October SIGNAL RESULTS 2022: Slight Gains After Slight Losses

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As opposed to September, Octobers are usually kind to the markets. Crypto markets perform well in October in the books of history. Given the slowing global economy, persistent inflation, and FED rate hikes, chances were low of crypto posting any sort of gains. But 2022’s October did not stray far from its historical repute.

After posting a slight loss in September, BTC posted an overall gain in October. It began the month at the 19.3K level and ended it at 20.4K. There was not a lot of price change during the month and the graphs stayed relatively flatter. At least much flatter than the bloodbath we came to see in November, we’ll talk more about that in November’s results.

But apart from BTC, some altcoins have posted much more notable gains. Dogecoin, for example, saw a whopping 101% rise in its price during October. This was primarily a speculation-driven boost which analysts attribute to Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

Now let’s see how these market conditions impacted our crypto signal provider’s performance.

Signal Results October 2022

Crypto Signal Results October

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On to our favorite part of all! Dissecting crypto signal performances!

After spending a few months out of the top spot, Universal Crypto Signals are back on their throne with their trademark 100% win rate! The premium signal provider issued 8 trades in the month and succeeded to make a profit on all 8 of them!

VCT’s Spot channel appears to be in the runners-up place but they’re not actually. The second spot goes to Fat Pig Signals with a very juicy 88% win rate. They’ve come second for the first time since August.

In the third spot, we’ve got Verified Crypto Traders, with a combined win rate of 83% for both their spot and margin channels.

1) Universal Crypto Signals

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Spending a few months out of the number one spot gave UCS a good reminder to up their game and so they have! They’re back with a 100% win rate and have snatched back the #1 spot on our signal results.

Universal Crypto Signals issued a total of eight trades and made a profit on all eight of them. It’s important to mention that UCS has lately been canceling a lot of its trades before entering them.

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! You might encounter a scammer impersonating Saviour from UCS, it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.

2) Fat Pig Signals

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Fat Pig Signals performed quite well in September with a healthy win rate of 88% and they maintained a similar performance in October. Just like September, they issued a total of 9 trades this month, 8 of which, were profitable.

3) Verified Crypto Traders

  • Telegram Signals
  • Bitmex Signals

Verified Crypto Traders have the third spot and credit goes to its outstanding Spot Channel results. VCT Spot has posted a remarkable 100% win rate with a total of 4 trades. Their overall score was, however, brought down by their Margin channel which scored a 66% win rate with just 3 trades. Nevertheless, VCT enjoy the third spot with an overall 83% win rate.

Update on VCT: Improvements in VCT’s team coming up due to some changes. More on this later.

4) CoinCodeCap

  • Telegram Signals
  • Discord Signals

CoinCodeCap has brought forward a solid performance with their Spot channel posting an 83% win rate with a very healthy 12 trades. We can’t say the same about their Margin channel which only managed a 44% win rate. They have an overall win rate of 63.5%.

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5) OnwardBTC

OnwardBTC was down and out in September with a very weak 44% win rate. October was much more painful for the folks at OnwardBTC as they had an extremely low win rate of 16%! Here’s a little explanation of what’s going on with OnwardBTC from their management.

OnwardBTC update

Signal Results October – Final Thoughts

The crypto markets have been following suit with history. After posting a loss in September, the markets maintained a positive but upward trend in October. This gave our expert signal-providing partners the chance to navigate the markets and get back into form.


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