Signals Tracker May 2019
Signals Tracker May 2019

Signals Tracker May ’19 – The Best Crypto Signal Providers of the Month

Last Month we introduced you SMARTRANK and happily the crowed picked it up and welcomed it. Thank you!

This month we take a close look how the numbers develop. We just hammered in the fresh accuracy values and take a look how our monitored Signal Providers have done in this volatile May. Let’s rock that party!

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We hold our Vertcoins tightly

We hold our Vertcoins tightly 3


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Recently we told you about our holdings in Vertcoin, well the results are a bit diva-like, she let’s us wait. At first $VTC took a nose dive, but as we never invest into useless shitcoins, it just becomes a waiting game if it doesn’t turn out as expected. We just setup our sell order and forget about it for some time. The upward channel is slowly forming and we are holding Vertcoin tightly, as we are confident that the pump will come with the halving by mid December. This Twitter post by Vertcoin let’s us feel even better that it is worth the wait:

Keep Reading prevents Pump and Dumps

in TRADING CRYPTOCURRENCIES prevents Pump and Dumps 7

Maybe it is the fear of Operation Dragonslayer or the recent price mmanipulation scandal on LISK. The DDOS attack yesterday might be linked to the whole scenario and adds up to the picture, which might have brought to this needed step.

Binance Now With PC Client 1.2.0

Binance Now With PC Client 1.2.0 11

Whoever missed that Metatrader feeling with multiple chart windows, might be happy about the latest Binance upgrade of their greatly working PC client, which allows you to trade directly from your machine – now with that good ole MT4 comfort. Binance is recently pushing more and more coins into their exchange platform and releases feature update after feature update. We love to see that progress and wish the exchange lots of success for the future.

Bitcoin Diamond Fork Ahead – Move Your BTC to Binance

Bitcoin Diamond Fork Ahead - Move Your BTC to Binance 13

Around 15 blocks away by the time of writing this (at block height 495866), the Bitcoin Diamond Fork will happen. Again, free coins will be credited not all exchanges are supporting this fork. The uprising exchange Binance will credit you with 10 BTD (Bitcoin Diamond) for every Bitcoin you hold there. If you wish you take advantage, you should transfer your BTC fast to Binance.

Power To The People: Interview with Internet of People

Interview with Internet of People IoP

When John Lennon sang “Power to the People” in 1971 he had no clue that a digital revolution will hit us hard with its mass adoption of the internet. Maybe he would hold $IOP coins if he would be still alive, as “Internet of People” is an ambitious project which dais out to give the internet users their power back, the power of controlling their data. Their recently released Blue Paper amazed us, so we had to ask for an interview – and we got one. Enjoy reading the answers of Markus Maiwald from Internet of People. Keep Reading

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