FREE Webinar on “Technical Trading Setups pro traders use.” Q/A included!


Have you ever wondered how signal providers and professional traders get their signals based off of? Or what kind of technical setups you can learn to help you further your trading in the future, well this webinar is for you then, as I will go over several things in it to cover some of the most powerful setup/trading techniques around.


Look into the future of ETH!

Did you know that ETH from above $1,200 had a pattern that you could have calculated back to the $600 range!? The exact support/resistance levels told the story on it, in the webinar, we will go over how these patterns and ratios work in combination with each other to produce future price events.

Did anybody ever warn you that the price of bitcoin while in the 18,000 to 20,000 range was likely to go back to the $11,000 to 12,000 range before it dropped? The charts did and all you had to do is learn to read them correctly. How about trading from that same $11,000-12,000 range back to $17,000, or again trading $6,000 back to $11,000-12,000? Many pro traders had these ranges ahead of time planned out. You too can learn some of the basics of what to look for in this educational webinar brought to you by Verified Crypto Group/Smart Options.

FREE WEBINAR with Q/A included!

So Tune-in and Tune-up! Get a future view of where Bitcoin and others are likely to go and why in this FREE webinar. Do note that we do have a limit of participants, so reserve your seat ahead of time, as we can’t guarantee there will be spots left over. Some of the topics that will be covered are “Future Support/Resistance levels of Bitcoin/What are the most powerful patterns and techniques pro traders use to trade/How to safely navigate the future waters up and down no matter which way price goes in the short term.”  So if you are interested in learning advanced forms of trading techniques and how to use them trading cryptocurrencies then please feel free to sign-up below for the webinar.

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