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Margin Signals




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Yay! 🙂

  • Hands-free Auto Trader
  • BitMEX Swing Trades & Scalps
  • One Entry - One Exit Trades
  • Educative and helpful Community
  • Binance Altcoin Trades

Nay! 🙁

  • Swing method did not work in tight markets
  • Drop in Accuracy for the last months

Margin Signals Review

~Swing Traders, Scalpers, Altcoin Buys, Forex and Auto Traders~

( Listed in THE BEST BITMEX SIGNALS since 05/2018 – Updated 06/2019)

BitMEX Auto Trader | One Target – One Stop Swings | Scalps | Altcoin Trades~

Average Accuracy Rate
Measured Accuracy Rate on Average since September '18

This is one of the reviews many people are waiting for. Especially as they want to see how I manage it. Margin Signals are swing traders – one entry, one far away target – often holding positions for days. They also have been the first group with a proprietary auto trader on board. And the people, they were raving. Head Trader Rob is one that sticks to his (trading) plan. And this plan failed to work in flat market conditions, unfortunately. But then he came with a plan…


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and never let anyone trade your account for you. We do not support or advertise Fund Management in any kind of manner. We solely review signal providers, their work/analysis/provided education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

Margin Signals is very different to the average channel. Usually, you buy in steps and get out in steps. Margin signals are swing traders get in at one price get out another one – most often very wide ranges. Some might wonder about the below average accuracy rate. The Margin Signals strike rate was hovering between 60 to 70% in 2018 and for the triple-digit ROI you usually made with them, this is very well. The market dynamics have changed drastically since then. Robbo traded like Breakout – Pullback to Trendline – Enter – Stay in the Trend – Cash Out. The first quarter of ’19 didn’t behave like that at all. Instead, each pullback came with a breakdown and this has hurt his hit rate.  But finally, they adapted to the situation – and boy these guys are back. Back with Jack.

The Offering

Margin Signals offering is quite big, as it doesn’t stop at leveraged trade recommendations as the name suggests:

  • Trading Signals für BitMEX (Auto Trader inclusive)
  • Trading Signals for Altcoins (Auto Trader in Development)
  • FX Signals
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Personal support by the trader in a chatroom, where all the trades are accompanied by live directions.
  • Accurate exit targets and an estimated risk level, depending on the trading style.
  • Great Material to have all the needed knowledge to start out with Bitmex. Download their basic trade guidelines here as an example.

The Auto Trader

What is Auto Trader?
Auto Trader is an API connection to your BitMEX account.  From there, we have the access to trigger your account into any trades that get made by our Telegram channel.
All criteria are specific to that trade;
Amount of account balance at risk for the trade (10% max)
Entry Stop
Profit Target/Exit
We can also trail the stop loss as the trade progresses
This isn’t some bot, that triggers entries based on a few indicators and scalps tiny profits or averages down your buy-in if the trade goes bad….  This is a fully customized system that will set your trade based on the individual trade set up.  Fully managed end to end by our head trader.
Who does this suit…?
If you are on a different time zone, have heavy work commitments, not confident in your own trading skills or even just want an investment you can compound and come back to in a year or two.  Our Auto Trader has it covered for you.
A game changer for the Trade Signal space, a first of its kind that we are aware of.

Margin Signals about their Auto Trader

The auto trader is solid coding work and does quite well. Unlike Cornix and other bot solutions, it is a hands-free service, included fully in the membership fees. You just hand over your API details and the team handles the rest for you. Like any other auto trader, it shows some shortages in regards to slippage on illiquid trading pairs, like some altcoin futures, but the team comes up with a mathematical solution to solve the problem.

The Signals

Yes, the market conditions have been fierce to channel admin Robbo’s trading style – and there have been tough months behind the subscribers. Additionally, to the fact that Robbo’s Swing Style trade is picking up again, their new trader Jack is doing very, very well.

Rob, the head trader behind Margin calls, comes from the forex world and has been a full-time trader for about four years in FX and two years in crypto. He mainly trades off pullbacks and reversals off key support or resistance points, as well as breakouts of strong continuation patterns. Robbo is Swing trader – this means one entry, one exit – holding this position for quite some time to reap the benefit of a full swing of the price. Jack provides scalps for BitMEX and Altcoins to the Margin Signals team and has offered an insane success rate so far.

Furthermore, I’d like to stress that Margin Signals have been one of the most transparent groups we’ve seen so far: They trade all their signals on a reference account and post screenshots about its increase or decline in value. They never made up a single digit and just post the results as they happen.

Trade Example

Margin Signals Trade Example
You receive the calls by Margin Signals in this format.

And here is the outcome on the chart:

Margin Signals Trade Example
The Trade above on the chart

The Results

If you ask me for the results, I have to ask for the timeframe. Especially the auto trader accounts are meant to run for the long-term, so like with every investment there might be spikes downwards. In our test month last year we had quite a few good trades here, out of 8 trades we took, 7 succeeded and one failed hard. This is common, as a 100% rate is very hard to achieve.

January to March has been a tough phase Margin Signals had to go through. As initially stated Robbo’s trading style didn’t work out well in the tight accumulation phase the charts were showing and the Auto Trader accounts that have been build up nicely in the year before were taking a hit. Margin Signals took action: They hired a new trader which provided excellent scalps and altcoin trades. This has pushed the accuracy rate, as March became a 100% success rate month.

We liked their transparent approach and taking the time to explain why that trade failed and how they roll with it. You mostly get a video explanation for most of the taken trades. The signals always contained a clear stop/loss for your risk management and have been live supported in the chatroom. I run the Margin Signals Auto Trader on a test account and it worked perfectly so far and completely hands-free without any hassle.  

What we like very much with this provider, that they have a clear track record of their results and tidily keep note of all their trades. Also, the altcoin trades for Binance and Bittrex have been a real killer so far.

The Support

They are really great with support and are always there in the chat room to support their members live – no matter if it is about getting out of a trade that turned against them or if the customers need emotional/psychological support. For that they have quite a big team, so most of the team an official is around. Margin Signals is providing the needed materials and explaining basic things of BitMEX. Rob and his partner Capfive are always there to support you with everything needed. When it comes to supporting their members they are really one of a kind, very passionate and friendly. The cherry on the top is their great community chat, which is one of the most active we have seen. Much TA and help are shared there and the people you can find there are friendly knowledgeable – it is a place to learn, where everyone can post their TA and get feedback from others.

On the other hand, when things got heated, due to the lack of performance, the support didn’t keep it professional in 100% of the cases. Sure, every concern got addressed but we can improve here by taking a step back and cool off before replying. Don’t get me wrong – the support is top notch, and from a human kind of view I get the reactions, though some situations could have been solved with another kind of comments/actions. The Margin Signals Team is very friendly and very supportive, I want to definitely stress that, but to offer a frank review I have to mention this situations as well.

The Critique

Well, the critique is quite obvious: We would’ve wished for a faster reaction when it became clear, that the trading style does not work anymore in the given conditions. We would’ve loved to stay a faster step back and faster implementation of the solution. Sure, this is not always possible like in the textbook, as after all you have to provide a service and you have to find a great trader to compensate your own work, this is kind of a big deal. Happily, the times of tight ranges appear to vanish again and Robbo’s great swing trades with juicy results and very wide targets might come again soon. If nothing else, the bad phase completed their service: We have might have ended now with great swings AND scalps.

Customer Insights Review

We randomly pick users from our Telegram community to provide unbiased customer reviews. The deal is, one of our readers get free access and reports about the experience after some time. In this issue, Mr. Circuit has been chosen and gives us an impression with a fresh pair of eyeballs.


As soon as I joined the group Robbo and his admin contacted me to give me a full picture of how the group works. This also comes with a whole set of documents to present the team, the trading style and how to read the CTAs. But this isn’t all, they also send you docs that give you the basics to understand how to set up a portfolio and deal with emotions and risks in your trading life. This isn’t just a signal group, those are traders and they are aiming at you becoming one too, that is the part I particularly liked.

The Signals

There are two type of CTAs : the swing and the scalps one. The scalps are straight forward.

The swing, at the start, looked difficult for me to read. Mainly I was used to getting a CTA straight in a message. Eventually, I got used to the “image” style of the CTA. However, I think some info like the entry range and the targets in the CTA could be made clearer, having TP2 at the same level at TP1 and maybe with an indication of “how much to get out” at each target could be good. Although, if you read the docs they send you and if you trade for some time, you would know what to do.

Quality of the signals

At first, I decided to paper trade to check the quality and quantity of the signal.

On the Alts : I received 3 to 4 signal a day, some got stopped of course, and this is where I could tell the traders behind know what they’re doing. the SL were reasonably set to ensure small loss, and the target of the the signals that went through were ambitious enough that… at the end of the day you don’t really care about the ones that got hit.

On BTC/Bitmex : 3 days before the nice little jump of BTC their main trader planned the trade and sent it. To be honest, when i received it, i was very doubt-full, first because I was short myself, but because I have still limited experience in trading, so a CTA is also a great way to learn from the bests, and second because probably everyone else was short. And here we have someone that suddenly come calmly and explain to us that we should be patient, this is what will happen, and if we break this, then we enter there, and we ride till there and that this may take a few days. Guess what? 3 days after it plays out exactly as he planned it. And not only it played out, but Jack was on the wheel for the whole move, sending a signal on when to exit, when the re-enter, when the play to retracement. Some shout luck, well, you can be lucky on one CTA, but not for the whole move up, down, up again and exit. This is professional stuff here.

The Auto Trader

Bad timing for my entry, Margin Signal just suffered constant slippage in their AT to a point that its member weren’t very happy.
I really appreciated the pro-active communication : They knew the issue but they already were working on a fix. All was done in a very transparent manner, explaining all the steps and the logic for the solution. At first, the rational of the new strategy was a bit scary, but if you take he time to put the number down and do your own calculations, it all make sense. So the AT is evolving and I believe it’s for good.


Margin Signal has a few TG groups, each dedicated to specific purpose. yet when I had questions or issues, I could contact directly the admins and chat to them.

Overall Impressions

– I think their group is here to stay.
– They are professional and act as such.
– I really appreciated the quality of the information in here and the fact they are present when it’s getting hot to guide you through the trade (the BTC spike for example).
Cons :
– The CTA could benefit from a different “design” to be more readable.


Margin Signals provide a good signal service and the best thing is, it is progressing. In the past, you’d have look at your Margin Signals subscription as a pure, hands-free investment solution. Set & Forget. Not many calls, but good swings, that will let your account grow nicely over time. Today, you get these scalps and Binance/Bittrex altcoin trades on top – and these with a very high success rate. Margin Signals were coming from a 60 to 70% success rate in 2018, while the first three months of 2019 let them drop to the low 40s. Now, the markets have turned and might spit some of these swing trades options for us soon and until that we have Jack in the pack, who came up with a 100% success rate in March. Margin Signals are here to stay for sure.


Margin Signals - The Swinging Phoenix 3Discount code: "SmartOptions" (15% Discount)

How the channel looks inside: Margin Signals - The Swinging Phoenix 4

Margin Signals - The Swinging Phoenix 3Discount code: "SmartOptions" (15% Discount)

Trusted Signal Provider

Margin Signals is a Trusted Signal Provider
Margin Signals is a Trusted Signal Provider
Margin Signals Review
Margin Signals - The Swinging Phoenix 6

In this review, we check the reliability, accuracy, and support of Margin Signals. The quality of the signals in this channel have been tested for quite some time and lead us to a positive outcome for this telegram channel. The initial editor's rating was 6.4 - the overall rating is influenced by 20% through community votes from the comments section.

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    I had a great free test month! Good work, made the money needed for a sub!

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