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Signal Results in May were unsettling, to say the least. The drop has happened in May causing many to become unhinged. Results-wise providers performed less than stellar. To be expected I guess. Between the Elon Musk tweets and the mainstream media FUD, we have had much to deal with the past month.

Overall it was a tough month with the marketing pulling back from the upper 60k range to under 40k on Bitcoin. Thus we had a lot of turmoil in the marketplace. Even the gold doge was not immune to the downdraft of the market the past month. Blood was everywhere for everybody…

Signal Results
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Monthly Signal Results

Universal Crypto Signals
1) Universal Crypto Signals

Luck enough UCS pulled back on their trading for the month of May. Signal results may have been better. Lucky enough UCS sensed Something was not right in the market, even though It was unfortunate as the market broke their 100% win streak of months before. But overall they did the best of all the signal providers in reducing losses to only 1 red trade! In this market that is absolutely amazing! Thus once again they take the top spot…

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Fat Pig Signals
2) Fat Pigs Signals

For what the market gave the Fat Pigs have done very well. Not much behind in numbers of UCS, they were able to mitigate the losses from the market. Signal results may again have been better here as well. But considering the unforeseen drop, it had. Fat Pigs Again taking fewer trades and keeping things tight. Fat pigs held steady in a very unsteady market.

Verified Crypto Traders
3) Verified Crypto Traders

Signal results may have been better for VCT in their scalping/swing trades. It was more varied, to say the least in one respect they were predicting the pullback of the market by their platinum trader. Yet in another respect, the other traders of VCT still traded as if in a bull market, causing some high than average losses. Still for the balance of things we can say VCT was a solid third-place finisher in the rankings.

Onward BTC
4) Onward BTC

Speaking of solid we have Onward BTC again with their bot signals, which we can’t register in total as real trades. Some could be but due to the nature of timing of the trades/signals and entry/exit points. Signals are not trades. So you can reduce the sheer amount they show in the performance of the monthly signal results to more like nature of the other providers. Again their rank could be higher if they were actual signals real time, and not indicator based triggers instead.

Sublime Traders
5) Sublimetraders

Sublimetraders was hit harder than normal with the market conditions being less than great. Big red drops caused our friends to have higher losses. I do like the transparency vs some other providers in term of the numbers. Seems more realistic to me. Other providers seem too much marketing/downplaying of the results.

6) 4C-Trading

4C-Trading had a few complaints of their overbot signals of which were hit harder than what you see in just the numbers. Some reports of over 40% drawdowns of this provider. They are very bot centric so that might explain the few complaints we have seen. Their ALGOs basically got crushed in the large downturns of LINK and BTC. In time we are sure they will recover and then some in the future.

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Coin Observatory
7) CoinObservatory

Once again we can’t compute CoinOBservatory in the list of results as they still do not provide the data we need. Oh well maybe one day soon!

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Signal Results conclusion for May…

The Signal Results for May were less then ideal. But we have had a good run and market retracements do happen. Part of trading. Key is to focus on long term results. I am sure many of the providers will be back in action pulling in the bitcoin once again.

If you wish to vent your displeasure that the signal results may have given you this month, well you can drop Elon a tweet and tell him to shut up! I am sure if enough of you tweet to him he might even listen lol 😉 Between him and the mainstream media, we don’t need any more of their negative crypto vibes this summer.


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