ALGOs suggest a “BLACK CHRISTMAS” for Stocks, Bitcoin too!?

ALGOs that model/predict future price selling/buying pressure in TIME, RANGE and ENERGY. Suggest a likely Black Christmas, as the modeling of institutions own buy/sell programs and have likely triggered to a large degree, of which selling from Sept 9th to Jan 7th… These advanced ALGOs are used in highly liquid markets such as the Dow/S&P 500/Euro and have a high probability due to the ARC = Energy numbers being fairly high. Boxing out = expecting the full range within the given time, denoted by the geometry of the box in the above chart. Many elements here indicate further price declines in the U.S. equities market going forward, so what possible effect will this have on Bitcoin? Keep Reading

7Up! Seven Buy-Before-Fork-Coins


There is much hope out there, that the volume is flushing back into the alts after the hard fork is officially finished on 25th of October and the folks have received their oh-so-great Bitcoin Gold. We already stated our six sexy coins we are going to invest in (or did already as the price targets were hit) before the forkdate. The discount in alt-mart is somewhat teasing, so we extended the list to seven more coins in this post. We want to hold this coins, before the money hopefully comes back and revives the altcoin market. We have carefully chosen 7 very promising coins / tokens, that are rock solid and might come back up to were they have been or even higher. We setup a live portfolio on coincompare, so you can watch the show and the amount of growth we have been able to achieve post BTG fork.  In this portfolio we have thrown $100 at each of the items, you find the link at the end of this post. Let’s see how our selection will turn out!

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No Moon, No Lambo, Just Hodl – The Psychologicial Anatomy of Shitcoin Trading


Lately been on Facebook? Telegram? Reddit? No? Any other social media platform? Surely you are subscribed to a discussion group on any platform to satisfy your needs for juicy crypto infos. People heard more and more about other people that made some decent money fast with cryptos and want to get in, which is no wonder – they want their part of the cake. So far so understandable, however what happens in social media is no fun anymore, it is dumb. Technical analysis (TA) is very close to a gamble, when it comes to low volume coins. One has to understand that technical analysis relies on volume and liquidity of the markets, furthermore it reflects often the algorithms of the big institutional traders like banks or big hedgefonds – and last but not least the emotions and sentiments of the traders. That works for FX, but do that on dead shitcoins and you are going to be burned. But also coins with volume in crypto trading rely onto emotional behaviour to a a high level and are therefore hard to predict, maybe a bit like your girlfriend when she gets emotional. You know her, yeah, but the reactions tend to…

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Bitcoin ALGO sell update, OUT OUT OUT!


We have completely exited all of our bitcoin holdings and even some of the ALT follower coins, such as ETH, Litecoin and a few others that joined BTC in this last major up move from 4679 to 5800! We will look for a price decline back under 4700 now before attempting to buy again. Often on the FIAT side if a currency moves much beyond a resistance point like the 5,000-4679 area as Bitcoin has done, it will retreat with just as much and often more ferocity once the momentum peaks, kind of like a bullet shot up in their air hitting terminal velocity before it curves back down. Per our own rules we will wait till around the 1st week or so in Dec or so, as this is the likely statistical pulse move that my ALGOs compute for buyers to start again. As long as we are in this red block on a time basis that you can see in the above chart, selling should be the strong actuator in price behavior moving forward. Though again my ALGOs are being recalculated in time in this very new dynamic field of crypto currencies, as these new babies of price…

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Halo vs Cobinhood – Who’s David and who Goliath?


Two ICOs – two new exchanges: COBINHOOD and HALOPLATFORM. The landscape of exchanges for crypto enthusiasts is a sad one. Security breaches (e.g., non existing support (bitfinex, bittrex, et al.), ugly interfaces, nerdy interfaces, premium fees to pay. Those exchanges give the impression that they only wish to milk the cow. They literally do not offer a state-of-the-art experience when it comes to their platforms (look at COSS and have a healthy belly laugh). But who is it that listens to the complaints and desires of the crypto community? We think we have found in our belief a few contenders set to dominate this space, each with an intrinsically different ecosystem, one vs the other: HALOPLATFORM and COBINHOOD to name two of them. They both are currently running ICOs and have something to offer for sure, but which one to invest in? With your participation in one of these ICOs, you give a vote of confidence as you invest in their technological vision, thus you are contributing to the very future of the Cryptosphere. One of them seems to plow a huge amount of their budget into what seems is marketing, towards which should have its caps filled quickly,…

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