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HODL THAT! #6 – $GUP (Matchpool) With Strong Fundamentals

HODL THAT! #6 – $GUP (Matchpool) With Strong Fundamentals

by SteveJanuary 5, 2018


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In this HODL THAT issue we want to talk about why we used the dip today to load our bags with $GUP. This high potential coin with a very unique idea to incentivize positive connections between the people in the world has an already working product online. $Gup has a healthy low supply of 75,000,000 GUP circulating  (Total supply: 98,855,150 GUP) and a good volume above 800 BTC on most exchanges. The GUP token finds its use inside their match pool platform, where they are used to make payments. The Tel Aviv company has an active team with thriving minds, coming up with unique ideas all along the road. The use cases for a working app in the matchmaking industry seems to be endless

Matchpool uses cryptocurrency payments as a means for incentivising the communities to provide value to the rest of the network. We want to give community owners and members a means of being appreciated for content or actions that benefit the members inside the network. We will offer products that provide solutions for community owners to run successful businesses.

We buy $GUP as it has really strong fundamentals coming up in the next time and – thanks to aunt Bitcoin – is in a dip right now. Take a look at these strong fundamentals. Especially airdrops increased the price for lots of coins that issued those recently – and guess what, GUP has one coming! Furthermore, a new product launch, which is also high impact news.

Right now $Gup is trading at support at @7860 sats, which is our first entry on a scaled approach. If Bitcoin soars more and the price dips more, we try to catch the next available support at @6700. Most likely though, is that $Gup will form a double bottom here and starts its way up again, if not we are happy to average our order at the next support.

Please note: We are trading against Bitcoin and it is at a major decision point right now – the next rally could begin anytime and the altcoin prices could dip even more due to that. Consider this before taking any altcoin trade at this point in time.

Our Entry: 50% on 0.0000786 / 50% on 0.000067 (if reached)
Targets: TP1  0.000091 / TP2 0.000102
Exchange: Bittrex
Project Homepage:

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