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May 21, 2018

Why EOS Might Not Be The Ethereum Killer Everyone Thinks

Ever since it became an active ICO in 2017, EOS has gained a lot of hype and recognition amongst the cryptosphere EOS There has been an ongoing debate between EOS and Ethereum. Supporters of EOS believe that it has the potential to overtake Ethereum in market share, popularity, and overall usage.

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May 15, 2018

Free Premium Magazine: The Crypto Nurse Vol. 1

Our latest chili-hot addition to our popular post about Crypto Signals has been CryptoMedics, which we discovered and accompanied in their closed beta. We have been able to observe the process they were going through and have been hopefully helpful testees. Today, they rebranded their magazine, which is usually exclusive distributed to their Premium members. We are allowed to share this great mag with you and it has a very nice gem inside, which we definitely fill our bags with and hold for some time. Very valuable content, if one makes use of it. Beam me up, Scotty!

#colorbox_main_container_7646 .wpsm_panel { margin-bottom: 0px [...]
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May 15, 2018

Halo Platform Main Net launches on May(…be…) 21st

We are fans of HALO, along with being early investors in this project ourselves, as we really believe in the vision of it.  While delays with development progress became a bit out of hand, it might be one of the many cases in Crypto where patience pays. We saw early investors sell the HALO coins at laughable prices OTC, though we think they might be very sad to see the price of it in a few weeks/months. The Main Net shall launch on the 21st of this month and the UX already looks very polished. The past has shown that these dates can be somewhat “flexible” with HALO, but we think this was for the good. Major cleanup work had been done and there is nothing wrong with the [...]

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May 14, 2018

[Save the Date] May 19th – Altcoin.IO launches Plasma DEX beta

A project we are eyeing since the beginning is the decentralized exchange And finally, we will be able to see the Plasma featured beta on May 19th.

To innovate, you have to experiment. You need to try different things until you hit upon the one idea that beats the rest. We spent months exploring whether state channels were the right basis for our decentralized exchange (DEX). We learned a lot from the experience, but to deliver the DEX of the future, we need a better solution. —

This better solution is Plasma, which has been introduced by Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) and Joseph Poon (Lightning Network).

Smartoptions is looking eagerly [...]

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