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“The Best Crypto Auto Traders” – well, this is one of the most requested posts ever by you guys and we always hesitated to do it. On one hand, we hate auto traders, but yeah at the same time we love them. Sounds quite a bit bi-polar, true that, but this twisted feeling comes for a reason. One one hand you need really a special level of trust to hand over the ability to trade your account to a stranger – this is the risk you take and on the other hand, there is no other opportunity to get wonderful clear results about the skills of a particular group after some time. No emotions that mess up your trades, no fear the price could come back up/down again and you close the trade, as scared missing out on profits. No more hanging on Telegram and fat fingering trades into your smartphone. Just a plan and its proper execution. Well, this is the wish when it comes to auto traders for crypto signals. When researching for this post, I tried hard to get as many fresh auto trader providers together as possible. I wanted provide you guys a comprehensive shortlist. I gave a 0.5 BTC funded account to all of them, but the results have been sobering. Not that I’d been out to get rich overnight, but over the half of the tested providers have not been really active, from the other half only two produced notable results. One of them was the Verified Crypto Group, though their bot is/was not fully automated. But now, they have a solution for you guys – and it is great! And the head trader for this full auto trader might be a surprise for some of you guys…

The Pro’s and Con’s of auto traded crypto signals

A crypto signals auto trader is great because…

…You can get into all of the signals, independent of your screen time and timezone.

…Live updates like moving stop/loss, target updates etc. will be executed for you

…You don’t mess up with your emotions, like FOMO or too early profit taking.

…If you have found a responsible provider, your account should be traded with proper risk management in mind – which seems to be one of the hardest things to do for newbies.

…Professional money management is an additional advantage, if included like in the discussed case here. This is a major hurdle, where many many young traders fail. You can have a great hit rate, if your money management fails, it is not worth anything.

Crypto Signals auto trader are bad because…

…The tech can mess things up which cost you money. You need to be a bit tech savvy for some auto traders and might need to have some basic knowledge to set it up in the right way. However, the discussed auto trade provider in this post is a totally hands-free solution.

…You need a provider, which you can trust. Mind you, the world of trading is also a world of gamblers and you want to avoid crypto signal provider with loose risk management (to put it friendly). If you want to have your account auto traded by professionals, someone with proper risk management is imperative.

…You must set capital aside, which you don’t touch yourself. Auto traded accounts are, well, to be traded automatically. If you cannot put a percentage of your net crypto holdings aside without touching, this is not for you. An auto trader is like a lap dancer – beautiful, but things can get nasty if you are touchy. If you fiddle with your auto trader account, as you think you know it better than your provider, run out of funds on your other accounts or whatever reasons you might mess up your own results.

So, basically we can see – there are definitely risks involved, though also a good amount of good opportunities. One thing to follow if you take the auto trader route is the following:



(shameless plug: we don’t mind if you take our BitMEX link for that – you save fees, we earn a little)

Basic thoughts cleared? OK, then let’s see what the Verified Crypto Group has in stock for us to build some solid passive income growth while we sleep and dream sweetly of the next bull run.

A fully managed Auto Trader…

The news I am writing about was this plain announcement in the Verified Crypto groups yesterday:

We are working on the Platinum plus signals tier for people that have 1 to 10 BTC and don’t want to trade all the time. We will do more than just signals as we do for the Gold and Margin channel. For the Platinum plus signals, our trader Erik is in charge, and he will be providing these trades for BitMEX (long and short). The tier will be called Platinum Signals Plus, and only gold members with a basic or advanced BOT can upgrade to this platinum signals plus tier. In the beginning, it will only be BitMEX , but soon we will also add the Coinbase pro to the service.

You can sign up now because we will start with a maximum of 30 members. The service will include the auto trading function, and you will connect to the BOT with your Bitmex account, so you are still in control of your wallet.

The cost for this new service will be a fixed fee of $999,- per Bitcoin per year in your wallet per month with a max of 10BTC. If you want to join you can send me a message @verifiedcryptotraders_admin

Well, ok this tiered membership stuff is pretty complicated to wrap your head around, tho I am sure CEO Ivo will be happy to explain it within a few minutes of your time.

Yeah, I get that this offer might not be for the broad mass and everyone, but I want to explain you, why I personally will trust this service and hand my own account over: It is the trader behind this service. If you are in crypto groups for a while, you might have experienced many pseudo-experts – we try our best to present you only the real traders in our posts about crypto signals. The sad truth is that 95% of crypto traders (the ones listed on our site excluded) are either gamblers or trade triangle memes all the time. But becoming a good trader takes time and experience – it takes years of watching prices go up and down, it takes true knowledge.

…Executed By An Excelling Trader

I don’t recommend such things easily. Many signals groups a grumpy with me, because I evaluate their service for weeks, annoy them with questions and requests to finally decline them after that torture. I know how it feels to lose money on behalf of the actions of other people and it is a numb feeling. SmartOptions became the most read resource over time when it comes to Crypto Signals, and I am proud of that, but…

Be sure I don’t recommend auto trading stuff light-hearted. I danced around this “best auto trader” post for months, to finally reject the idea of this post, the quality I found was not (yet) good enough for a shortlist. The reason why I can support this offer by Verified Crypto Traders is that I fully trust the trader behind: Erik von aka Bit Rekker, who is my friend and partner on SmartOptions here (which by the way never had any influence to the rankings provided).

Now it becomes a bit of a personal story, rewinding that tape back to 2012, I was active in a trading forum and saw these posts by a guy – ofte quite mean to other participants and with a badass kind of humor, but there was always that kind of knowledge shining true, that sets one apart from the other 99%. Back in these days, I signed up for a signal service myself, it was an FX signal service and there I met this guy in the customers chat, which I’ve read in the forums before. He was actually pretty chilled and not rude at all – the vibe was there and he agreed in teaching me how to trade in exchange for showing him some website stuff. It was the beginning of an interesting ride and the beginning of a long friendship. I can tell you though, that I was personally able to observe him excelling for years in trading. He has a scientific/engineering background and developed his own trading style, based on pretty weird math stuff. Happily in his educational vids for Verified Crypto Traders and our site he skips that stuff out and remains with classical patterns and stuff.

Technical Analysis Example for the Verified Crypto Group Auto Trader

Besides, he ruled in overcoming emotions in trading effectively, from him I learned that excitement is DEAD WRONG in trading and boredom is the holy grail to achieve success when it comes to trading. Furthermore, I saw him creating many great money and risk management formulas he works with, always incorporating the compounding effect. Here you can see some more technical analysis by him and how far a good money management can take you while minimizing the risk:

Being a trader since the 90s and living full-time on his trading income, he had chances to refine his strategies more and more to perfection and to breathe charts inside out. I often watched him trading his completely naked charts, I saw him drawing the pattern he is trading, saw him developing his own custom Fibonacci ratios and I saw him growing accounts.

I know my words grow your expectations, but I want you to consider that improved risk management/money management demands time when it comes to account growth. Depending on your account size, you might see baby steps at first. He won’t double your account overnight but takes the safe and steady route. The thing is to stay there, forget about this auto traded account – and once the compounding effect kicks in, it is likely to see you smiling all the way to the ledger in your USB slot.

So the reason, why I can really recommend this service is the trader and company behind it, as he includes all the pillars you should be looking for, before handing over your API keys:

  • Many years of experience (in this case far above a decade)
  • Emotion-free Trading
  • Strict Money Management Plan
  • Strict Risk Management
  • Slow and Steady Growth
  • Proven Track Record of being Constantly Profitable
  • Fully legal setup of the company, which proves its liability for its actions
  • The company is registered in the Netherlands under the name Verified Crypto Group B.V. Company Code: 71353003 and can be verified with the Kamer van Koophandel (Dutch Companies House). See the company registration here.

You want a hands-free passive income in a very secure environment? Here you go. Now let this dude do his magic and let him give you a piggyback ride.

To start your passive income journey simply contact the Verified guys.


  • Official website: VCT website
  • Join: VCT Shop
  • Telegram Contact: VCT Telegram chat or Free channel
  • Priching: $999 year/$540- 6 months/$270- 3months/$99month
  • Discount: Smartoptions (10% discount)
  • Further Information:
  • Chatroom: Yes.
  • Exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Bybit, Kucoin, Huobi,
  • Results: See our Result-page


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