SIGNAL RESULTS October 2021 – Are we atop the bull sheet board?

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Our apologies we are late because of an error on our side and will have the new results for November ready soon.

Signal results in October are an indication that we might truly be on a bullish trend for the rest of 2021.

Christened “Uptober” by Twitter crypto folks – the month of October is one of the strongest months for Bitcoin as its price rallied up by 40% to reach an all-time high of $67,000, while ETH was up by 43%. We also saw the crypto market cap reach a record $2.7 trillion.

In addition, there are also many exciting events such as the SEC-regulated Bitcoin ET, and an uplift in institutional interest in the crypto space. On the DeFi side, Cream Finance was exploited of tokens worth more than $130 million.

With nice swings to the upside mostly, the October surge was positive for most of the signal providers. The long-term leveraged trades enjoyed a surge for the top 3 signal providers on SmartOptions, once again solidifying their top placement in rankings.

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signal results

Monthly Signal Results

Universal Crypto Signals
1) Universal Crypto Signals

#1 seems to be all UCS is about! They had plenty of nice trades with great returns so the combination of Signal results in August has given them both high returns and a perfect 100% win rate, great job once again UCS!

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Fat Pig Signals
2) Fat Pigs Signals

Fat Pigs with their higher returns makes them a solid number 2! They may have not as many trades but they did have very high profitability and closed in on the champion of UCS, their signal results for August were outstanding!

Verified Crypto Traders
3) Verified Crypto Traders

VCT did very well in both their margin & spot trading for the signal results in August. They actually had the highest number of trades combined. Again all 3 of the Top providers were outstanding very high win rates, again great job VCT!

Sublime Traders
4) Sublimetraders

Sublimetraders added to the upside for signal results in August. Again holding onto #4 and keeping it real! I don’t know about you but I like their technical style of trading, seems solid and easy to follow.

Onward BTC
5) Onward BTC

Onward BTC signal results for August hurt the eyes a bit with losses being higher than wins, not sure if some technical glitches hit them, but the market was prime for most signal providers. We hope they have a great September and regain their trading mojo.

6) 4C-Trading

4C-Trading signal results for August were a mixed bag once again, with wins just being above losses, at least a high number of trades were achieved here, we look forward to 4C-Trading making a comeback in the future!

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Conclusion for October…

This month was overwhelmingly positive for the crypto space, with the launch of the first crypto ETFs in the United States being a wild success. While the ecosystem continues to indicate another promising month, we look for more bullish trends and upward momentum in the coming months of this year.


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