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Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 1

The day has come that we have the ability to finally review the Ivan On Tech course! To a certain degree this is not a trading course even though it includes a “Trading Algo Section”.

However since this is such a famous piece of education in the Crypto Space we do think it’s extremely beneficial if we review the courses. First I want to give some context surrounding all this material.

The Ivan On Tech Academy isn’t something you should take lightly. And the main reason one should not take it lightly is the staggering growth in the need for “BlockChain Developers” and other professionals in the technology department of Crypto. By no means does this course leave anything to the imagination. Which will become even more clear during our in depth review.


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One of the great takeaways in the start of the course is something we see in any profession. “Things are a lot easier granted that you do not do them completely alone”. That takeaway is backed up by the fact that the course comes with a forum where you can interact with other members and ask for help.

Buying a course and studying it from your room is one thing: But interacting, learning, working and growing together is the way to learn. So what is the course actually about?

Well the answer is easy. It’s about understanding the blockchain technology and space. Which basically comes back to “programming”. Is this a valuable skill? We believe it is. We quickly did a “Google search” on: “BlockChain Developer” to see available positions. And this is what came up:

Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 2
Jobs in the Blockchain Industry

These are all positions exceeding a minimum salary of 130.000USD per year. Which would bring you to the top 1.8% of society in terms of earning.

The Courses at Ivan on Tech

Prepare for the Best Blockchain Job Opportunities

Regarding what we said earlier: Don’t take it lightly. Becoming a Blockchain Developer is not an overnight way to riches. Nothing is obviously. But if there is a skill worth 130k+ it must be something that is decently hard to obtain. We want to note upfront that this course will take a lot of dedication to successfully complete and employ. However: The rewards are more than worth the effort.

On to the course itself: Are we confident that this will lead you to becoming a sufficient developer. Yes: The forum that the course comes with allows you to learn together and get all your questions answered in a timely manner. While also being able to interact with others and build business relationships. The Ivan On Tech courses are easily the most complete courses we have yet to have a chance to review. And the fact that every section of the course is followed up with an assignment gives you some pressure to actually properly store what you’re learning somewhere in your mind.

Enough about that you might say, let’s see what courses are available on the Ivan on Tech Academy:

  • Blockchain and Bitcoin for Beginners
  • Smart Contract Programming
  • Ethereum 101
  • Ethereum Game Programming
  • Crypto Algo Trading
  • Bitcoin Programming 101
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Security
  • Blockchain Business Masterclass
  • Lightning Network Introduction and Programming
  • Unity Blockchain Games
  • Enjin Game Programming
  • Bitcoin Attacks

That’s obviously a lot to cover and with a total of 11.000 different students having enrolled in these courses you might wonder why they did?

First reason being is the fame that Ivan On Tech has built throughout the years. The certificates granted throughout the course definitely have a meaning in the Crypto Space and since you will look for a job in Blockchain as a Blockchain developer it’s extremely important to have certificates that are sufficient to show your ability. 

The second reason I would say is easily the fact that these are the most extensive courses one can take that are available up till this point in the Blockchain industry. Simply put: You won’t find any material that is better supported, further developed or more “bang for your buck” while looking into direct competitors. On top of that: Since there are simply no degrees yet to obtain in Blockchain this can and will give you a huge head start in this consistently growing industry.

The third reason is the pricing. The pricing is extremely fair: You’re granted access to courses that can potentially change your life and the future outlook for a price lower than your monthly cell phone subscription. Access can even be obtained on a monthly basis.

Which brings us to the next logical point in our review: What is actually provided and taught in the courses? Almost too much to list while keeping the review nice and solid but here are some great takeaways:

  • Bitcoin basics, consensus and mining
  • Ethereum basics and mining
  • Trading basics and analytics
  • Trading automation
  • Unity, C++, JavaScript
  • Building games
  • Business and Blockchain
  • Ethereum smart contract design

And much more. The great takeaways from these courses cannot even be summed up since there are so many. But the fact that the material is presented in a clear manner, consisting out of: Video’s, assignments, quizzes and documents, is a clear cut example of a properly developed course. The opening video’s often constitute out of Ivan himself explaining what we’re going to learn which is a nice little addition. Courses with a facecam format generally tend to stick better.

It would be a disgrace to not dive deeper into these topics in particular. But the extreme size and depth of the course makes it very hard to do so. In order to give you a valid understanding of how the course looks in general we have decided to cherry pick one particular concept and review that in depth. That should give you a good feeling for how the course looks in general. The concept we have decided to pick is:

Blockchain Business>Business, Disruption and Size

Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 3
Ivan On Tech Course Example

The starting takeaway of this particular session is that it’s very important for you (as a student) to understand the implications of Blockchain on current businesses. To some degree this also answers why you should follow this course. It becomes very clear throughout the beginning of the first video already that Ivan knows what he’s talking about. He touches lightly on how business compete and how existing (big) business has a certain need to implement Blockchain into their centralized existing structures. Although that works either way of course. If you learn the use case for bigger businesses you automatically understand the possible use case for smaller business or startups. If that’s your desired path of course.

Ivan’s Explanations

It’s very interesting how well Ivan explains the concepts he’s trying to convey.The simple things are well done: The video’s are nicely put together, crystal clear in terms of quality and last but not least: Very understandable. It’s also refreshing to be able to see the person you’re learning from and the way the videos are put together is very well structured. In this video Ivan is talking more about the major shifts in business that we will see thanks to the global adaptation in Blockchain and the opportunities that are arising while this is happening. You will quickly be familiar with the format if you’re a subscriber of his YouTube channel. Although these video’s feel like an higher sort of quality to me.

Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 4
Ivan’s Videos

He even discusses a reasonably big business opportunity that he is foreseeing when this adaptation continues. Not really a part of what was promised while taking the course. But it’s a very cool addition. He also mentions how existing businesses will need to spend a lot on blockchain development in the near future. Which again points out how valuable the knowledge is that you’re obtaining throughout the course. In general we heavily advise anyone to look at the course. Looking at it simply because it’s not for everyone: But it presents an opportunity for anyone that is dedicated enough to make this his profession or field of knowledge. By now you might ask: Well I can surely not become a six figure developer by not having any knowledge prior to taking the course?

The answer to that is you can: The only knowledge that you really need for this course is obviously a decent understanding of English (which you will most likely have, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading here). And the main factor that makes or breaks any education: Dedication. It won’t be an overnight skillset, but with the proper effort and education, which is given in this course. Your future could look a lot brighter than the average future in comparison. We sincerely want to thank Ivan On Tech and his team for allowing us to review his course. We didn’t receive any value for writing this review and as always there for our opinion is not biased in any sense of the word.

Final Words

To end the review on we would like to give you a last piece of context about Ivan, Ivan is an Swedish Programmer and Entrepreneur who first got in contact with Bitcoin during 2013. He lost quite a chunk of money trading crypto and he therefore decided to throw his life around and develop a proper understanding of blockchain, smart contracts and Bitcoin in general. This eventually led to him speaking at some of the biggest Crypto Summits and the development of SOON and Maybe Meetings. Of course his YouTube channel is the main reason that we all know him.

Interested in grabbing the course or do you want to know more?
Click here: https://smartoptions.io/ivanontech

Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 1

The pricing for full access to the academy is 49USD per month of 399USD per year.

As SmartOptions we can luckily offer you an exclusive deal! The first month you’re subscribing through the link mentioned above is only $1, you’ve seen that correct: Only 1USD!

Main features:

  • A full academy on Blockchain development and programming
  • A forum built for meeting business contacts and asking questions
  • Continuous development of more educational material

Prerequisites needed to successfully complete this course:

  • A decently developed level of English Language

Ivan his free YouTube channel is found here:

Sample Pictures from the Academy

Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 6
How the Academy looks like
Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 7
Course Examples
Ivan on Crypto Academy Trading Course Review
Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 8

Here you can find our review on the Ivan on Crypto Academy Course Review.

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Get the armor to fight the bear market - delivered to your inbox:
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When nu post?

Get the armor to fight the bear market - delivered to your inbox:
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  • Get unbiased well-researched & merciless coin reviews
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