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June 24, 2019

The Evolution of Crypto Payments in E-Commerce

I try to use crypto often when paying stuff online. I found some great online shops where you can pay with crypto, and I like doing it to support the idea as a whole. Recently, however, I was checking the conversion prices against the Bithumb price and became a bit surprised. The retailer added a substantial premium for paying with Bitcoin. I found it weird, the payment provider advertised low fees. Was it retailer adding a premium to the price? I had to look deeper.

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May 18, 2019

The Dizzy Trader #1 – The Full Risk/No Reward Method

The Dizzy Trader is just a small side collection of mistakes novice/emotional/overexposed traders do. Not a big serious article collection, but nice observations we made with people contacting us and – of course – with ourselves as well. Today, I am going to write about a trading mistake, by a member of our community, who allowed me to share it along with my analysis. Staggered entries, overexposure and getting out too early – sounds familiar? Then read on.

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April 24, 2019

?Whale Secrets Revealed? -Cryptocurrency Bull Market Cycles

Do we experience the start of a NEW BULL RUN right now? This piece will take examine the current situation and give you a best guess. Furthermore, it takes yourself out of the goldfish glass bowl mentality and shows you how Whales see the market.

My assumption: this article will be another epic piece and attract many readers. Too bad, I did not write it myself 😐 To be honest with you it is a real gem, just like the signals group, that contributed to our website: Alpha Trade Zone. These guys know A LOT of stuff and are working on really advanced solutions (like an auto trader which is connected to Binance & BitMEX and hedges positions [...]

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April 5, 2019

The BitMEX Casino – 5 Gamble Strategies You Should Avoid

When people enter leveraged positions on BitMEX, they take the risk of getting liquidated. With regular altcoin trading, you still have the coins/tokens after all, but with a liquidation, you stay with a big red zero. Traders with a lack of risk management and/or knowledge in technical analysis tend to apply typical gambler strategies. Learn which they are, which risks are involved and why you should avoid using them. I repeat this post is not for using these methods. It is about reflecting yourself and about self-awareness with your trading behavior. If you don’t know how to trade, these methods won’t save you. Educate yourself or go with one of [...]

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