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[Signals Review] – Alan Masters BitMEX Signals

Due to their popularity on Tradingview, a review about the Crypto Signals by Alan Masters has been requested quite a few times, so we figured it is time to provide one about these guys. They are pretty long in business and always appeared legit to us, but – of course – we need a deep dive into their work before we can recommend them to our readers. For the group of Alan Masters, we started a small experiment: We decided to take the community opinion into consideration and added an additional hurdle: we audited the new prospect still ourselves, though they had to grant a free membership to one reader of our Telegram channel, which we randomly selected. This member will provide a “community review” added to ours a bit later and only if he vouches for the channel, we might consider it to  add them to the Bitmex Signals post and issue our seal. But now, back to the Alan Masters BitMEX channel and what we have observed there. Keep Reading

– Alan Masters BitMEX Signals"]

Steve’s 2019 Portfolio – Some Classics & Some Crypto 2.0 Coins/Tokens

Steve's Crypto Portfolio for 2019
Steve's Crypto Portfolio for 2019


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and let never anyone trade for you. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

My Telegram became pretty busy this year (thank you guys, I appreciate your messages!) and my goal is it to tackle two of the most requested postings I received within the last days of this year: 1. of course the best Crypto Signal Auto Traders (likely the next post I will release. Hopefully, I can make it in ’18) and 2. which Portfolio I prepared for the long term. This is a relative light-weight one and I will be completely transparent on this one. In March, I accepted the bear market to be a long lasting one and sold the altcoin portfolios I held until then in a painful loss.
Furthermore, I realized that some of my old favorites prolly might have become outdated in these times and I focused on fresher coins and tokens. Projects that learned from the mistakes of the 1.0 generation, projects that didn’t start with a gazillion of crowdfunded ETH. coming from the ICO frenzy or by VCs (and therefore never can act really free). However, I re-bought some major coins, which are pretty obvious and are likely here to stay – they are included in this portfolio.

2017 has shown how important it is to become disillusioned. “Disillusioned”, a word many might perceive as negative. To me, it is rather positive as it can’t be wrong to break free from misleading illusions and put a pragmatism, realistic outlook in place. The crypto clearing is not yet done. Shitcoin companies have to die. The projects founded in this bear market & maintained/developed throughout this bear market – these might have a chance to become the winners. Remember the dot-com bubble, the majority of companies imploded – but what happened to the true visionaries? What happened to the folks that worked for months without any notable income but with a strong vision and goal? And, most importantly, where are they now? Keep Reading – Great Portfolio Tracker App with Smart Features

in CRYPTO TOOLS - Smart Portfolio Tracker - Smart Portfolio Tracker

We actually stopped writing about portfolio trackers, as there is a point where you cannot find any difference between them anymore – the only difference is the UI. But today I came across a fresh approach, I wanted to share with you guys. SPOT.SO – an android and iOS app that comes not only with a great design but also some new features, I never saw anywhere else before: Transaction import directly by wallet address, automatic exchanges import, works with the most exotic tokens, over 2000 cryptos supported, smart algos help to optimize your portfolio and tell you on which exchange to sell for the biggest profit. Great Tool!

[BITFINEON] A Crypto Exchange That Might Set New Standards


Here is just a quick & dirty post for you guys, showing a rock-solid exchange coming up soon. We told you about ALQO a while ago and that they will soon start a fiat-enabled exchange, called BITFINEON. I wanted to share with you the latest development update, as one can grasp the quality these guys are working on. In my opinion, this might really set new standards. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! Personally, I can’t wait to move my Binance funds over to them (and also a part of my XLQ for the Bitfineo Sharepool). The Beta launch is announced for Q4 ’18, but these guys don’t rush and release first once they are satisfied.

A Crypto Exchange That Might Set New Standards"]

Signals Thursday #10 – Interview with BITCOIN COMPASS

Interview with Bitcoin Compass
Interview with Bitcoin Compass

Somewhere on the world might still be Thursday, so we still publish our Signals Thursday… And end this season for now with a very special interview guest.
Bitcoin Compass is one of our listed Discord Signal Groups. They came and they ruled – pretty fast, and far more important: they have proven many times that they are true experts in trading and have a deep knowledge when it comes to crypto projects. Recently, they contributed an article, “The Ripple Mafia“, which went viral. Keep Reading

Crypto Signals Scam – Diggin’ Deep on

Crypto Signals Scam Network
Crypto Signals Scam Network

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How did you come into contact with SmartOptions the first time? Likely a Google search regarding Crypto Signals. We put many efforts into our posts and much time into auditing and evaluating groups, hence the search engines seem to like us. However, our post inspired many scammers to push their services with similar posts, if they cannot get listed with us. We rejected one of the biggest groups once, and they built a crypto blog on their own, copied the design of our post and wrote a thousand praising words about their service – and they are not alone with that. Many other groups did the same to fool the people which are watching out for a reliable service. But what we discovered recently tops these desperate tries by far! If you google for “best crypto signals” or similar keywords in the last weeks you might have seen already, what we are talking about here. What we found tho once we dug deeper, is a professional scam. Read on… Keep Reading

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