Crypto can be a field of rabbit holes - gladly we live in the era of tech and great tools. This section will bring you all the best crypto tools for day trading, portfolio management/tracking, news aggregation, and more. No matter if web apps, desktop or smartphone apps - we will show you the good stuff. Reviews with a look at the inside. Many of the crypto tools provided are free of charge and you can use it in your browser or as desktop/Android/iPhone app.  We pick the tools and you profit.

Binance Now With PC Client 1.2.0


Whoever missed that Metatrader feeling with multiple chart windows, might be happy about the latest Binance upgrade of their greatly working PC client, which allows you to trade directly from your machine – now with that good ole MT4 comfort. Binance is recently pushing more and more coins into their exchange platform and releases feature update after feature update. We love to see that progress and wish the exchange lots of success for the future.

Cointrendz – Fantastic Website for Market Sentiments


Cointrendz is a great website that helps you to get an overview about the overall market sentiments. The website analyzes current cryptocurrency  trends in two ways: social mentions and by the bid & asks sentiments. The algorithm detects pumps, dumps, volume change, price change, order book change & more from Crypto exchanges like Bittrex.

CryptoSwim – A nifty tool to calculate Profit / Loss conviniently


Ever wondered how rich / poor your would have been if you held this or that coin? CryptoSwim calculates that for you – sweet tool, that shows you what you have hodl’d and what not. Will be integrated into the Halo platform.

Important Coinmarket Calendar


Coinmarketcal is one of the most important websites for fundamental day traders. You will find all the news for all the coins, verified or debunked by the community. Proof screenshots are available. Check it daily to know when the next pump happens. With a nice search feature you can lookup, when you might find a chance to get out of your bagholder coins or when you have a chance to make some quick gains on upcoming news.

A Great Cryptocurrency Cointracker:

in CRYPTO TOOLS/INVESTING IN CRYPTOCURRENCIES/TRADING CRYPTOCURRENCIES is a great free cryptocurrency coin tracker that comes with direct API pulls from exchanges like Bittrex or Poloniex. It calculates your Profit/Loss and tracks your trades and combines these capabilities with social network features. Great tool – only downside is that it does not update live via API and takes some time to update.

Nice Overview: Multicoincharts


Multiple charts from Tradingview at a Glance, nice to have a MT4 Style chart window again.

RSI Hunter: Bookmark This Site


“RSI Hunter is an automated tool that helps you find cryptocurrencies that are signaling “oversold” and “overbought” on the Relative Strength Indicator.

RSI alone should not be used as a buy/sell signal, however it is a good starting point when researching potential entries.”

Coinigy Review – Is it really worth its price?


One thing you learn fast when you step into the altcoin game is that you will see yourself registering in multiple exchanges. Here a promising coin, there an excellent opportunity – but most likely you will find all those coins scattered on various exchanges. Ok – registering here and there is not a problem, but keeping the overview over all your wallets and running trades is a pain. Even more, the quality of the UX, the charts, and processes of these exchanges vary very much, and you have to find into each of them. Some provide essential or profound tools for technical analysis, some are not, and you can be happy to have candlestick charts at all. Coinigy is here to solve that problem, and in this Coinigy review, we want to have a look if the subscription-based website is kicking it.

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