Riding the Bull: March’s Top Signal Providers and Their Winning Streaks

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March was a roller-coaster month for some crypto traders. As we saw in the February Signal Results, markets initially displayed a bullish trend, followed by a significant correction.

Despite the volatility, some of the best crypto signal providers presented impressive results showcasing their understanding of up- and down-trending scenarios in a bull market. On the other hand, certain providers managed to survive after struggling with their slippery trading performance. Moreover, we added two newcomer providers to our results page.

Continue reading the 2024 March Signal Results to see how all providers performed.

March Signal Results

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Crypto Signal Results (click to expand)

Fat Pig Signals icon to illustrate their february results

1) Fat Pig Signals: Leading the Pack with Perfection

Fat Pig Signals exemplified trading excellence this month by leading the charge with an unprecedented 100% win rate across 18 trades. Their flawless performance highlights their strategic powers and sets a high bar for competitors. Fat Pig Signals also demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of trades to be so full. Great job, guys.

Fat Pig Signals chart

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2) Binance Killers: Newcomer #1

Binance Killers have made quite an entrance with some impressive numbers behind them too. Binance Killers achieved a win rate of 63/0 (zero losses), plus three breakeven trades – if that doesn’t show deadly accuracy, then I don’t know what does!

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Universal Crypto Signals icon to illustrate their february results

3) Universal Crypto Signals: A Robust Performance

Universal Crypto Signals (UCS) remained consistent, with 29 wins out of 30 in the Spot channel and 29 out of 34 in the Futures’. Their near-perfect record in Spot and Futures trading results reflects a versatile strategy adept at navigating market unpredictability.

Universal Crypto Signals chart

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4) WallStreet Queen: Newcomer #2

WallStreet Queen has also done well, considering they had 23 trades, of which 19 were wins. This goes to show that they play with the big players, too. As Fat Pig, Wall Street Queen proves you don’t need many trades to be profitable and successful. Great performance, guys!

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Sublime Traders icon to illustrate their february results

5) Sublime Traders: Scalping Success

Sublime Traders stood out with an impressive record using their Algorithm for Scalp auto-trading, which did really well compared to human signals. The results secured 111 wins in 117 trades with a high win rate of 97.37%. Meanwhile, their performance on the Futures and Spot channels was not very good. While operating on the Spot Channel, they made only 17 trades and succeeded in 11, with a low win rate of 64.71%. On the other hand, when working through the Futures channel, they executed 18 trades where 13 were profitable; moreover, one deal had been canceled, which led to a moderate win rate of 76.47%. Although they faced challenges in Spot and Futures channels with mixed results, their Scalp auto-trading indicates a powerful tool for swift gains.

Sublime Traders chart

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Verified Crypto Traders icon

6) Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders (VCT) showed good results. With a win rate of 90.9% (20 wins out of 22 trades), the Spot Channel demonstrates a consistent market prediction. Meanwhile, although there was a greater volume of activity, the Futures Channel managed to sustain efficiency with a win rate of 78.2% (93 wins out of 119 trades). It must be noted that such frequent exchange deals only emphasize how significant risk management is.

The Verified Crypto Traders team is not performing as promised in the customer’s support. Because of this, Erik has decided to leave the group. This situation is not good for the quality of the community.

Verified Crypto Traders chart

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CoinCodeCap icon to illustrate their february results

7) CoinCodeCap

In the opposite situation, CoinCodeCap had a more challenging month. They achieved only 2 wins from 7 trades in the Spot channel and ended up with a little net profit after 20 losses out of 28 trades in their Future channel. This shows that the group had a hard time dealing with volatile trading markets.

CoinCodeCap chart

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OnwardBTC icon

8) OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC also faced challenges, which led to a slight loss after making profits in only 30 trades out of 70. Given the changing market situations, this result shows how tough it was for OnwardBTC to stay profitable.

OnwardBTC chart

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Looking Ahead: Testing Times for Traders

As the markets grow more volatile, the upcoming month will be a real test of nerve and skill for all providers. Trading isn’t just about riding the highs but buying the low on the set areas and even going short. This period will likely separate the wheat from the chaff, revealing those who can effectively ‘short’ the market and not just ‘long’ it.

In Conclusion, The Agile Will Prevail

In these volatile times, the motto “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” rings especially true. March Signal results have demonstrated that while the markets may be unforgiving, top signal providers like Fat Pig and Universal Crypto Signals continue to support their members, ensuring profitable outcomes despite the odds. As we look forward, it’s clear that adaptability and swift decision-making will be vital in maintaining the upper hand in this high-stakes game. Stay tuned, and let’s see who really has the experience to master the markets in April.

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! You might encounter a scammer impersonating Saviour from UCS, it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.



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