News-Driven Trading Opportunities for the 22nd of November 2

News-Driven Trading Opportunities for the 22nd of November



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For today we have some nice trading opportunities, which we took and want to share with you. This post will just share some nice upcoming news. Do your own research, please. We have our take profit setup, as we know “buy the rumor, sell the news”. This post is only for educational purpose – check the charts and see what happens today with the mentioned coins:

  1. $GUP – Guppy

    News-Driven Trading Opportunities for the 22nd of November 3

    This can give a nice boost for the price and it has not yet been fully priced in. We took this from 0.000023 sats.
    Price right now: 
    Exchange: HITBTC

  2. $LSK – Lisk

    News-Driven Trading Opportunities for the 22nd of November 4
    Being pretty successful for the last days , we expect some nice news on this Meetup. Currently it is ranging and could pop up nicely today while the conference. We are in from 0.00116 sats, right at the lower Bollinger Band.
    Price right now: 
    Exchange: HITBTC

  3. $KMD – Komodo

    Rumor about KMD on 22nd of November
    Kommodo rumor

    We found some interesting rumor for today, Komodo being main speakers at a conference in Dubai, tailored for investors – more to come in Abu Dabi soon. We don’t know how reliable this information is but are in since the trend channel changed upwards from 0.00029 sats.
    Price right now: 
    Exchange: Binance

  4. $IoP – Internet of People

    News-Driven Trading Opportunities for the 22nd of November 5
    Sawing nice runs for IoP in the past, this could give a huge growth today. The project itself is great, and pretty worth a longterm investment, but we expect a short time jump as well. The news is already priced in a bit, there is room for more upwards. We got in from 0.000304 sats, the MA in the forming upward channel.
    Leaked documents are availble on this: New Roadmap and the new BluePaper. We had a sneak preview into it – and darn, the IoP future is bright! HOLD. THIS. COIN.
    Price right now: 
    Exchange: Bittrex

  5. $DCT – DECENT

    News-Driven Trading Opportunities for the 22nd of November 6Decent has a crackling firework of news upcoming! This seems to be a no-brainer and we got in @0.0008 sats. However, it might not be too late and we have room here for significant growth. HOLD. THIS. COIN.

    Price right now: 
    Exchange: HITBTC

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