[ICO SCOOP] MIDAS PROTOCOL – Unified Gateway To Multi-Exchange 2

[ICO SCOOP] MIDAS PROTOCOL – Unified Gateway To Multi-Exchange


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Did you ever wonder about trading the probable future of currencies, but the tech you find everywhere seems somewhat stone age? We are pioneers of the future – but what we get is exchanges with crappy UIs and only rudimentary features, right? It is time for a unified gateway to multi-exchange, the next step of evolution after Binance. Binance dethroned Bittrex (like we anticipated here long ago), though we know they left still much upside for others to do better. And finally, someone is grabbing that opportunity by the balls by working on a better trading exchange with more features and futuristic capabilities that are currently not offered by existing ones. Midas Protocol is in the oven – baking the advanced decentralized exchange of the future!


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Binance first to give us at least a slightly more feature-rich trading experience and an unrivaled coin list. Now Midas Protocol looks to take it a step further by giving us the advanced possibilities, freedom and mobility that we clamor for! This is a star-studded pack of trading abilities that will have you salivating at your computer screens. Starting with the ability to trade directly with others in a decentralized manner and then switch back to trading through centralized brokers/exchanges, all from the same Midas Protocol Wallet.

Now they don’t leave it by this, along with those groundbreaking features, you get smart order routing built into the platform, so if you wish to layer different order types on various coins, you will be able to set conditional values out in the future.  If you think the party stops there, well you would be mistaken.

Lastly, we have the built-in social trading aspect of the Midas Protocol, to which you can copy trades of others and follow a whole ecosystem of traders, which includes a built-in leaderboard (e.g. like the Bitmex one) for you to choose the future warriors to battle the markets on your behalf. The Midas Protocol Team also states they will look to do so with ever tighter spreads for lower costs to you as the trader and high speeds so you executions won’t lag as they do on many current platforms.


Website: midasprotocol.io
Whitepaper: Whitepaper
Social Media: TelegramTwitter | Medium
Info Channel: Announcement Channel on Telegram

Referrals:KYC: Yes
Excluded Countries: US Citizen, Mainland China, Algeria, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia can not participate.
Whitelist Process: YES, already started.
Pre-Sale: currently running until 10th of June ’18
Token Sale: 1st to 15th of July ’18
Pre Sale Bonus Structure: 

25 May – 29 May30% bonus
30 May – 04 June25% bonus
05 June – 10 June20% bonus
11 June – 30 JunePrepare for ICO (No bonus)
1 July – 15 JulyNo bonus


ICO Plattform: ERC-20 Token
Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 
18,000 ETH
Individual Investment Cap: 0.5 – 10 ETH
Maximum Supply: 500,000,000 MAS
ICO Funds Allocations: Product Development and R&D – 50% | Marketing and business development – 15% | Legal expenses – 5% | Operations – 25% | Contingency buffer – 5%
Token: MAS
Solved Problem: Midas Protocol offers users a new era Exchange, that allows both decentralized and centralized trading from a mobile Wallet, with built-in Smart order routing and Social Trading integration.

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The Features of MIDAS PROTOCOL

What we find here is a treasure chest of value for the average ICO holder and a great platform for the end user to trade with. Add a fantastic team, who both have the technical expertise and business know how to usher in this futuristic crypto trading platform. The list of features below is very extensive, which shows the sheer robustness and vision of the Midas team, which is nothing less then GOLDEN!

  • Decentralized and Centralized trading from the same wallet, which holds both API and Private keys. This will feature an  instant tokens conversion with multiple decentralized exchanges and enable you to control and manage funds on multiple centralized exchanges right within Midas.
  • Smart Order Routing, with a simple programming language to take advantage of this from the start, thus allowing for trailing stop loss orders, conditional trailing stop-loss orders, multiple standby orders. DSL language adoptions for flexible order entry and creation.
  • Second to none security with Midas wallet protecting your keys and data for both DEX and CEX usage.
  • Built-in Social Trading, have fun and make money following the leaderboard of prospective traders, use their advanced analytics to both track these traders and analyze which ones would best suit your cryptocurrency investment needs!
  • Market Monitor to detect sentiments like big trends/moves and general up to date news headlines associated with the various coins you hold, be in the know of the markets goings on and don’t get caught blindsided!
  • ICO news, alerts and featured content in the latest and greatest new coin offering from around the world.
  • Open API for 3rd Party apps or add-ons for the Midas Protocol, to which will extend the feature set of this already prolific platform.  The API will provide add-on functionalities for Midas Protocol platform like prominent news curation, market sentiments analysis, AI bot trading, entries/exit recommendations.
  • Midas wallet will support in the future, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, Dash, EOS, NEO, NEP-5 tokens, Stellar, Waves, Decred, Lisk, Zcoin and PIVX. With the possibility of future offerings in time.
  • Deterministic key generation: if a user loses the wallet, they can recover it from its seed key.
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for advanced portfolio management to gain cutting-edge returns, along with integration all built in, giving the average trader access to the power of machine learning, which already outperforms most traditional quant or generalized funds on Wallstreet, and even seems to be doing this globally now. Midas Protocol will offer breakdown pie chart and history chart, portfolio performance evaluation & report, daily/weekly/monthly profit & loss report of each token and in total portfolio, portfolio re-balancing periodically with AI & deep-learning
  • Built-in extensibility/open and usable on all major platforms: Windows, Unix, IOS, Android, Web.
  • A social trade leaderboard, with a built-in reward system to reward high performing traders in the sharing of trades.
  • Privacy: The servers do not store the users account data, unless they are sharing their portfolio and trading rules to earn leaderboard rewards, and even in such a case, user’s private keys would still be safe, thus preventing one from stealing their funds.

A word on “Smart Order Routing”

Where Binance is slacking, we have Midas stacking!

With the advancement of cryptocurrency trading platforms, we have many choices to choose from, though of those choices there is a great deal lacking universal feature sets to be common across the board with these trading platforms, the Midas team wishes to overcome this by giving a wide field viewpoint in their technological scope.

They have not only implemented the most wanted order types as an example: Trailing stops/Conditional Trailing stops/Multiple standby orders, but also a simplified approach on two fronts in order to utilize these key features. One being DSL or “Domain Specific Language” and it’s popular characteristics of allowing for more global variable handling to allow for domain-specific modeling, in short, a fancy term for a more flexible/easy to use language for those who wish to build advanced order entry parameters for their trades.

[ICO SCOOP] MIDAS PROTOCOL – Unified Gateway To Multi-Exchange 3

‘The Midas Wallet’ and a New Way to Unify Trades.

The team at the Midas Protocol, with their technically rich pool of both engineers and business acumen alike, were able to come together and plan/develop a next generation wallet design, with both powerful backend functionality and deep frontend usability. It is a profound statement we witness here of both technical excellence and visionary foresight.

This wallet is designed with both hardened security layers and extensible functionality in how it’s code is routed, with extreme elegance. Allowing the traders to have greater simplification and mobility in their order execution, along with rock-solid security, be they trading through a CEX like Bittrex/Binance or a DEX like Kyber or NEX. These pathways are not just for Centralized trading or decentralized trading, but as well have modularity in design directly through the wallet in order to take advantage of 3rd party trading services/social trading/smart portfolio management/real-time alerts all from an electronic command center; calling it a wallet seems all but lacking, but then again it is not just any wallet, it is the Midas Wallet…

[ICO SCOOP] MIDAS PROTOCOL – Unified Gateway To Multi-Exchange 4

A word about Backend Systems and the Trading Dashboard

In programming, one needs to centralize usable data and create good logic/flow of a programs main components for one to use. It seems with the engineering/development team that the Midas Protocol has, they have left no stone unturned in their quest to cover each and all of the proverbial bases. They seem to have a unified point of view to make their trading platform not only trader friendly but a game changer as well. From encryption to the most minor details in logic, from this point, I am left thinking they need only execute all of these ideas and create what will leave all the other exchanges scrambling to play catchup.

That Team, oh my God – that team!

One of the first things when investing into ICOs is to have a look at the team. The Midas team is quite big, but let’s get over some highlights we want to stress and put into the spotlight:

  • Minh Chu – The CEO is the cloud architect of VCCloud and Co-Founder of Tomochain
  • CTO Ngoc Nguyen is the core developer of ZCoin
  • Philip Phung, Chief Marketing Officer, has been in Marketing for 16 years and spent 6 years alone a Google Country Consultant
  • CFO and Chairman Dr. David Nguyen has double MBA in Strategy & Marketing and has been ICO advisor for several ventures
  • Dr. Thuc Vu, a serial entrepreneur, with built companies, with multiple company acquisitions, the last one by Google. Dr. Thuc is currently leading Kambria – a decentralized open AI & robotics platform
  • Victor Tran as Advisor, who is the co-founder of the KYBER Network, will take care for the DEX integration
  • Other names from the advisory board: AI/ML from Dr. Thuc Vu (Kambria Founder), Dr. Long Vuong (Tomochain Founder)

The Token Structure & Supply

The MAS token is thought as on-platform device and will be used to pay for several possible subscriptions. The subscription model reads as follows, and the only way to pay for it will be the MAS token:

● Free subscription: Limited functionality, basically storage of cryptocurrencies and
simple buy/sell order.
● Lite subscription: Average functionality from storage, trading with some level of
analysis and automated tools as well as the ability to follow top traders but not
copying order.
● Pro subscription: Full functionality from storage, sophisticated trading, curated
market information and critical alert, follow and copy buy/sell orders directly by
subscribing to top traders.

[ICO SCOOP] MIDAS PROTOCOL – Unified Gateway To Multi-Exchange 5

The MAS token will be priorly used to pay for subscription fees and to subscribe to traders. Traders leading the board will be rewarded in these tokens as well as referrals. Coming straight to the point: I like the idea of the token usage, but the supply of the tokens is at the upper end with 500,000,000 MAS (comparison with Binance’s BNB: ~200.000.000 BNB). What we have to consider is that it will be likely that the circulating supply might be significantly lower. By keeping 50% of the available supply for the core team, operations and marketing, there is much power in the hand of the team – so you must check for yourself if you are confident in the guys behind Midas.

To summarize is this ICO a worthy investment?

The Binances of the world should take a page out of the book of these guys to get an idea of what the platform of tomorrow will look like. The ICO is underhyped on one hand but on the other, they sold out already ~80% in the seed sale phase, which lets us anticipate that there are really big guys trusting them with this project. Given the high supply of available tokens, we will sell off a good portion of our total MAS holdings once it hits the markets and keep around 30% for the long run – trading and investing is always about risk management, as you know. And yes, there is some risk involved – they have huge roadmap ahead with much things to do and the MVP is not yet ready (comes in Q3 ’18), so we are speaking about a larger timeframe for this investment, but we guess this long hodl will be pretty rewarding once the first people start using their platform. We are still in bear mode and if you are like us and believe the next bull run is right around the corner, this might be an excellent opportunity to park some ETH. Without the MVP it would have been prolly too much of risk for me personally, but with that team behind, it flips to a no-brainer to me. I was already invested in KYBER and had some juicy profits, missed the Binance boat at ICO times and will not miss out this time with MAS.

I can’t help but think as I research more and more into this that they could potentially produce something that will disrupt the whole trading community, and really hope they do! Some of the elements they are focusing on are ones that big house financial tech companies such as Goldman Sachs do. Their dashboard is a backend system integration as they laid it out line by line just from talking points and logic alone seems to become exceptional in its vision point by point navigation. This vision coupled with the superior engineering and straightforward business directive has all the hallmarks of a winning future. Take the time to read through their white paper along with the site to connect the dots. I am sure after reading it, you would tend to agree. I think because of the nature of the team they have put together along with the engineering talent they have behind it, well one can’t help but be in awwww and I can easily see why and how they are able to raise the amount of funds they have so quickly as they have. I think it is a future star and really can’t wait to use it for my own trading!

If you are interested to join, the whitelist is yet open.

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Get the armor to fight the bear market - delivered to your inbox:
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Get the armor to fight the bear market - delivered to your inbox:
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  • Get unbiased well-researched & merciless coin reviews
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