Crypto Clown Roubini

Nouriel Roubini’s fear of the future, of the people by the people…


I can’t help but laugh as I listened to the arguments of Nouriel Roubini who has a look of a person suffering from permanent constipation, along with being totally delusional with exaggerated #s and facts to support his thoughts. I would go as far to say he seemed like he was sexually abused by Bitcoin, which left him traumatized and the shell of the man he is today. It was very odd indeed to dare comprehend his arguments at the Senate hearing earlier this week.  Do we really expect many of the older generation to get what a decentralized store of value is? I don’t, just as I don’t expect many of them to know how to use their smartphones…

To them, it will seem as a Ponzi scheme, along with all that entails and that is normal. It is normal for the older generation to be slow to give way to the next. What he does not get is Bitcoiners don’t care, as the great thing about it being decentralized is nobody can stop it. It is one of the purest forms of freedom to exist, of which it is outside of any central body to control. As time goes on that statement will be even more so pronounced, as bitcoin is dispersed and held by larger masses of different individuals from around the globe.  So Roubini can rant with his disgruntled mumbles, as the nurse changes his depend adult diapers, about how Bitcoin is a scam/ponzi and so on in the years to come…  I am sure those who listened to his investment ideas when Bitcoin was below $100 a coin are even more cheering listeners today, oh hold on he is losing large amounts of followers! No way! I wonder why that would happen to a man of such esteem…

A Villain or a Clown?

I do find it amazing we need crypto villains to abuse when the real villains are the ones you don’t see. Still, I went on to watch the youtube Cointelegraph interview. At first I thought, wow this will be boring, but then I noticed the girl interviewing him was trying hard not to laugh at the idea of this person in a blockchain conference, as he rolled on incessantly about how they needed his contra opinion and how he was the intelligent authority on blockchain & the crypto space LOOK OF SHOCK I hope they paid him well and gave him some free food. I also hope he does not realize at some point the truth of why they wanted him there.

They needed a CLOWN, yes they hired a CLOWN and nothing more, just as if it was a childs birthday party. Blockchain events are often dull, but get a Roger Ver or any other abusive/delusional idiot and you have at least a semblance of comedic value added to the mix. Sometimes in life, you can throw something into the mix to become a random object of value and that certainly has happened in this case. Here below you can see the drama of a twitter post he went on about with a supposed terror attack being predicated on our poor friend Nouriel Roubini, obviously some anti-semites! Yes crazy cat lady comment was thrown in for theatrical effect, can I get a thumbs up!


Nouriel Roubini's fear of the future, of the people by the people... 1
Nouriel Roubini Hack Attack!


Is the United States Government that clueless on blockchain? 

Now though we can go on about how nonsensical Nouriel Roubini is, we have to respect a key point here. He spoke in front of the United States Senate… I want you to take a moment to pause and think about that here… That is a key point I don’t take lightly, as their policies/regulations will be influenced by such persons even if marginally. I see a bent by the United States government that is systematic in nature contra cryptocurrencies as it undermines the U.S. Dollar as the CONTROLLER of the world. Let me make that statement clear >>> The United States Dollar Controls the World <<<

Let us take a look at examples of this with the recent collapse of the Lira in Turkey and the pressures the U.S. is able to exert on any foreign body it wishes to, along with giving itself favorable economic outcomes above and beyond the rest of the world by its dominance alone. Lucky enough the United States is not malicious/maligned enough to use this to its full ability, yet under president Trump, this may no longer be the case and has set about a series of events. I can coin no phrase better then the “Libra Effect” globally that is causing many unfortunate geopolitical imbalances which will likely have negative consequences going forward. Though you can’t blame them as they are just part of the collective of the “Dollar Rule of Law” and the systematic built-in defenses mechanisms therein of. Simply put the U.S. has to protect the dollar from usurpers such as the likes of Bitcoin.

They are not clueless, they are part of a HIVE mindset that will conflict naturally with crypto, but again since it is decentralized they have power over it. So unless the U.S. government wishes to invoke the Orwellian nightmare of 1984s “New World Order Police State” upon us, where they can conduct the rule of law on anyone, anywhere for any reason, oops they have already started to, oh sh*t…

Money doesn’t care…

Roubini may have his doubts and may tell anybody who dares listen about what a scam Bitcoin and blockchain technology is, but the money does not care, we have seen TD Ameritrade post a flag in Bitcoin using the OP_Return, which functions like the memo space for the blockchain, next we then have Fidelity coming in which is the largest American retail brokerage in the United States. I don’t think people get that there are only so many bitcoins out there and once institutions who will hold them mind you for many years, as they are not the flippant buy/sell retail emotional fish.

Once they suck up the supply and store it over time till it hits rational or irrational values, which could be in excess/multiples many times higher than where we are today. There is just too much interest vs supply and they KNOW IT! The average fish out there does not, so ever tard story like Roubini and others to allow them to gain supply @ modest prices while they accumulate for the future is very very welcome by them. When I think of the pure logic of seeing BTC and even other cryptos on CNBC or in Forbes constantly, along with the many others who can’t stop writing about it, well I smack my head to how clueless many people really are.

Again the money does not care, once that supply is gone Roubini and others can b*tch about it all they want, as the BTC ticker runs across the bottom of CNBC @ $100,000 a coin…

How others see it…

Watching the sheer number of people interested in Nouriel Roubini and the absolute disdain that he seems to have triggered in them is both very fascinating and very telling. Crypto has been under attack and the traumatized psychology of this seemingly unending bad news/abuse with a natural and evolutionary technology that will level the playing field for all of mankind, allowing both personal and organized forms of freedom in the future, should have a huge realm of positive built-in enthusiasm to it, yet it does not. Why is that? Simple, it does, just like the dollar/U.S. government defends itself systematically, Bitcoin/blockchain does the same, but its voice is more powerful because it is the voice of the future.

It is a birth of a new age and will not be stopped by the old systems because of their dominance and pervasiveness. It will not matter, time marches on. But we are human and we get tweaked for any number of reasons, in this case, the blockchain community has handed out the torches and pitchforks for the Roubinenstein monster. One person who has asked me to write about this crypto clown, which is taken from a post on youtube he made, and I quote:

“Roubini has been falsely credited with calling the bubble, when there are many that did, but just didn’t capitalise on the media to the same self-glorifying extent that he did (eg. Meredith Whitney or Michael Burry, both of which who made more money out of the collapse than Roubini’s failing consulting business). You can’t keep saying the market will collapse every year, for 20 years straight and then when it does fall one year, take credit for it. His hit rate is under 50% which means monkeys plucked out of the forest could better time recessions or for that matter, bull runs. There are some truths to Roubini’s ongoing tirade about crypto; yes 90%+ of coins will fail but that is about the only fact in his entire argument. He is an intellectual bully but unfortunately for him, we don’t live in the 70s anymore where facts and information can’t be readily cross-checked. He says bitcoin has collapsed; at $6k it is multiples vs where it was just at the start of last year, well outperforming his entire fiat and “gold” portfolio. Yes, its down from its highly speculative highs of $20k but that was just hyperinflation caused by hype. He says scalability, security, and decentralization are largely mutually exclusive and that blockchains are centralized. Some are, but major ones such as Ethereum are not centralized, in fact Ethereum has over 23,000 geographically dispersed nodes that confirm a transaction (despite congestion and high gas) far quicker than me heading over to a bank in Uk and sending money to someone in Venezuela (the SWIFT clearing system would take days to process this). It is a straw man argument to compare sending ETH from one transaction address to another with Visa’s 25k/second throughput ceiling. Oranges and apples. I guess his age prohibits him from actually getting to grips with the nuances of the tech. He also goes on to state that it costs $65 to send BTC to someone. It actually costs under 10 cents, so he has inflated this figure just to make his point but ultimately this is pure intellectual dishonesty. What people fail to realize is, Nouriel’s main consulting business may be losing clients – all of which are flustered- that they were advised by him to NOT invest in any crypto years ago. So they did miss out on 1000%+ gains (even post recent bear crash) and instead they are stuck holding overvalued equity, a diversified commercial paper portfolio trading well above par (also overvalued) and old-man assets like “gold” which someday will be worthless. In order to retard the decline in his business he is appearing at crypto conferences as the obligatory troll trying to denounce the space, sadly with no real arguments but with the hope, he can pick up some consulting gigs. It’s always about the money. He keeps charging people who disagree with his viewpoint with being “anti-semitic”. Being Jewish himself, he should realize that by behaving like the male equivalent of the crazy cat lady in The Simpsons on Twitter (rather than an esteemed professor at Stern with some iota of pedigree), it is ‘he’ who is being anti-semitic and making those of Semitic origin look bad. Follow the money I say, there is a reason Fidelity is getting big into Crypto. If you follow a washed up old, angry man who neither is well regarded in high finance anymore nor manages any money, you will suffer. Disclaimer: not investment advice.” 

Nouriel Roubini's fear of the future, of the people by the people... 2
Senators, I am ready to kill that B*tchcoin!

Telling Fibs about Bitcoin, that is not nice…

Now Kay did go on to make some good observation on Roubini, such as how he is lying about the #s and should be called out for that. Take for example the transaction costs for a BTC transaction which is all available with dare I say technology, but don’t tell him or the Senate that this exists, else their heads might explode! The average cost is around .50 cents and that will fluctuate according to many factors.

He decided to state at the Senate hearing it was $65, not around the .40 to .50 cents it is currently!? Ok, or how about his readership of 3 million that he goes on about incessantly, niiiiiioce! But not true, more like 277 thousand, or does each reader count for 10!?… So we see a pattern here of delusional behavior/statements and really why anybody is listening to him pro or con is beyond me. Let’s not be too abusive to this man who from what I can see on Facebook has had good taste in women at least, even if they did not. The odd thing here is I have no interest in this very uninteresting person to write about, yet the sheer volume of people carrying on about him and even going so far as to plead for me to write about this turkey and his anti-crypto stance made me think. Wow, the Bitcoin world is in a real fight for the mindset.

You are pinned into a growing negative psychology predicated upon by very very manipulative forces behind the scenes. The governments don’t see this as a natural evolutionary event for man, yet they will at some point in the future no doubt. Once you learn to use fire or farm, along with any number of new technologies that just simply made our lives better, you don’t go backward. Crypto represents another one of those shifts in evolution and the simple gravity of the common man will accelerate its adoption in time. Nouriel Roubini represents the past and his way of thinking is uneducated, foolish and utterly out of touch with the world of today. So as time goes on we need to get the phuck over it! There will be plenty of Dimons/Roub-meanies around and in the end, it will not matter, what does matter is the future, not the past, like such persons are permanently caught in. Time does not care, neither does Bitcoin and neither should you…

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