Signal Tracker February 2019
Signal Tracker February 2019

[Signals Tracker] February’19 – The Best Crypto Signal Providers of the Month

Oh yeah, I am late this month – like very late. Flu knocked me down and too much work back side has kept me off the tracker thing – sorry!

Glorrrry, Glorrrry, Halllleeelllluuujjhaaaaa – This was undoubtedly the month of the unleveraged trading – ALTSEASON is here *ding ding ding*. No wonder, that our Altcoin signal providers performed like hell. Multiple 100% accuracy ratings popped up this month.
Let’s see which of our listed providers milked it sideways. Ohhh, and we have a completely new situation: shooting stars have been seen on this early spring heaven, shooting stars that rocketed from to nowhere to #1…

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February’19 – The Best Crypto Signal Providers of the Month"]

Blood Bath Incoming – Survival Strategies for Segwit2x

Blood Bath Incoming - Survival Strategies for Segwit2x 3


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and let never anyone trade for you. We do not support or advertise "FUND MANAGEMENT", we only review signal providers/analysis/education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

With Segtwit2x coming on block 494784 (likely the 15th of November 2017), alts are bleeding again. Seeing the red sea in their portfolio makes it hard for many people to hold, leaving themselves asking if they should sell (likely at loss) to participate on the BTC fork and follow the herd for the buying frenzy, dare they miss out from the move.  From a technical analysis point of view it is forming a head and shoulder pattern and many people may start to resist buying it for now. With a support line around 5.2K it might break down to 4.8k – that would be a nice entry for the run until the fork comes. So what to do? Watching the blood bath and holding altcoins for a possible retracement, wait for the dip and get in & hold until the fork?

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7Up! Seven Buy-Before-Fork-Coins

7Up! Seven Buy-Before-Fork-Coins 5


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and let never anyone trade for you. We do not support or advertise "FUND MANAGEMENT", we only review signal providers/analysis/education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

There is much hope out there, that the volume is flushing back into the alts after the hard fork is officially finished on 25th of October and the folks have received their oh-so-great Bitcoin Gold. We already stated our six sexy coins we are going to invest in (or did already as the price targets were hit) before the forkdate. The discount in alt-mart is somewhat teasing, so we extended the list to seven more coins in this post. We want to hold this coins, before the money hopefully comes back and revives the altcoin market. We have carefully chosen 7 very promising coins / tokens, that are rock solid and might come back up to were they have been or even higher. We setup a live portfolio on coincompare, so you can watch the show and the amount of growth we have been able to achieve post BTG fork.  In this portfolio we have thrown $100 at each of the items, you find the link at the end of this post.

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No Moon, No Lambo, Just Hodl – The Psychologicial Anatomy of Shitcoin Trading

No Moon, No Lambo, Just Hodl - The Psychologicial Anatomy of Shitcoin Trading 8

Lately been on Facebook? Telegram? Reddit? No? Any other social media platform? Surely you are subscribed to a discussion group on any platform to satisfy your needs for juicy crypto infos.
People heard more and more about other people that made some decent money fast with cryptos and want to get in, which is no wonder – they want their part of the cake. So far so understandable, however what happens in social media is no fun anymore, it is dumb.

Technical analysis (TA) is very close to a gamble, when it comes to low volume coins. One has to understand that technical analysis relies on volume and liquidity of the markets, furthermore it reflects often the algorithms of the big institutional traders like banks or big hedgefonds – and last but not least the emotions and sentiments of the traders. That works for FX, but do that on dead shitcoins and you are going to be burned. But also coins with volume in crypto trading rely onto emotional behaviour to a a high level and are therefore hard to predict, maybe a bit like your girlfriend when she gets emotional. You know her, yeah, but the reactions tend to be differently from what you expected.

Look, this coin floored since days, consolidated very deep – it MUST breakout!!!One!11!!!

Yes, likely to break out south, though – as the rest of it is rare holders recognized they have some capital bound onto a dead fish and want to get at least something out. This is also one reason why it is dumb to say HODL on each and every coin. “I have 10k dodgecoins, what shall I do?” Reply: “HODL!!!!” – Heck, no – you should not HODL a dead coin, this makes no sense.  Let’s be honest, it often happens like this:

Facebook Group participant Fred :

$ASScoin is going to moooooooon sooooooon. Very good whitepaper, I read all the details, great team with many *vic -ending names, fantastic tech, so complicated I don’t even understand what it is about. Hop on, this is gonna be a $10 coin easily in a few month. #lambo #moon #hodl

Newbies are reading it, desperate wannabe-overnight-rich action takers are reading it and a fraction of them will comment it – many will just buy silently, not doing any research at all. Why taking the effort, Fred has it already done and vouched for it. Hey, he has 1k facebook friends, can’t be wrong at all. Despite the low volume of the coin and the many groups Fred has posted this, they generated a little spike on $ASScoin. Some recognize what’s going on and sell of again quickly, feeling dumb, but ok, just a few dollars in fees and a bit of rate loss. Others though are still waiting for $ASScoin to skyrocket, having $50 in it, the order form of the lambo dealer is pre-filled already – but nothing happens. Now all these people sitting in reddit, forums, facebook and telegram groups seeing an other follower of Fred asking

Hey, whatcha all think will $ASScoin moon soon?

The question hits the 30 others, that bought $ASScoin as well, some maybe with more significant money, some might have thrown the kid’s college money or their pension on it.

YES, just HODL, HODL FOR YA DEAR LIFE, MOON soooooooon, then lambo for everyone. HOOOODDDLLLLLLLLL I am all in! CAN’T go wrong!!!!!1111!!!!!!!! It is only a loss if you sell at a loss!!!!11!11ONE!! It is at discount rate right now!!!!! I am selling my wife, the kids and my kidney to buy morreeeeee!

Seeing this kind of dedication, the newbies just don’t want to be the noob that sells at a loss and holds tightly. Even throws some extra packs on it, but waits and waits and waits. No moon, no lambo, just hodl. The thing the newbie has fallen for, was the dream, the emotion of another one. Everyone can publish everything in the internet. There are many reasons why you will find wrong informations within cryptoverse:

  • Newbies, that want to appear as Pro seeking to get attention
  • Wrong TA (Technical Analysis) applied
  • Correct TA applied to no volume charts, bad price action
  • People actually trying to convince themself, that their decision to hold is the correct one. Sellers are weak hands, only hodlers are right, generally speaking
  • Paid advertizers posting to groups to push ICOs
  • People want to push their held shit coins
  • People spreading myths / beliefs that they just overtook from someone else
  • Pump and Dumps

It is all about the strategy you use and not to fall for experienced traders, exploiting low volumes for pump and dump actions. First at all we need to have a differentiated look at what you do with your money. Decide if you want to invest or if you want to do day trading.


You do your research on projects, allocate a defined percentage of your funds to the project and buy tokens for it. First think of how many projects you will be able to follow in the long run. Subscribe to their social media channels, their website rss, their github. Let’s say you think you will be able to follow 5 projects, so you split your total amount of funds by 5 and use each portion for one project you want to invest in, by buying their tokens.

Before you buy anything you want to do your research, a basic overview can be achieved by asking these questions:  1. Which problem does this project solve? And has it realistic chances to do so? 2. How is the realisition of it, is there something done already like an existing MVP? 3. How is the github activity? 4. How is the team? 5. Is there an actual use for the token itself? You can go along with the very detailed and good methodology of Cryptohydra. Then you put a % of your allocated money into it and simply forget about the price of the coin, just follow the news of the project to check if it is doing any good. Alternatively, if you want some more action, you can create a portfolio and check the price development. Once you see a 100% increase you could withdraw 50% and leave the rest in your wallet. These 50% can be used for new projects you like to invest in. So you diversify more and more over time. Diversification is key if you want to grow your account hands-free. Theoretically speaking, you spread your money over promising projects and hope that some of them skyrocket, compensating the loss on others with profits.


If you want to do day trading on coins / tokens, you want to be extra careful. Technical analysis might help on coins with volume like  or , but will give you rarely reliable informations on $ASScoin.  Be prepared for a long and painful road, if you want to learn it. However, it is advisable to learn some basics like support & resistance to find good entry points for investing (like in the prior paragraph) to optimize the outcome. If you want to take a deeper look into daytrading Coinigy could be a first step into learning it.

Some words I found on Bitcointalk. Obviously I don’t agree in every case with it, but I found it entertaining enough to share:

I type d that tyitle twice because I knew it was wrong the first time.  Still wrong.  w/e.  GF’s out at a lesbian bar, BTC crashing WHY AM I HOLDING? I’LL TELL YOU WHY.  It’s because I’m a bad trader and I KNOW I’M A BAD TRADER.  Yeah you good traders can spot the highs and the lows pit pat piffy wing wong wang just like that and make a millino bucks sure no problem bro.  Likewise the weak hands are like OH NO IT’S GOING DOWN I’M GONNA SELL he he he and then they’re like OH GOD MY ASSHOLE when the SMART traders who KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE DOING buy back in but you know what?  I’m not part of that group.  When the traders buy back in I’m already part of the market capital so GUESS WHO YOU’RE CHEATING day traders NOT ME~!  Those taunt threads saying “OHH YOU SHOULD HAVE SOLD” YEAH NO SHIT.  NO SHIT I SHOULD HAVE SOLD.  I SHOULD HAVE SOLD MOMENTS BEFORE EVERY SELL AND BOUGHT MOMENTS BEFORE EVERY BUY BUT YOU KNOW WHAT NOT EVERYBODY IS AS COOL AS YOU.  You only sell in a bear market if you are a good day trader or an illusioned noob.  The people inbetween hold.  In a zero-sum game such as this, traders can only take your money if you sell.

Bitcoin ALGO sell update, OUT OUT OUT!



This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and let never anyone trade for you. We do not support or advertise "FUND MANAGEMENT", we only review signal providers/analysis/education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

We have completely exited all of our bitcoin holdings and even some of the ALT follower coins, such as ETH, Litecoin and a few others that joined BTC in this last major up move from 4679 to 5800! We will look for a price decline back under 4700 now before attempting to buy again. Often on the FIAT side if a currency moves much beyond a resistance point like the 5,000-4679 area as Bitcoin has done, it will retreat with just as much and often more ferocity once the momentum peaks, kind of like a bullet shot up in their air hitting terminal velocity before it curves back down. Per our own rules we will wait till around the 1st week or so in Dec or so, as this is the likely statistical pulse move that my ALGOs compute for buyers to start again. As long as we are in this red block on a time basis that you can see in the above chart, selling should be the strong actuator in price behavior moving forward. Though again my ALGOs are being recalculated in time in this very new dynamic field of crypto currencies, as these new babies of price which do not have large institutional participation and histories on which to compute solid data models on, could make prediction a rough ride! In the mean time we will plug in the data and see how it turns out doing our best to profit with the ALGOs computations as they stand. Remember bitcoin even if the originator in this market is still fairly young and emotional wide price swings with a high degree of seemingly random action might be the norm for some time to come. We will work on trying to find the best and most profitable data in order to grow our capital in this new and exciting field. Hope and prayer are generally the mark of newbie traders, but in this case we might need it! LoL 🙂

Halo vs Cobinhood – Who’s David and who Goliath?

Halo vs Cobinhood - Who's David and who Goliath? 11


This article is for educational purposes only. We are no financial advisors. Do not make investment decisions based on this informations. The information provided from Smart Options is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered legal or financial advice. You should consult with a financial advisor or other professional to find out what may be best for your individual needs and risk tolerance. Please do your own research and let never anyone trade for you. We do not support or advertise "FUND MANAGEMENT", we only review signal providers/analysis/education. Please read this disclaimer and leave the website if you disagree with it.

Two ICOs – two new exchanges: COBINHOOD and HALOPLATFORM.

The landscape of exchanges for crypto enthusiasts is a sad one. Security breaches (e.g., non existing support (bitfinex, bittrex, et al.), ugly interfaces, nerdy interfaces, premium fees to pay. Those exchanges give the impression that they only wish to milk the cow. They literally do not offer a state-of-the-art experience when it comes to their platforms (look at COSS and have a healthy belly laugh). But who is it that listens to the complaints and desires of the crypto community? We think we have found in our belief a few contenders set to dominate this space, each with an intrinsically different ecosystem, one vs the other: HALOPLATFORM and COBINHOOD to name two of them. They both are currently running ICOs and have something to offer for sure, but which one to invest in? With your participation in one of these ICOs, you give a vote of confidence as you invest in their technological vision, thus you are contributing to the very future of the Cryptosphere. One of them seems to plow a huge amount of their budget into what seems is marketing, towards which should have its caps filled quickly, the other one seems to invest into its platform succinctly to deliver a really strong, feature-rich product and prays for word-of-mouth. Who is who? In comparison you will learn this by the end of this article.  Let’s us take a deep breath and narrow it down as we look at them both. First things first, here are the opponents:


Welcome to the Ultimate Cryptocurrency Platform…
Halo Platform is the Most Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Platform Supported by Halo Coin and the Halo Network.
Powerful, enterprise level solutions fused with next generation trading tools and widgets make Halo Platform the #1 choice for a fully customizable trading hub with the flexibility to handle all your day-to-day trading and more. Our customizable UI allows you to change out which widgets you want to make it exactly what you need. Traders need a solid exchange where trading lag is a thing of the past. Track your positions, get SMS alerts, check annualized ROI from holding, track off-chain assets in your balance, and view your portfolio position in BTC and other base currencies like USD or AUD. Halo has it all and grows with the needs of the market.

HALOPLATFORM is so much more than a simple exchange – it is a whole cryptocurrency ecosystem and leaves no room for wishes. HALO will become the command center of every professional cryptocurrency trader / investor. Cryptos are still in it’s infancy, this is why so many companies with poorly designed products can succeed. HALO with it’s breathtaking offering has the goal to drive the cryptoverse to a whole new level, especially its analysis tools will help novice traders and investors alike to get their stuff organized in order and to keep an comprehensive detailed overview. There are many fields to be disrupted by HALO and the exchange seemingly is just one of them.

Supported coins / tokens: To many to list here, to be determined they are aiming for 100-150 of the top market coins plus whatever the community requests
Supported fiat currencies: USD/EUR/JPY/KRW/CNY/HKD/CAD/GBP/AUD/NTD/RMB/AUS
Whitepaper: *UPDATED 10/24/17*

Introducing Cobinhood

COBINHOOD is a cryptocurrency service platform for the blockchain era. The first
service launched by COBINHOOD is the world’s first zero fee high-frequency
cryptocurrency trading exchange that solves existing problems of cryptocurrency
traders. It provides spot trading and margin trading with ZERO trading fees to
maximize traders’ profit and market liquidity.

COBINHOOD is a ZERO trading fee cryptocurrency exchange with much buzz currently. The zero trading fee applies to spot trading and margin trading for up to 10x leverage. You can deposit in many fiat currencies, along with this it seems they took great care on the security end of their system, with an eye on being innovative. They aim for becoming a decentralized exchange in Q2 2018. Unfortunately COBINHOOD landed in trouble a few days after the ICO has started, as there has been special 150% bonus deals for Ian Balinas telegram group. Despite that the ICO seems to go pretty well, their marketing is excessive and seems to work.

Supported coins / tokens: BTC, BCC, ETH, USDT, ETC, IOTA, EOS, LTC, ZEC, XMR, XRP, COB, REP, OMG, DASH, NEO, GNT
Supported fiat currencies: USD/EUR/JPY/KRW/CNY/HKD/CAD/GBP/AUD/NTD


The feature list is long, very innovative and contains tons of tools you want to have right now. In fact the exchange is just a fraction of what HALO has to offer and if you take your time to look into the array of features, you surely will be surprised. As we compare HALO Platform here with COBINHOOD, our emphasis is more on the exchange along with the connected items in turn, but here are a few of the awesome features of HALO:

  • A brand new approach of an EXCHANGE: Halo is all about organizing the decentralized. You can control your Private Keys inside Halo, so you never will lose track of all that cluttered stuff, spread over the web. It has a strong cloud architecture that takes care to avoid trading lags and scaling issues. Furthermore, HALO’s Decentralized Control Exchange (DCE) allows you to add and trade on only the exchanges of your choice, this allows tracking effortlessly across multiple exchanges. The HALO tokens you are purchasing with the ICO are heavily used on the entire platform and also use a Zero-Transaction-Fee Protocol within the platform, so if you send 1 Halo, it will be 1 Halo received.Halo vs Cobinhood - Who's David and who Goliath? 12
  • A complete PORTFOLIO MANAGER, that visualizes the current state P/L of your wallets (which you can have as well on HALO, of course). Users can track gains
    and get notified instantly by SMS alerts. ROI can be calculated on monthly and yearly base, track off-chain assets, and view their portfolio position in BTC and other base currencies as well. Furthermore, HALO utilizes CRYPTOSWIM – a Cryptocurrency Calculator. This feature will help you with keeping your eyeballs on your “Dollar Cost Average” and takes care for not being hype-influenced.
  • Wallets, Wallets, Wallets
    HALOPlatform aims to be your one-stop-solution for your wallets as well. If you hodl, for example, BTC, ETH, XRP and DASH you don’t have to login into each of the wallets to check the status or do transactions, you have them all-in-one space. This is really helpful if you spread your portfolio widely over tons of coins and tokens – this way you can transfer the one you want to sell to the HALO Exchange with mouseclick and trade it if you wish to. This is another point in terms of mass-adoption, as the current state is hard to grasp for Average Joe.
  • Another important feature will be the Marketplace. Here you can offer all kind of Cryptoservice to the audience. Imagine consulting lessons, trading signals and whatever. Here is also a POS where you can use the HALOCOIN you can buy in the current ICO and here is the place where the project will gain its revenue.
  • The HALO Tokenhub will be an very simple but effectice place for decentralized and consensus regulated ICO creation. This will bring up the whole ICO thing to a new level, making this form of crowdfunding available for the masses.
  • HALOPlatform seems to be unstoppable in terms of their vision, there are way more features to discover like the business tools and services, an inbound crypto community, financial tracking tools and a HALO debit card. The roadmap is unbelievable and if this job is done properly they will blow so many other small scale projects out of equation.
  • For the upcoming app, please have a look here:

Halo in our view will contribute in a massive way to grand scale adoption and confidence in crypto, which should be epic in scope. The currently sold token HALOCOIN is perfectly woven into the platform and has a real use. Starting with a very limited supply of 1,000,000 HALO with a value of $10 each and an actual use on the platform, we think this coin will gain in value very quickly. Especially if you consider the many ways to spend HALO on the platform. And, yes, HALOs will be minable, thusfore the supply in the beginning is small. Even the mining process has been designed very easily and can be run on an VPS. HALO has a masternode system and pays 50% of all their service fees generated back to the masternode holders.


COBINHOODs feature list is limited, as their vision is much more narrow. Whilst HALO wants to create the decentralized center of the Cryptoverse, COBINHOOD’s goal is to make an zero-fee trading exchange. You might ask why we compare those both, please read on – we will explain that in the last paragraph of this article. They want to run a smooth working exchange that offers spot trading and leveraged margin trading. Zero-trading fees is quite an argument, but it is not all – traders also want a good experience and they have been treated badly in the cryptospace (let’s remember Mt Gox). Still todays exchanges charge ridiculous fees, have a literally non-existing customer support and slow order processing. All of these shall be addressed by COBINHOOD. Let’s take a look at the platform of COBINHOOD and the features:

Halo vs Cobinhood - Who's David and who Goliath? 13

We hate to say it, but we can’t find anything special yet – it almost reminds a bit to Etherdelta with a more eye-friendly color scheme. We recognize the fancy flashed-out design of the ICO and the more generic style of the exchange. But back to the COBINHOOD features:

  • No transaction fees – Traders will enjoy ZERO trading fees for spot trading and margin trading for up to 10x leverage.
  • Secure environment – COBINHOOD will store the vast majority of the crypto asset deposits in an offline multisig vault, which requires 5 out of 8 geo-distributed hardware security modules to open, which is very state-of-the-art.
  • Real-Time-Trading-Experience with a highly performant order-matching system.
  • Many supported Fiat currencies for depositing on the exchange.
  • Multilingual Platform supporting 10 major languages, covering 98% of the world’s population.
  • An existing – hopefully – top-notch customer support, as per defined goal in the whitepaper.
  •  ICO Spark ProgramTM to help well-known enterprises, successful startup companies, or reputable entrepreneurs integrate their products and services with blockchain technology.

The rest of the features are really more about the ICO and not the platform itself, like some privileges for token holders and ICO underwriting service and the nice feature that the usual liquidity issues with ICO tokens are solved as the tokens become tradable right away after the exchange launch.


So why did we choose to compare apples with bananas? We wanted to demonstrate a live example on how much the ICO market is driven by marketing and how it can derail the general development of the Cryptospace and mass-adoption. One project might be good marketed pre-ico, but the other one in comparison is something with a real community value. Let’s do a check side by side:

  • COBINHOOD spent tons of money to create a full blown team with so many advisors and what else ~ HALO is the geeky underdog staying in the background, focused on development.
  • COBINHOOD‘s ICO website has a great feature-packed webdesign is highly optimized for conversions ~  HALO’s current info website is looking good, though we are sure it has cost a fraction of what COBINHOOD has paid for theirs.
  • COBINHOOD leaves no stone unturned in their marketing program and use every method possible to squeeze investments ~ For HALO you will see rarely ads, but you will find tons of real traders and cryptoenthusiasts spreading the word in the groups and channels.
  • COBINHOODs vision is very limited and has just a few innovative features, but if you read the website closely, you will find it is focused on providing extra value to token holders, instead of coming up with a real great product ~ HALO outranks COBINHOOD by far in terms of features – it is fully focused on the product, they just don’t care for fancy marketing campaigns to squeeze the last $ out of the prospects. HALO cares for the product and to contribute hugely to mass-adoption of crypto in general.
  • Compare the webdesign of COBINHOOD  with the design and features of the exchange and you will see where the money has been spent. Vice Versa for HALO, where the website won’t amaze very much but the limitless features of the product itself will leave you open-mouthed in amazement.

The Verdict

In a nutshell this comparison is like David against Goliath. COBINHOOD might be Goliath for their marketing and in acquiring large sums very fast but HALO is smart and might be the real winner in the long run, as the product is not just a simple exchange, it is the next logical step on a technical level to elevate the success of crypto itself.

Whilst many ICO investors become quickly impressed with flashy videos and nice web designs, they tend to forget to actually watch out for the real value of outstanding products. Many of these companies should use their capital more on the actual product instead of a blatant marketing. In COBINHOOD we stand back and see ourselves invests into yet another ICO, HALO on the other hand seems like it is going to be a major game changer in the long run, once people realize what it actually can do. Other fee-free exchanges might be in the pipeline already, waiting to start and to learn from COBINHOOD’s mistakes. With that fast pace of development, it will be easily replicable. We are sure you won’t find scandals for HALO like COBINHOOD’s special bonus for the Ian Balina group, as HALO is about the product, while COBINHOOD seems to be all about the raising of funds, which is a bit concering to us. Also to consider: COBs are already trading on Etherdelta, so you can make a bargain there, as sometimes it is below 60% of the current ICO price.
The eco-system of HALO could become a true crypto central to the community. Try to think of what they should add to their platform, what is missing? Hard to find something, right?  The roadmap of HALO is amazing, as it considers crypto from a 360° angle – and this is why we believe in HALO. We are sure that HALO is the true gamechanger, with a coin to hold and an amazing platform to use for all your daily crypto needs. This angel in the crypto space surely deserves it’s HALO 😉

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