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Pillar is our coin of interest today! In this issue of our popular HODL THAT! series, we want to present an analysis by a Telegram channel we follow closely: 4C-trading. We like their exclusive content very much and are currently in the rating process. So we can decide if we take them in our crypto signals post.

Until now the quality of their content is not that far behind Bitcoin Bravado. It is even more progressive in our opinion. We will follow closely and let you know. For today, we want to present one of their top picks as HODL THAT #10!

Which is especially interesting in the light of the current ongoing things with Facebook and its data leak. This was initially posted in February but is still current for an excellent long-term investment. Enjoy their analysis!


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Pillar may soon be the primary wallet to compete against. But it’s not a regular crypto wallet like we have plenty of today. Or maybe one of the new ones like Ethos, Bread or OMG. It is a meta token for our everyday life and activities. All our metadata will be garnered by Pillar, not by outside companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) like today.

You will have control over your personal metadata and you will be able to monetize over it. Personal data is incredibly important and it is a field of life we don’t manage well. It is managed by outside companies that take huge monetary advantage by it. Almost 500 bln USD per year, that’s a rough estimation.

Pillar of Power

Pillar is a platform powered by its own native token. A token that will finally fulfill the promise of the personal data locker. The project is very ambitious and still a long way before they fulfill their vision. Though this wallet may power most devices, including phones, tablets, wearables, cars, buildings, and more. Eventually, they will develop a personal digital advisor to help you manage your everyday life based on your metadata.

The platform will be token based. It means that the user will be able to pay for his daily spendings with PLR tokens. This wallet can be the first thing to put apps behind. That means that this one wallet will perform all services that all our apps already do. All in one wallet, decentralized and stored on the blockchain. No one but the user will have access to his metadata. Thus only they will be allowed to do with it whatever he wishes to.

The team: those people are full of vision and enthusiasm. They are not all stars, but they are so committed to their vision of future that we immediately believed them. This kind of communication is similar to Substratum. We are buying this idea Pillar Team!

Pillar Crypto

Competition: their competition known to us is Infi, a company based in Israel but outside the crypto field (no ICO, no token so far) that is trying to develop their personal digital advisor. They have recently raised 61 mln USD for further development of their product from private and institutional investors (according to our insider knowledge).
Another one is DATUM (DAT), a marketplace for IoT and social data. It is however in early stage and we’ve seen some red flags. The last one is Apex, a newly past ICO project.

Final thoughts:

At first, it may be hard for people to fathom what Pillar want to achieve, cause they totally want to change the way we interact with apps. If anybody thinks that giants like Google, Facebook or Apple decide to drop millions of dollars for monetizing our personal data, you are naive. The only situation when this could happen is to force all companies to use such lockers by law. I don’t believe this can happen. In this struggle, Pillar will be on the same team with Siacoin and BAT.

Nevertheless, we see a really big potential in Pillar project. There is no way world gigantic companies (Google, Apple, Facebook etc) will want to partake in Pillar. But decentralized companies – ABSOLUTELY! Imagine you install Pillar App on your mobile, and you have Steemit for news, dTube for videos, Brave for browsing, Wanchain as decentralized banking, Verge for totally anonymous transactions.

The world is moving in the direction of decentralization. Absolutely every business and service you are using now, for sure will have decentralized competitors in future. And this is a great opportunity.

Hype for Pillar has started but it’s not great yet, but consider your risk. If their wallet is good and looks great and is easy to use – moon soon. If it is complicated and ugly – down with it. But some leaks confirm is it really good.

We go for it with our spare FIAT/cryptos.

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  1. Hello Jasonnobody, this is Jonny from CryptoMedics. I can assure that the author is neither a dishonest person nor is the article propaganda. Actually, we are loved by our community for transparency and honesty. Feel free to join our community discussion to convince yourself: https://t.me/cryptomedicsdiscussion The issues is the following: The article was first published on CryptoMedics telegram channel in the first week of february for the first time. Actually, at that moment PLR had not taken a huge hit yet. After that the bloodbath continued and PLR went done 80%, like you said. The issue is that the article was published on smartoptions weeks later so that the content in general is still valid, but the phrase you pointed out is wrong from todays perspective. Thank you for raising awareness, we will delete that line as it is obviously confusing and not correct anymore. We will proof read next time to prevent this kind of issues in the future 🙂

  2. “What is really interesting is the fact that PLR didn’t take a huge hit during the recent bloodbath.”
    Absolute lies!!!!! Pillar was at $1.50 now $0.30 that an 80% loss in value, How the hell is that not a blood bath? even if you calculate it in BTC it was over 20000sat now less that 3500sat or more than 80% loss with is a total blood bath!!! How much did they pay you to write this propaganda piece and blatantly lie to you readers when anyone can go to crypto currency market cap and see this for themselves. clearly you are an dishonest person and anyone following your advice is a fool because it take two seconds to click on the following like to prove your a liar, so anything else you may have stated that may or may not have any validity can not be trusted when you have proven to lie openly.

    • At first, take a deep breath.

      How does it come that you scatter this very emotional comment all over the web, before simply asking for a possible reason first?
      This post was issued as guest post by a premium channel called CryptoMedics. They sent us a piece from February, but as it is still a good long-term investment, we decided to post it. Yes, you are right, this line is not correct anymore and has been removed now. Nobody has paid for this post, especially not Pillar – lol, this is how rumors are born. OK, we made a failure here by posting it without checking each of the details – we admit that – lesson learned. Keep your cool next time, we don’t need insults as a thank you for our unpaid work, pointing our readers to good opportunities.

  3. I can assure you the pump is coming. July 2018 we should be well over 3 dollars per Pillar token and closing the year out well above 10 dollars. I’v had multiple one way tickets to the moon, but this ticket is fast and bigger then all the rest. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show my friends!

  4. Excellent write up! I just bought another 25,000 Pillar. I see this thing closing the year over 10 dollars a unit. See you at the bank!


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