Wild Crypto Review
Wild Crypto Review
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Wild Crypto – Rational trading in a wild market

Wild Crypto Review

Added 16 – 07 – 2019 / Pure Trading Signals without leverage
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Let’s start from the beginning here: The Wild Crypto, not to be confused with Wild Crypto Token, has actually been around for a very long time. So we’re happy we have finally got a chance to review their trading.

If we quickly introduce you to the feeling that the groups have given us we can call it positive, active and in very caring. We didn’t actively participate in chat but it feels like their channels updates you on the most important movements. This also addresses a very popular concern we see with signal providers: They are not timezone bound, the activity is around the clock and rather consistent as well.

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Smart Options – Our Mission


Smart♦Options – Was born out of the ashes of the old fraud ridden “Binary Options” Industry, we are a phoenix of education and wisdom for traders new and old. Our Mission is to bring forth a new era in trading. Using the decentralized power of block-chain technology to usher in a “Fair Battle Ground” for traders where fraudulent Brokers are gone from the equation. We will be spot on with this new paragadigm shift in trading. We will share our investments with analysis of these tokens and we will take a deep, merciless glance into upcoming and current ICOs here.

We are Smart… We have Options…

We will use them!

SPECTRE now on Telegram!

Spectre Telegram Live Chat!

SPECTRE is lighting up the boards, now even on Telegram! As Spectre ICO is set to hit the board later this month with TREMENDOUS participation! People everywhere are talking about just how HUGE this will be, just great really really great! If you have any questions how would you like to get them answered directly from the CEO of the company? Well here you go! Ask Kay Anything! Like “What are you wearing Kay?” – if you are kinky that way, or “Do your socks match Kay?” there is any number of things you can ask, though we do wish you would try to keep it about SPECTRE as this is the hottest talk in the crypto world! SPECTRE.AI is going to change the trading world forever, using a blockchain based tokenized trading exchange to eliminate the broker from the equation! NO DEPOSIT – NO BROKER – NO FRAUD! If you ever worried about sending your hard earned money to be deposited in an account with a broker, well worry no more! Join the conversation of SPECTRE’S Telegram group and get all of your questions answered by the CEO himself!

Spectre’s CEO on Telegram!

[INFOGRAPHIC] How SPECTRE will Disrupt the Trading Industry


SPECTRE.AI will replace the world of financial trading as we know it (please read our detailed project review here).  As traders we support the project from the bottom of our heart, finally Smart Options will be replaced with Smart Options, a new way of trading without the need of a broker, as the complete trading platform is build on Ethereum based smart contracts. The following infographic will explain the many advantages of smart options and how you will be able to profit from your trading – without being scammed.

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How SPECTRE will Disrupt the Trading Industry"]

Introducing the SPECTRE ICO – No Broker, No Cry


In the world of ICOs you will face much scam – but some ICOs are different, some of them are here to fight scam and to disrupt a corrupted industry. Binary Options are such an industry – a great product to trade, but the brokers did everything to destroy it hard within the last years. We are happy to announce the SPECTRE ICO, which is starting from 27th of October – coming to disrupt the industry. In a nutshell: Once the SPECTRE ICO is funded and the trading platform goes live (alpha is live already in demo mode) you won’t need to deposit anymore, no need to pray for withdrawals, each trade is directly paid out to your ETH wallet. They will transform Binary Options into SMART OPTIONS. Keep Reading

Trading Smart Options in the Summer


Summer is for “S” and “R” Many have a more difficult time trading during the summer with their binary option strategies. This mainly is because the summer prices tend to trend for larger support and resistance levels. Example fox binary signals, who use a 10 min expiry for their high quality signals will often be in drawdown during the summer. This because even on overbought/oversold short term conditions the lack of volume will push the prices to larger time frame points, this making shorter term strategies kaput. That goes for even the best of traders btw, so it is not just short term traders that find summer difficult, even those who use good binary options directional analysis or binary options greeks to trade will suffer with the low volume trading. In the video below I demonstrate the key higher timeframe double binary option levels to visualize. This is not a bunch of “binary options trading secrets.” This is simply what most often happens during the summer and how you can learn to trade what the chart tells you, or how to avoid a binary options pricing model not in your favor.

one-touch binary option trades during summer? If you heard me talk about that in this video I will in the future give you live demonstrations of this in action. There are many binary options strategies you can apply for summer time trading, of which will increase your chances of success. Most think you that binary options currency trading is is one size fits all and what works during the winter should work during the summer. This is so not true, as an example trading binary options you will notice in the video above how I focus on larger time frames, in both support and resistance levels that are extremely important for reversals, during this seasonally low interest driven time period. Also this is not about your binary options broker list of which one is best to trade with. Some complain more often during the summer how they feel their binary options scam broker ripped them off. If you notice more discrepancy with pricing, ahhhh this is due to the low volume. Yes some binary options brokers will take advantage of this by creating larger spreads and you can find this even on “Nadex” who is a binary options exchange! Again all due to the low volume summertime seasonality. This can happen on any binary options platform. So you are not special or singled out, in this often negative fill environment as I call it.


So why does this happen during summer to make betting on binary options so difficult? Why does my binary options delta drop so hard? Even my binary options signal replication has difficulty. All questions you might be asking yourself. So let’s go over some key points to trade binary options in the summer.

• Focus on larger support/resistance levels on higher timeframes. If you notice in my charts they are all 15 mins to 4H in length and this even for trading short term is very key. Because I am focused on entries above or below key S/R levels to get my binary option value on entry correct.

• BE PATIENT!!! Above all else the binary option formula I like to follow is patience! Many will rush trades and apply a martingale binary options method because of the low volume. Thus causing themselves disaster as they watch their accounts balance vanish in the waterfall of one way pricing. Hence why using even more patience during the summers often lack luster trading is very key. For most this is hard and if you find it so, well go to the beach instead, that is good summertime advice lol!

• Trade LESS! If you see less price activity overall, why would you trade more to compensate? This is a key newbie mistake of trying to trade for effect instead of accepting what the market is willing to give and how it is being priced. Market behavior is key to align with. If slow you trade slow. If fast you trade fast. Be water my friend as bruce lee says. A binary option example of this will be in the video where you see the larger hour to 4 hour charts for levels. So take a moment and think how you are trading vs how the market is trading…

• The average online binary option trading brokers are most profitable trade for trade during winter and summer, so ask yourself why, also ask if you are the one giving them extra profits during this time?! If you are unable to get your binary option gamma to make sense on entries well then … STOP TRADING!!!

• Use ALTERNATE trading methods – I like to use a double binary option hedge often during summer and even one-touch binary option methods. I even notice people advertising free forex binary option trading signals using these methods in summer which is funny due to them being far more complex to relay real time to their binary option trading partners. the average fx binary option broker will not always have these options available during summer as well, so keep that in mind. Win rates go up using them and broker profits go down, so they simply take them away blaming the low volatility.

So as we head into the dog days of summer, let’s not get BURNED! Does not matter if you are into binary option signal replication or just trade for yourself. Take your time see if what I point out above makes sense. As you watch your favorite binary options chart, watch how the prices act in both time and price. The goal again is to be consistent and profitable overtime. Sometimes we have to adjust our trading to what the market does more than what we want from the market. In binary option currency trading our goal is to make money and stay on this objective always. Don’t let the market beat you by you trying to beat it! Grab your sunscreen and enjoy the heat! After all SummeR is for S&R.

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