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A Gem At Almost ICO price – We Are Filling Our Bags With…


The current run of   ( ) is amazing, but unfortunately not so nice if you are heavily invested into altcoins. The skyrocketing of BTC leaves the altworld baffled, as most of them went south, taking a bath in the deep red sea. How ever the situation might be for you right now, with such challenging situations often come great opportunities. We have our eyeballs glued on a great project, whose price has taken a nose dive due the current blood bath. We are talking about…

… a token that suffered hard from the BTC rise. A token which has been one of the most hyped ICOs in July. The ICO price was around 3400 sats and today’s low was 4545 sats, which is a steal for a project of this dimension and a price the token faced the last time in August.  We are talking about a token with a superstar team with Ex-Googlers, a technical advisory board with founders from Jaxx & Ethereum, and a CEO which is hyperactive on Social Media and well-known in the e-commerce field.  We have partners on this project from Coss.Io over Stocktwits, Shapeshift.Io up to real big names like Etoro. We are talking about a project that will solve problems like identity theft and offers a secure identity platform that uses verified identity for multi-factor authentication on web and mobile apps without the need for usernames or passwords. The app is already released. The tokens have a real world use e.g. to purchase services on the platform and more kinds of utilities are planned like to purchase a dark web monitoring or blockchain notary services. The token has a market cap of $110M and a circulating supply of 342,700,000 units and is traded on the biggest exchanges like Bittrex and an overall trading of volume of around $3M. The roadmap is impressive and looks fantastic for 2018.  

The facts at a glance:

  • Impressive team
  • Strong partnerships
  • A very much needed product with live app for Android & iOS
  • Extendable project in multiple ways (service wise)
  • Already listed on major exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, Coss, HitBTC and more
  • Real-world use for the tokens within the ecosystem
  • Currently trading near the ICO price
  • If they get government adoption for their app, it will go through the roof
  • Market Cap of $110M with a circulating supply of $342M units and an overall trading volume of $3M

We are talking about:


Current price:   ( )!
The venture explained:

Exchanges:  Bittrex, Poloniex, Coss, HitBTC and more
Civic Article on Forbes:
Upcoming news: – not happend yet –

Statement of CEO on Telegram:



Entry Price: Price is already very deep right now  4570 sats and we will keep it as long term investment. There is much movement to expect from a pro team with a great and useful project like Civic, that we won’t miss it and hold it long term.



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