Crypto can be a field of rabbit holes - gladly we live in the era of tech and great tools. This section will bring you all the best crypto tools for day trading, portfolio management/tracking, news aggregation, and more. No matter if web apps, desktop or smartphone apps - we will show you the good stuff. Reviews with a look at the inside. Many of the crypto tools provided are free of charge and you can use it in your browser or as desktop/Android/iPhone app.  We pick the tools and you profit.

Gekko – Versatile Open Source Desktop Trading Platform


Gekko is a complete open source solution for your trading venture. A really outstanding feature-rich tool, coming for free and can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.  You can connect Gekko to all the major exchanges and use it to trade from your desktop, run backtests, auto-trade your strategies, paper trade your ideas until they work out and so much more. Great free tool! – Desktop Trading Platform for Win and Mac


Tradedash is a new trading platform to trade on Bittrex and Binance. The desktop tool is available for Windows machines and Mac computers. Besides a great UI, which lets you bypass all the clunky browser interfaces by the exchanges, it goes into a new direction when it comes how the API keys are stored. Even if Tradedash is going to be hacked, your keys and accounts remain safe.

WorthyAirDrops – Airdrop Aggregator


We recently came across a nice website, which follows a nice idea: exploiting airdrops in a structured and organized way.  The Service filters the airdrops with value and enables you to quick-register on the needed platforms or participate in the needed actions.  Cool idea, the web app is yet in beta and can be improved. The idea is great though and this could become a pretty neat and helpful service very soon. – The Missing Link In Cryptotrading

3commas Review

Do you know what I wonder about almost every day I trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges? I wonder how they can survive in a highly competitive niche without providing the even most essential tools a trader needs to act professionally in the markets. Why is there no stop-loss option, Bittrex? Where are some proper analytics for my portfolio, Binance? Even the shadiest FX broker knows about the need for such features, and they would not even start without. OK, crypto is still young, I get it. In the search for a tool to compensate those crucial features, I met – and with them, I found way more than just a simple stop-loss or trade analytics solution…

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Playin’ With The ADEX Beta – Is It The Reason For The Dump?


If you read SmartOptions you have heard from Adex a few times. As old online marketing mug, I spent some time with various advertising platforms – both as publisher, as well as advertiser, and if you are the same, you likely have experienced the same problems as I did. Overloaded platforms with near to no click fraud protection. See Adwords – even after their recent re-redesign (which indeed made things a bit easier) it is still hard to publish a campaign without getting ruined by accident. In fact, most of the platforms need an actual course to be taken, to set things up the right way. Adex was supposed to do it the other way. End of February they now released their highly anticipated beta. Everyone expected a hefty price increase for the $ADX token, the opposite happened – it plummeted. Has the platform release been the reason? Let’s take a look together.

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Bitcoin.Tax – Declaring Tax on Cryptos in the U.S.


Oh yes, how we all love it, that cozy winter time when you have nothing better to do than to file your taxes. There are precisely two kinds of people on this earth when it comes to taxes: one that makes that tax stuff with ease and the other that want to kill their declaration paper with fire once they sit in front of it.  Keep Reading

CryptoPredicted | AI-Driven Crypto Price Forecasts Using Big Data And Machine Learning


It is every stocks trader’s dream to always make the perfect investments. Unfortunately, technology has not yet reached the stage of predicting future events in fluctuating markets. But we are able to increase our chances of making better trading decisions, this is exactly what CryptoPredicted does.

CryptoPredicted is an early stage startup with one core purpose: helping you to trade better and worry less. They provide a service based on pseudo real-time data pulled from hundreds of external sources. Apart from their ability to make pretty accurate short-term predictions, they allow you to look at data in completely new ways. Do not fear any complex formulas or indexes, because most of their charts are very intuitive, even a 12-year-old kid can read them. Keep Reading

Cryptolume.Co – Advanced Data-Based Crypto Analysis


There is a new tool around that brings fresh air into the business of Crypto Tools. is data-fed dashboard with tons of visualized information and can provide some excellent insights and convenient overview for the advanced trader. Trading cryptos is different to trading FX due to the lower volume in general. This makes technical analysis, in general, a bit tougher and one is right to consider volume-based data before entering trades. Crypto is a young market, and therefore easy to manipulate. Volume and some indicators can give you hint if something is in the bush – can help with that. However, you should find your nerd glasses first! Keep Reading

CryptMiso – Get Github Commit Infos for Crypto Projects


If you want to invest long-term into a cryptocurrency-driven project it is important to know that the team is active and constantly working on its codebase. This ensures they are still developing and improving their project. Github is a repo, where code can be publicly stored and it is wise to check the activity on the particular repo of coins/tokens you are eyeing to invest in. CryptoMiso scans Github for commits and tells you at a glance who is active and who is not.

The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Bitcoin Can Buy

crypto portfolio tracker

Whether you’re new to investing in cryptocurrency or you’re an advanced trader, you should consider using a crypto portfolio tracker. These web/app applications give you a way to track all your progress, keep track of global trends, calculate differences, and sometimes even do your taxes. Let’s examine the best one we have been able to find (and we tested a few ones…). We are talking about a piece of software here, which comes from a quality German coding house. We searched for a crypto portfolio app with accurate prices and calculated numbers, convenient polling of our trades per API, a proper tax reporting export and a user interface that a)gives you all the info needed and b) doesn’t annoy you with functional bugs. That’s how we found
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