Interview with a Signal Provider: Cryptonizers

Interview with a Signal Provider: Cryptonizers 2

Recently we discussed the best crypto signal groups on Telegram. We suggested to take a look at Cryptonizers, a great company that offers valuable trading signals along with personal support – a real gem within this shady world. We had an interesting talk with the head of Cryptonizers…

Smart Options: What is you trading history? Did you started straight with Crypto and how did you built up your knowledge to create successful signals?

Cryptonizers: So before I answer the questions i would like to share a few things about me.
So I am by professional a marketer and an anti- counterfeiting specialist. I consult a few ICO projects on the marketing front and besides that work as Independent consultant to provide anti-counterfeiting solutions to brands.
Now moving to crypto, I have been in crypto for quite sometime now, as we all know a day in crypto land is a month in real world. Initially I was into forex trading but slowly moved completely to crypto, and made some extremely influential contacts really soon as crypto world is really small. Slowly we all became good friends and started and just started calling ourselves cryptonizers, which later become the name of our channel and our company. My team prefers to work behind the scene as they don’t wish to be known, so basically they made me the face of cryptonizers. I am honestly nothing without my team of analysts and devs.

Smart Options: Do you follow a Risk and / or Money Management strategy. Please elaborate.

Cryptonizers: The risk management and money management strategy is the key of being successful. The only thing I discuss everyday with my group of members on our paid advisory is this.
Three thumb rules which always need to be followed:

  1.  Greed is your worst enemy
  2. HODL is not always the best strategy, try and always book profits( some people can have varying thoughts but too all people who say holding is better. Ask yourself why and why do you feel a xyz coin will be give you returns.) I personally have seen people just holding bc of the hype, almost 95% wont know anything about NEO but all they know is it will moon but why it will moon is the main question they don’t know)
  3. Knowledge is the key to success in cryptoland

On the money management side, I always push for never investing more than 3-5% on any trade and it is always better to keep equal money invested in calls this helps you to maintain an overall win ratio.

Smart Options: How do you deal with emotions while trading? How do you handle the pressure of providing signals – especially if one does turn out not successful?

Cryptonizers: There is always stress in Cryptoland, it seems beautiful to the people on the outside but it is extremely stressful. To deal with stress discipline is the key. I personally never over trade, fix a daily goal, weekly and a monthly goal ( they must be realistic).So I never give into emotions once I am done with my personal goals I don’t care what is the market doing, I just keep a overall check nothing in specific.

There is no specific pressure to provide signals, our team has 2 analysts which have different roles and look 24*7 on good opportunities. Besides that the co-founder Danilo (an Italian developer) has made some amazing bots that help us catch so many pumps in the prepump phase.
Just a small example, a few days ago our bots showed some unusual activity on FAIR coin which I shared with our team and 2 days later FAIR coin got pumped, similar with our other special infos we provide to our small group of paid members.
I won’t dent our calls do fail, we cant control the market so when some calls go wrong we go feel the pressure as our group is open and paid members interact with us and each other in secret chat group so they can straightway complaint and show their displeasure about calls.
We try and make for such bad calls by providing them with something good always.

Smart Options: Do you have some tips for our readers, how to know that a telegram signals channel is a scam or a pump and dump group? What should the customer look for?

Cryptonizers: So the biggest tip I would like share with readers and specially people new to crypto is do not do not fall into those so called groups giving 5000% returns and showing amazing results. The biggest sign that a channel or team is scam is if offer lifetime membership, I always tell anyone to ask themselves if you could give 5000% return regularly a month why would you charge just .1 or .2 for lifetime – That doesn’t make sense guys. Normally if you follow many big groups, I won’t name them, they give 10-20 signals a day and obviously out of that 5-7 will hit targets they just promote those calls and never ever talk about the calls that failed. Another Important factor is after enrollement support which has become our USP to be honest. See once you pay someone a lifetime fee they do not have any incentive to cater to you or cater to your questions. Besides that we take great pride that every single one of our paid members get 1-1 attention. I personally sometimes go overboard. For example,  one time I called a guy who was holding PPC to tell him personally to sell it if he hasn’t sold besides that we cater to every single question be it silly or something extremely technical.

To some up just look for these main factors in a group:

  1. The returns they claim
  2. What type of support are they offering
  3.  Never opt for lifetime service
  4. Stay away from groups that provide so called VIP signals, as all of them are pump groups.

Smart Options: Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

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