be there only month! I belive so much into our guys and know that within 1 year from now I will be financially independant!

  4. Their Support is just something else. I never experienced such a dedicated service. Their signals strategy always looks for the RRR to be in your favor and the dont gamble, They use low leverage settings and keep a solid risk management. Their Copy trading bot is outstanding also. Very low risk and constant growth.

    Im very happy with their service. Excellent place for consistan growth.

  5. My favourite channel for crypto trading knowhow and signals. also running pepe the bot.
    team is very energentic, well organized and have a lot of experience. also lots of fun..


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