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Interview: Questions for the Sonder ICO sonder review

Interview: Questions for the Sonder ICO sonder review

by SteveMarch 23, 2018

We recently reviewed the Sonder ICO (Pre-Sale: 03/25/2018 – 04/10/2018 / Token Sale: 04/11/2018 – 05/25/2018). The project seems to be an underhyped project, as it has not yet the attention it deserves, in regards to what they are trying to achieve. Despite our amazement for the project, some questions came up, when we dug deeper into their whitepaper and the information provided. Before any investment, you want to have all those questions to be crystal clear, so we invited the team for an interview to clarify our doubts. We sent them six delicate questions, no one else dared to ask them yet, it seems.

Smart Options: How did the idea to Sonder evolve? How did the team find together?

Sonder ICO: Our daily life was the main inspiration for creating Sonder. We use a lot of services through the Internet, but we still do not have a full-fledged opportunity to pay for them by cryptocurrencies. It was the idea of Tanaka and Jokubas. They decided to create something that allows paying for services and goods quickly and reliably. They gathered other team members – Justina and Simonas – IT, blockchain analyst – Aiste, investment – Li and others.

Smart Options: One thing I missed in the whitepaper was, how you, the company Sonder, wants to generate its revenue. What are your plans to grow and how do you want to achieve the needed funds in the long run?

Sonder ICO: The whitepaper indicates that the team will receive 10% of the tokens – 24 000 000SNR! Imagine our token will cost $1 … We consider that, when the success of the team is related to the success of the investors, it’s right.

Smart Options: In comparison to other ICOs 6M seems to be a relatively low goal for your ambitious goals. If we look at the fund distribution, we found the percentages for the security and legal parts low. Why do you set only 5% for security aside, if you are creating a security product? How can the legal administration be achieved with only 2%, I guess there is much work to do in this field when creating an anonym payment opportunity.

Sonder ICO: We really thought that 5% would be enough to provide an optimal level of security, which would include auditing smart contracts, testing the wallet, SDK, and the plugins. 2% are sufficient funds to carry out legal support to our project and will be spent on legal advice, registration of partnership agreements and others.

Smart Options: We found a contradicting information between website and whitepaper: There are sections that refer to small, near-to-nothing fees, and sections that talk about no fee fees at all. How do you explain that? Or is it meant that the retailers will cover transactions fees, while customers can use it without fees?

Sonder ICO: Zero fees will be available in 2019. Until then, small commissions will exist.

Smart Options: We asked about one thing when it comes to the team. How does Kenjiro Tamaki fit into the whole picture? From our research, he is more in the thermal transfer machine manufacturing and has no financial or crypto background. What will he provide to the company?

Sonder ICO: Tamaki is the head of the Lithuanian center in Japan. He is our ideologist and the main conductor of the Japanese market. Once again, I repeat that the very idea of making the blockchain more accessible to people belongs to him and the CEO. Thanks to him we also expect the arrival of early investors from Japan.

Smart Options: While Lithuania is generally “pro-crypto”, anonymous payment opportunities are always a thorn in the eye of authorities. As Mr. Drazdas worked for the financial branch of the Lithuanian government in the past, how can we estimate this diverging route? Which background knowledge can we expect, that helps the project in this case? Sonder is all about security but offers features that allow anonymous payments with the help of crypto. Isn't that you actually provide a tool for tax evasion and the DarkNet – even if you don't have the intention to do so, won't it be used for that mainly?

Sonder ICO: Anonymity is a connectable (optional) feature of our coin. I want to take your attention to the fact that we are not just another anonymous coin! The main feature of our project is its SDK and API plugins for e-commerce. Pay attention to the Mastercard SDK. We will have the same thing but for cryptography.

Smart Options: Thank you for your time and the clarifying answers.


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