Fat Pig Signals Review
Fat Pig Signals Review
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Fat Pigs Signals: Armed Pigs fighting Bears

Fat Pigs Signals Review

(Listed in The Best Crypto Signals since 11/2018 – updated 06/2019)
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Fair Warning: Fat Pig Signals do not come with bells & whistles. They don’t sell you a well-decorated tiny piece of meat on a noble looking plate – here you get a juicy steak like Grandma did, though from smart guys, which know how to bring that bacon home! We tested Fat Pig Signals in the worst bear market. Bitcoin just destroyed the 4K support and the markets tanked like if they were searching for pearls on the ground of the Mariana Trench.  Sure, right now there is an Alt Season, but when I started to monitor their trades, was a phase where the most left and right collected stop/losses as if they were stamps. To be honest, I am still puzzled how they do it – but in times, where you start the Binance app and see more blood than on a Butcher’s table, these guys have their trades running in the few assets which show green. Fat Pig Signals slaughter their way to the bear market – and by the way, their chat alone is so funny, it is worth the membership fees (for friends with a more rough kind of humor, though). This, by the way, is great to have here – the admins spread much knowledge there and you can extract great extra trades from time to time.

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Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review

Ivan On Tech

Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 2

The day has come that we have the ability to finally review the Ivan On Tech course! To a certain degree this is not a trading course even though it includes a “Trading Algo Section”.

However since this is such a famous piece of education in the Crypto Space we do think it’s extremely beneficial if we review the courses. First I want to give some context surrounding all this material.

The Ivan On Tech Academy isn’t something you should take lightly. And the main reason one should not take it lightly is the staggering growth in the need for “BlockChain Developers” and other professionals in the technology department of Crypto. By no means does this course leave anything to the imagination. Which will become even more clear during our in depth review.

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Bitcoin Weekly Update

Bitcoin Weekly Roundup

30-08-2019: Continued decline?

Let us look at what has happened with the Bitcoin since my last analysis.

In the end, we were given an increase in Bitcoin to the price areas we had indicated in scenario 1: $11600 and $11800. The market then turned around and dropped sharply. The $10088 support was broken due to a very large sales force. Bitcoin has fallen to our light blue rectangle zone, close to the area expected for a strong rebound ($9252) .

Thus, scenario 1 took place before continuing with scenario 2, while respecting the important areas we had indicated to you.

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VCT Platinum Plan Upgrade

Ivan On Tech Academy Crypto Course Review 4

Creating smart and worry-free services for our traders to maximize profit is our goal, as such we have made some significant upgrades to the platinum plan adding an additional channel, a new exchange, updated calls and some new features at no cost to you.  

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Decentralized vs Centralized Bitcoin Exchanges – Can They Co-Exist?

Decentralized vs Centralized Bitcoin Exchanges - Can They Co-Exist?

One of the most outstanding properties of cryptocurrency lies in its decentralization. It means that the critical decisions are made by all network participants, and not a separate central authority. However, the principles of decentralization, embodied in cryptocurrencies, are not yet implemented by cryptocurrency exchanges to the full extent. Most cryptocurrency trades take place within centralized exchanges, and not within decentralized ones.

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The Ultimate REVOLUT Digital Banking Review: How Does It Work and Who Needs One?

Revolut Banking Review

Revolut is a digital banking startup that hopes to revolutionize how global citizens access and interact with banks. It seeks to change how you send and receive money locally and internationally, how you manage your deposits, your international travels, and the security around your deposits as well as your exposure to advanced aspects of the financial industry like cryptocurrencies. According to the company, Revolut sets itself apart from conventional banking industry operatives by guaranteeing absolute transparency in charges and fees as well as being wholly online, though it still distributes prepaid debit cards.But how does it really work and what are merits and demerits of opening a current account online banker? Plus who needs their services and why? We have the answers to these and more in this Revolut breakdown.

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