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Signal Results for April 2021 were better than expected! Having a few superstar movers, which many signal providers were able to take advantage of. As you can see by the chart below most had solid returns, with nice growth. As we transfer into the start of summer trading what will be in May is the big question.

The signal results can be askew all that is gold does not shine. In which some providers might have a huge number of wins/trades but they also might have huge losses vs very small wins. As a trader you want the right balance, hence why we rank signal providers on the different matrix as seen below. So some providers might have fewer trades but very small loses or no losses and very very large wins. So keep this in mind when trying to rationalize the provider’s results.

The signal results of April had a few stand-outs. Once again UCS with 4 months in a row of 100% wins! Firstly, we note astounding performance with some very nice gains overall! Secondly, was Fatpigs again near perfect trades with some very large wins. Next was VCT and their mix of different signals/trades giving a very nice mix of spot/leveraged trades of different variations. Last, the real star is the VCT Platinum groups macro video reviews, which are very well received by members due to their accuracy and technical understanding of the markets.

Signal Results
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Monthly Signal Results
Signal Results April Chart
Universal Crypto Signals
1) Universal Crypto Signals

Wow again they hold for the 4th month in a row 100% winning trades! This is why they are #1 on the site. A truly amazing feat indeed. So the trades have been almost 2 times as many as last month for them with some really nice wins. Keep up the great work UCS! Signal results for April were amazing, can’t wait to see the next month!

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Fat Pig Signals
2) Fat Pigs Signals

Fat Pig Signals again had a very good month with only 1 loss out of 35 trades! Some of the gains were very impressive indeed. Hence, the DEFI focus has helped keep them moving along in a nice way. Similar to last month’s results just with about 20% more trades we see them taking advantage of the stable trending markets.

Verified Crypto Traders
3) Verified Crypto Traders

VCT again impresses with their multitude of traders/signals in their service. The Platinum groups videos are a big hit with many members getting great trading advice. They give a really good techn technical prespective of the market.

Add VCT spot and futures signal results for April’s trading, along with both scalping and swing trades. Hence, you have a huge mix to choose from! They are stable profitable and have a great handle on the markets!

Onward BTC
4) Onward BTC

Onward BTC has a split in bot trading and trading signals. The results of the bots 262 trades with 226 wins and 11 losses, amazing with a 93% win ratio. Vastly different than their trading signal results of 11 trades 3 wins, and 5 losses. A bit hard to rank them, we are looking to connect a live account to see how the bot functions for transparency’s sake. In the near future we will update you on the results, so stay tuned!

Sublime Traders
5) Sublimetraders

Sublime has a good mix of Signal results in April, as they are very very good technical traders in both spot and futures. Their results are very straightforward and technically sound. Good profitability with this group!

6) 4C-Trading

This was not a good month for 4C-Trading, they had a great deal of variance in their results. This has lead to a larger then average number of losses. Hopefully next month they can right themselves and show some better profitablity.

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Coin Observatory
7) CoinObservatory

Unfortunately, we can’t gain any insight into CoinObservatory’s results. They have had some amazing ones in the futures/stock trading realm. Yet nothing we can publish here in the crypto sphere.

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Signal Results April conclusion…

What a strange month, the star of it has been Ethereum (ETH) as this coin takes up most of the air in the room. Ethereum keeps making new highs into May, along with maybe Litecoin and our little friend DOGE coin. These coins have been set apart. They keep trending higher while Bitcoin (BTC) sits back and watches, not giving us a real indication if it wants to join the part for new ATHs.

Did not matter, as it seems a few signal providers really took advantage of the price action. You can look at the charts of many and be amazed. A standout is Onward, but again will research to see how they were able to generate so many signals and how many of those signals were really trades?

To many traders a trade signal is not the same as just a recommendation or bot signal. We at smartoptions don’t want to count a signal that maybe is not able for traders to take advantage of and will make sure to keep track of any after the fact, nontradeable signals.


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