SIGNAL RESULTS November 2021 – A season of new ATH!

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November marked a record-breaking month as we see the total cryptocurrency market cap hit $2.97Trillion. On the signal results, side, it as also a good month. However, it was still a red November for the most digital assets, which is partially due to the continuation of China’s crackdown, followed by wide speculation of the EU ban on crypto mining. The new Coronavirus variant Omicron also affected market price coupled with the holiday season that is forcing people to sell their crypto assets.

Bitcoin hit a new all-time high price at $68,521, while Ethereum (ETH) also set a new record by briefly trading above $4850 before settling for the $4, 584.

Irrespective of the swings, November was positive for most of the signal providers. The long-term leveraged trades enjoyed a surge for the top 3 signal providers on SmartOptions, once again solidifying their top placement in rankings.

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signal results

Monthly Signal Results

Universal Crypto Signals
1) Universal Crypto Signals

#1 UCS is sitting atop the signal result chain after having a perfect 100% win rate. Wins like this don’t just happen, it is the understanding of the entire crypto environment, and a solid technical analysis that can produce such a fine result- UCS seems to have both, great job once again!

Beware of scammers trying to impersonate reputable signal providers’ admins! You might encounter a scammer impersonating Saviour from UCS, it’s better to confirm their official Telegram usernames before having any conversation.

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Fat Pig Signals
2) Fat Pigs Signals

Fat Pigs with their higher returns makes them a solid number 2! They may have not as many trades but they did have very high profitability and closed in on the champion of UCS, their signal results for October were outstanding!

Verified Crypto Traders
3) Verified Crypto Traders

VCT did very well in both their margin & spot trading for the signal results in November. They had the highest number of trades combined. Again all 3 of the Top providers were outstanding at very high win rates, again great job VCT!

4) CryptoLab

CrypoLab did well in their trades to earn the #4 spot for November. Their result was outstanding, and they seem to have a trading strategy that is comprehensive that is easy to follow.

5) CoinCodeCap

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Sublime Traders
6) Sublime Traders

Sublimetraders added to the upside for signal results in November. Holding onto #5 and keeping it real! I don’t know about you but I like their technical style of trading, seems solid and easy to follow.

Onward BTC
7) Onward BTC

Onward BTC signal results for November hurt the eyes a bit with losses being higher than wins, not sure if some technical glitches hit them, but the market was prime for most signal providers. We hope they have a great December and regain their trading mojo.

8) 4C-Trading

4C-Trading signal results for November weren’t good as well, with losses being above wins. We look forward to 4C-Trading making a comeback in the future!

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Conclusion for November…

Choosing the right signal provider can impact your potential for profit and help you create a long-term strategy that brings you closer to achieving your financial liberty. The more you use these signals, the better you can predict market movement.

This crypto month has seen some ups and lows, however; the long-anticipated Bitcoin upgrade that finally went live could be the beginning of a new upward trend that will usher us into a new year.


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