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January 28, 2021

FTX Review “7 keys to the Powerful Nefelibata of Exchanges!?”

Our FTX Review is going to be very different from most. As this up and coming crypto derivatives exchange is in its own dimension. We don’t break out words like Nefelibata “Cloud Walker” too often. Hence FTX deserves special mention because they have broken what the traditional crypto exchange model has been, and they have done it for the better!

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We highlighted FTX in our “Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges” post. Noting that they are growing fast and strong. There are some key reasons for this, [...]

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January 21, 2021

BYBIT Review – The new Bitmex? “Powerful Options Exchange”

In our “Bybit Review” we found some interesting things. 1st among them is that Bybit is fun to use! Hence many crypto exchanges can be somewhat unintuitive. This is not the case with Bybit.

It feels in some ways very similar to Binance, but with a margin/leveraged trading point of view. Easy to view your balance/positions on the screen. As well you can set different visual options with their interface.

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The Bybit interface is straight forward visually and has a nice look at feel. Hence we note the speed of this [...]

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January 14, 2021

Binance Review “A tale of 2 powerful exchanges”

/ & Review – Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange where the vast majority of traders transact their crypto portfolios. The Crypto Exchange itself has 2 major parts & If you don’t like to read but want to join Binance now follow our link and receive a 5% discount.

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Many good things have happened for Binance Signals and Binance automatic trader bots. It is not just how to make a crypto portfolio anymore. They have leverage/futures just like Bitmex now! So instead of [...]

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October 25, 2020

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange “Now and in the future!”

Cryptocurrency Exchange which is the best?

Which Cryptocurrency Exchange you use may depend on many factors. Mainly where you live and what you seek to do with your cryptocurrency. In this article we seek to look at the NOW and the FUTURE. (Last updated February 09th, 2021). Governments have started to make their mark, this goes along with the institutional push.

Paypal recently stated it will start to accept crypto, and it is said they are looking to acquire a number of crypto firms, including Bitgo. This is likely to give the go-ahead to many other institutional/corporate entities to jump into the crypto exchange and the crypto market in general.

We write [...]