SIGNAL RESULTS December 2021: BTC’s Worst Year-End Since 2013

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While Bitcoin saw a wonderful 2021, the largest crypto currency by market cap closed its banner year with a drastic 19% fall. Marking what is also known to be its worst December since 2013, the drop of the leading coin has continued into 2022. The leading coin’s downfall had top altcoins follow it’s trajectory closely.

In other news, investors have showed a disinclination towards investing in crypto after the emergence of the Omicron variant. Not just Omicron, but climate change concerns from ESG investors over crypto mining energy consumption have also contributed to December’s predominantly bear markets.

After seeing November’s all-time-high of $67,000+, Bitcoin stumbled down to near $46,000 in the very last days of 2021. Although it fell down even further in January, the unexpected crypto crash has had an impact on the crypto signals arena. The uncertainty has seen a reshuffle of the top 3 spots from November.

Not just that, December came with more ‘red’ for signal providers that have successfully maintained an ‘All Green’ chart in the last few months. Let’s see how the signal rankings have changed after all that has transpired in the crypto market.

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December Signal Results

It’s fair to say that the long-standing top 3 contenders, UCS, Fat Pig Signals and VTC have maintained their inclusion in the ‘Top 3,’ albeit at different spots. Fat Pig Signals has regained it’s #1 spot after losing it to Universal Crypto Signals in November. VCT continues it’s alternations between the #2 and #3 spots every month.

The most notable difference the chart above shows is the dramatic decrease in the number of trades signalled by the top 3 providers. Fat Pig, UCS and VCT provided 15, 25, and 25 signals repectively during November. The number fell to only 9, 11 and 13 during December. This can be understood as a direct result of the uncertainty that has clouded the markets towards the end of 2021.

Monthly Signal Results

Fat Pig Signals
1) Fat Pigs Signals

Fat Pig Signals have turned out to be the #1 signals provider in these trying times. This is a confirmation of their reputation of bringing fat and juicy profits to the table, no matter how the market is performing.

It should be noted here that this signal provider has maintained a robust risk management strategy and only gave out signals when they were sure it would be a win. Their low-risk trading strategy is pretty much the reason why Fat Pig Signals has the lowest number of signals out of all providers. Still it has managed the best win% by winning 8 out of its 9 signals.

Verified Crypto Traders
2) Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders have a reputation of alternating between the second and third ranks in successive months, and it had continued it into December 2021. With the VCT Spot Trading performing better than their Margin Trading, the two have done a pretty good job collectively.

With almost 50% more trades than Fat Pig Signals, VCT Spot has followed Fat Pig Signal’s win rate closely at 84%. Similarly, VCT has solidified its position as a reliable crypto signal provider by maintaining a pretty impressive win rate in such unpredictable times.

Universal Crypto Signals
3) Universal Crypto Signals

Universal Crypto Signals had maintained a perfect 100% win rate along with the #1 position for the last few months. But just like BTC, it took a sharp blow, stumbling down to the third rank this month. Still, their understanding of the crypto market and robust technical analysis has kept them afloat with a 81% win rate, which in itself is not bad at all!

This winds up the top 3 crypto signal providers for December. Although the performances of all providers have dropped, subscribers still would have made healthy profits with their 80+ win rates.

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! You might encounter a scammer impersonating Saviour from UCS, it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.

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Onward BTC
4) Onward BTC

With a 61% win rate, Onward BTC holds the 4th rank on our December signals results. It’s quite an improvement from the last month where the provider ranked 7th.

It’s worth noting here that Onward BTC gave out more signals than any of the top 3 providers. This makes them one of the few signal providers in the market that kept their subscribers’ appetite for signals satisfied while still managing to get more wins than losses.

Sublime Traders
5) Sublime Traders

The 5th and 6th spots are almost a tie between Onward BTC and Sublime Traders. Sublime Traders have exactly the same win rate as Onward BTC, and has actually given out more signals than the former this December.

Although their style of trading focuses a lot on technicalities, their strategy has failed to maintain their improvement trajectory through December. This signal provider was steadily improving its win rates from the summer of 2021. But the performance history graph sees a sharp dip in December.

6) 4C-Trading

4C-Trading signal results struggled a lot in November with a meager win rate of 16%. Although they’re not doing very well in December, there is marked improvement with a 35% win rate. Let’s see how this provider performs come January.

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7) CryptoLab

CryptoLab did well to earn the #4 spot for November. The same cannot be said for December. They gave out 14 signals in total. 6 of them were cancelled and the rest went in losses. This was a tough month for these guys but let’s see how they recover in 2022.

Final Thoughts on December Signal Results

Our monthly signal result review aims to give our readers valuable insight into how signals perform month to month. We hope to help you make the right decision in your crypto trading career by opting for signals that have a reputation of profitability.


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  1. Hi! It is mentioned that December 2021 saw Cryptolab with 14 trades, 6 of which were cancelled and the rest lost. But the signal tracker has them as number one for this month. Is that an error?

    Also, what happened to Coindecap? Are they not producing reliable signals anymore.

    Love the site by the way,

    • Hi Mkat, Thanks for your feedback. Coincodecap is still on the site only on the ranking table we have had an error that we are fixing now. I will check Cryptolab and update if necessary. Thanks a lot for your support.


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