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With VCT In this article, we want to highlight the incredible performance of a 100% winning trader. A gem of a trader with over 30 years of trading experience.

They are not your typical signal provider, more like a fund manager in trading expertise.

For Example, Erik believe BTC’s recent drop will be short lived. With a move up towards the end of the year. Secondly, with that in mind him and his members are heavy into buy mode.

Consequently this kind of info should not be overlooked by somebody with a 100% win rate!

Above all, heed what you read here!

VCT interview below

Most signal providers were not even born when he started trading. We are speaking of Verified Crypto Traders’ own Platinum Club. Having amazing results which are 100% on their trades, year to date!

In our interview, you can see how a true professional trades. Not only growing his capital but protects it too.

Smart Options – Hi Erik you are the lead trader for Verified Crypto Traders Platinum Club. Having an amazing 100% win rate! That is fantastic, how do you do it? What is your method of trading?

This is because they simply don’t have the discipline and knowledge to not get REXT by the markets. My method of trading is purely technical/algorithmic in nature. An extreme on mathematical modeling for probabilistic price events.

The 100% win rate, well that is only because of my dollar-cost averaging up and down with hedged positions. We do this to minimize risk, and then profit by closing each individual position in profit. Rinse and repeat from there.

 SmartOptions – Can you for our readers go a bit more into the details of your methods. Such as the technical analysis you use to trade?

VCT Platinum – Well my background outside of trading was engineering. With an emphasis on pure maths or the “Elegants” as I call them. Spending years developing trading systems/methods based on {TIME}. You see time is the hardest to understand and control of variables in trading. It is also the most profitable and powerful when used correctly.

In my mad scientist laboratory developing algorithms and methods used in trading with {TIME}. In order to profit from the market structures/movements. I am basically a {TIME} Mechanic. I have 3 different main algorithms based on TIME/GEOMETRY/ENERGY. Each work together to give me a complete picture of what is likely to occur with high degree of probability. 

SmartOptions – This sounds way beyond any of the TA we have heard of from any other signal provider. Heck way beyond anything I have ever even heard of in trading. How do you communicate this to your members and how do they understand it? 

VCT Platinum – Not many care really. In trading all that most people care about is if they are profitable in the end.

Since I am profitable and have a high degree of accuracy/safety in my trading. The feedback I get is they are happy, yes some are amazed too. With the accuracy I do enjoy some accolades. But really I give credit to the markets. I would only give credit to my ability to pay close attention to the multiverse of variables. By listening to truth of the markets.

As far as communication with members. I like to make videos weekly so they are abreast of the current state of events in the crypto market.  

SmartOptions – How much of your trading is a calculation vs say an art/skill? 

VCT Platinum – Very good question! What comes first the chicken or the egg? If you want the answer you should watch “The Watchman” on HBO to get it. *Spoiler alert*. Many of you might be too lazy for that so I could just tell you, but… Nah I won’t. Trading is skill, art or raw calculations. You can measure it any way you wish, in the end it just is. To me it is mostly mathematical, but then again my skill at math is an art 🙂

SmartOptions – When you stated that your trading for the VCT Platinum Club is very much like an active hedge fund. What exactly do you mean by that?

VCT Platinum – My calculations and trading take into account the moving of very large funds in/out of the market. Instead of just a bunch of small retail accounts. I trade for size, safety and growth putting the best balance of risk/reward. I can in place, which gives me a focus for great consistency/accuracy.

How I calculate liquidity is another piece of the puzzle that runs in the background? In short, it is designed for institutional volume/trading. There are smaller accounts that use my analysis effectively too. So it is not only whales that benefit from my trading. So if you have to scale in and out of the market in size. I happen to have the know-how in spades 😉

SmartOptions – What challenges do you have or what most upsets you about trading the crypto markets? 

VCT Platinum – Let me surmise it for you within the context of the VCT Platinum Club. The Cornix bot used by VCT and many others is not very usable or stable. Unfortunately is the most popular solution for most trading groups. In the crypto sphere, I see little to no good trading platforms. With many marketers pretending to be programers for the simple money in it.

I suppose it’s low-cost structure and interoperability with Telegram Chat are the only reasons people use it. It’s poor usability and speed make it impossible for short term trading. Short term trading requires speed. Only takes a few clicks simply made like using say Bitmex directly. It is way different then the professional trading solutions you find in many other markets and their respective exchanges.

Having to type in orders like you were using command-line UNIX from the 80s = limited. And built-in lag is even more limiting. Much of my dislikes for the crypto market are the poor programming solutions. How they overcharge for their crap products and shoty work across the board. 

SmartOptions – How about we look at the flip side. Let’s ask what do you like about trading the crypto markets then? 

VCT Platinum – Crypto is a young raw market, with tons of volatility. It has enormous spreads and arbitrage opportunities. Any professional market maker can see this clearly. Maybe let us add the unprofessional ones that likely work for many crypto exchanges. Even working privately for themselves can make imo an easy living in this space.

Outside of that, I am a true believer in what crypto represents and that is FREEDOM! Real freedom for the common man and that is the problem it has with governments. As they are naturally looking to turn their citizens into sheep and pen them up. The sad thing is most go along with this willingly, but crypto represents an evolution of consciousness. We inherently know and seek out this knowledge.

So Bitcoin really is the currency of the internet. It works as the internet works. It will not be undone by any or even all governments. 

SmartOptions – You say some pretty heavy stuff man! Very cool, can I ask why you think so little of most signal provider groups? 

VCT Platinum – Most groups advertise HYPE and fake results for the most part. Along with their ridiculous use of leverage which now only gets worse with exchanges. Those like Binance offering margin,  which will lead many to get REKT in the end.

Most signal providers can’t trade and only make money from having subscribers. Many of them are like their members completely delusional. Markets don’t care. Real traders trade and all a real trader has is his profit and loss to stare at in the end.

SmartOptions – So you were a buyer from 5-3k. Then went short all the way back to 13k. Now are a buyer again from the low 7k range? That is pretty good where do you see BTC going from here? What clues can you give us as to why or when?

VCT Platinum – With this move under $7000 currently. I have switched from being in short positions to now trading to the long side. So I am now an overall long closing the last of my shorts. From here I will be looking in the future to a move 5x-10x above our all-time high around $20,000.

You have many alignments and geometries of supply/demand slowly lining up. I also have noted that the conglomerate of shorts who sold all the way back to the recent $13,000-$14,000 range. Having many shorts to cover still. You might wish to look for odd behavior/numbers coming from the leaders of those shorts. Those who pumped the market to that extreme not mentioning any names, “Bitfinex lol”…

They imo have a lot of inventory to clear which I see them doing in drips and drabs recently. You can point out to odd things such as a high number of longs maybe on say a given exchange. When the market is dropping hard and showing sells all over the place ;). Many many clues all over the place one can follow over time.

SmartOptions – So you think the moves we have seen the past of which we went to almost 14k. Was mostly executed by a group of manipulators!? 

VCT Platinum – Yes the exaggeration and speed is a clue in itself. As they repeat their own emotional ideology in the charts over and over. The people doing this are very very impatient by their nature. Which shows up in the charts. In all trading realms, you have people/groups we call LEADS or HAMMERS. In the market that look to take advantage of their size in the market place. Along with herd mentality that helps them profit.

Of course, this is only my opinion as to who. The great thing about BTC is the transparency it provides. Unlike almost all other markets you have tons of clues to follow as to the money flow. Simply tracking the transactions from one address to another. Unfortunately, as all markets have taught me it is more about which team you are on. Rather then who or what is being done in terms of what one would call manipulation. This is a game of control, who cares if it is a group of individuals, exchanges or even governments.

Those with size in a given space will look to take advantage of that size. Just like they always have by the simple nature of it. The suspected group loves to mouth off. Stating exactly their intentions before the move to above 13k by the way lol. Here listen to it @ 4:25 on the secret recording that Chico Crypto pointed out in his youtube video. 

VCT teaching to avoid scams

SmartOptions – What is the ideal size to trade with the Platinum Club? You stated it was designed to be traded with safety and growth like a large fund. If one was interested how many BTC should they have to start?

VCT Platinum – Another very good question. Imo that is up to them as I am not a financial advisor or money manager. Just about no group in this space is, we are just traders. Some of us have different risk/reward characteristics.

I just happens to be designed closer to an actively traded hedge fund with an extreme knowledge or markets. This gives me a much higher degree of safety. You won’t see me using large amounts of leverage. Where most providers you will see using 10x to 25x. Some even higher which leads to the many stories I often hear of accounts being blown.

SmartOptions – Many like to regard you as a crypto trading Oracle. Do you have any Oracles or Traders you look up to? 

VCT 100% winning trader Jim Simons as inspiration
VCT 100% winning trader “Jim Simons” as inspiration

VCT Platinum – There is only one group who are shrouded in secrecy that was started/run by “Jim Simons”. It is called Renaissance Technologies. It is a firm of basically scientists/mathematicians. They work together to trade and at one time the most successful and largest hedge fund in the world.

Like them, I love math and trading. Like them I rather live alone in secrecy. Firstly I mean who the ____ is going to really care about Navier–Stokes equations? Or secondly, hidden Markov models? How about thermal equilibrium? Maybe entanglement, halting problem or the sequential modeling? Lastly of the thermodynamic properties of multicomponent systems and engineering them. Ahhh nobody extremely few or how about nobody!

So I live in my own little weird world, of which I try not to abuse others with conversations. Ones that will make them feel as if their brains will start to drip out of their ears. In the world of mathematics, it is super easy to hide. Outside of that, I enjoy listening to fund managers and people in the industry.

Who I simply know are very smart people, such as a Paul Tudor Jones. Or say a Steve Eisman. Who like me has been a fan of shorting Deutsche Bank and other European banks. Which are well into being the NExT big shorts imo. Lots of systemic issues in Europe that are starting to unwind. 

SmartOptions – Since you brought it up, can I please ask about what stocks you like? *Brings up a note pad, sorry but since you trade many markets and are damn good! Some of our readers might enjoy knowing your thoughts. 

VCT Platinum – Uhmmm, Ok outside of the negative of waiting for some European bank failures. My favorite for over the past 3 years is Tesla, of which I recommend everybody owns one of their cars. Best cars ever! They are so far above their competition in this space with growth that should be off the charts. It is like imo owning Apple when they were in $20-$30 a share. The last one I will give you is AMD. To which they are killing Intel and making some giant steps forward in processors. Simply put, leaving Intel in the dust. 

SmartOptions – The results you have achieved are simply amazing. I can see why many regard you as an Oracle in the crypto trading world. A true standout for sure. Thanks again for your time.

VCT Platinum – You are very welcome. Happy Holidays to All! 🙂

and in Closing…

VCT’s Platinum Club with Erik their OG old school big-time trader. Frigging amazing accuracy are the best of the best. Though I wish he was like other providers on the site who use more leverage. As the timing of some of his calls are so close to perfect. He could have gigantic returns in my humble opinion. Just by using higher leverage as other providers do, but that is just my own spin on it!

The Platinum Club is not like other groups this I can see was designed more for whales. Inherently those with larger funds to trade with safety, and consistent profits in mind. One other emphasis Erik left from the conversation was one of his adages.

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep.”

that I am told is the true talent of a trader! He who can add profits year after year consistently growing and growing, again year after year. 

That is what the Platinum Club does, in up or down markets. With the highest end of professional integrity that you may ever find in the crypto trading world. In thinking how over 80% of people get REKT by the market, one can’t argue with them! If you are interested in the “Platinum Club by Verified Crypto Traders”. Here are some links, feel free to check them out below!  


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