Interview with Cryptomedics
Interview with Cryptomedics

Signals Thursday #1 – Interview With Cryptomedics


In the first issue of our new Series “Signals Thursday” we will publish an interview with the guys behind Telegram signal groups each, well yeah, Thursday. We had no clue that the first one would become that exciting! Cryptomedics – one of our favorite channels – provide a holistic roundup of fundamental & technical analysis, along with Bitmex and Altcoin signals and several bots. We met two heads of Cryptomedics for a small talk and this became a pretty interesting chit-chat. We learned much about how they find their 10x – 100x low cap gems (they shared their Gem “Holo” with you in this guest post long ago) and other interesting facts, you should be eager to know more about… Let’s welcome Jonny & Damian in our #1 issue of Signals Thursday. Cryptomedics is a very special Crypto signals channel – your subscribers got a lot of information others don’t have. How do you manage to stay ahead of the game? You must have tons of “leaking” contacts?!

Cryptomedics (Jonny): Thank you, Steve! When we started our channel the purpose was to be different than other channels. Damian and I are both very enthusiastic about fundamental analysis and wanted to educate people. Our analysis and research approach has helped us finding great projects in a very early stage like ZIL, VEN, ICX and recently Holochain which is one of our biggest positions at the moment. Besides analysis, we have to build a very strong network in the crypto space so that we are able to get information from everywhere. Recently, the best evidence is our Ghost coin (codename), which – we are sure – will perform fantastically and has already seen a huge spike since we have announced it. Besides this “unfair advantage” against other traders which are not in your channel, you provide a great fundamental analysis and pick the real gems (we remember HOLO or ZIL) quite before it is shilled everywhere. Which methodology do you use to find these in a sea of shitcoins?

Cryptomedics (Damian): I can´t give away too much. Together with our great FA (editor’s note: Fundamental Analysis) department, lead by Trajan (engineering background), we had to build a detailed scoring system that covers both- micro and macro analysis of projects. We know exactly what we need to look for that determines a great project and I can tell you 90% of the projects do not meet our requirements to be called a „gem“. Besides, it helps us a lot that we have advised several crypto projects before and exactly know the ins and outs of the industry. We have a proven track record when it comes to finding gems and we are often very surprised what other crypto outlets, Youtubers etc recommend to their followers. I feel some of them don’t even know the difference between a DApp and a protocol or just promote projects because they see a huge discount (ICO) or a low market cap. Of course, not every recommendation was a huge success but this motivated us to a degree where we can now say our FA has developed exactly the way we wanted it. To sum it up – our FA is based on experience, analytics and a great team that clearly understands what it is doing. You plan to release a managed crypto fund. Could you provide us some cornerstones of what this fund has achieved already and what the traders will do to increase the equity of the participants? (Obviously trading, but a bit more detailed, please)

Cryptomedics (Jonny): At the moment we are managing funds for wealthy international clients. It is a healthy mix of investing and trading based on fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Our traders are well rounded and gathered much experience in fund management so that we know how strategy and risk management work on a professional level. When it comes to managing funds, risk management becomes even more critical. If you don’t know how to handle this, you will be out quickly, even if you make significant gains. As you can see, fund management is more than just making quick profits and handling more significant volumes is also not as easy as you might think.

As of now, we are planning our own fund so that we can trade for our members and new members and help them grow their Bitcoin while they are sleeping. It will take a few weeks to have it up and running but we are already very excited to launch. Obviously, we will honor our long-term supporters in our ELITE channel by giving them discounts on the fund fees and lower minimum investment amounts than regular investors outside the CryptoMedics circle.

BTW- we are on the constant look-out for top traders in the industry. So if you consider yourself as one of those, feel free to contact us. Tell us a bit about the personal history of your trader team. How did they come to trading and especially to crypto, assuming they started with fx first.

Cryptomedics (Damian): Our head trader is an experienced fund manager. He has been trading stocks before he came to crypto. When it comes to trading he is the most knowledgeable guy I have seen so far. Our other traders have different trading styles and preferences and started with a small amount of BTC when they made the transition from FX. The greater volatility in the crypto space is a huge advantage for experienced traders. If you had followed our BTC analysis, you must have realized that it has become very precise over the last months as well as our overall performance. Can you tell us about your personal views on the crypto ecosystem? What do you think about “the bubble”, how will crypto evolve and what is the missing link for mass adaption and the crypto takeover in your opinion.

Cryptomedics (Jonny): Speaking from a technical point of view, we are still in a correction. However, in December/January we were facing a bubble-like situation. We had too many inexperienced investors flooding the market which was to some degree unhealthy. I still believe that we need a final shakeout to be ready for new highs. Looking at the market I also feel that there is still way too much money in the „wrong“ projects. There is still a huge informational gap meaning the people are still missing general crypto education. This is my biggest concern. Imagine a few months ago we had a clear Ponzi like Bitconnect in the top 20 coins. I am less concerned about all the manipulation going on in the market. Wherever money is- there is manipulation, even in the stock market. The big difference is that crypto is still a relatively unregulated and low liquidity market so that manipulation works much easier as in a high liquidity market. This will change over time automatically when the ecosystem matures.

The missing link for mass adoption? There is no universal answer to this question. The problem I see is that with all the speculation the price for a cryptocurrency doesn’t reflect its actual usage and demand. A FIAT/Altcoin bridge will not help to establish cryptocurrency as a stable method of payment, nor will a BTC ETF which will lead to even more speculation on a greater level.
At first, we need education about cryptocurrencies, especially for businesses. Then we need a solution to the volatility issue so that cryptocurrencies can be used as a medium of exchange and bring a major advantage over the current FIAT system. I have recently talked to a CEO of a project that is working on this issue, there will be interesting solutions soon. Scaleability is another issue at the moment but it is just a matter of time until this gets finally solved. In my opinion, it will take more than five years until crypto is ready for mass adoption. Last but not least, what are your personal gems – do you hold any cryptos for the long-term with no intention to sell them in the short-term?

Cryptomedics (Damian): Except BTC we are huge believers in Holochain, Elastos, ICONX and our recently published Ghost coin (codename). We are almost only interested in protocols for serious long-term investments. Those will be the ones that make you 100x ROI and more in the future. For more information on coins/token that we currently hold you need to join our Elite channel (laughing)- you know where to find us. It was a pleasure to talk with you guys – thank you for taking the time!


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  • Bitmex Signals:  Yes, in a separate channel (read the review here)
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  • Trading Timezones: The crypto trading signals have been spread well over the day, there was no special time to be determined when they arrive.
  • Further Information: Interview with Cryptomedics
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