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Signal Results in September made up for the previous months of bearish crypto markets. September indeed was a big comeback month for some coins, and we hope this momentum carries on into the coming months! At least for most of the signal providers. Plenty of volatility and nice swings to the upside mostly.

Bitcoin doesn’t want to stop climbing as it continues its run back above the 45k range with some giant moves on the likes of SOL breaking the key $150 level and AVAX reaching all-time highs. Hence much of the DEFI and NFT space all joined in for the ride. With ETH dominating the NFT market, while XRP went back above $1.30 and ETH back above $3,400. The short-term leveraged trades enjoyed a surge for the top 3 signal providers on SmartOptions, once again solidifying their top placement in rankings.

Signal Results
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Monthly Signal Results

Universal Crypto Signals
1) Universal Crypto Signals

#1 UCS could not maintain the lead alone and is now sharing the number one spot with the Fat Pigs. UCS had plenty of nice trades with great returns. The combination of Signal results in September has given them both high returns and a perfect 86% win rate, great job once again UCS!

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Fat Pig Signals
2) Fat Pigs Signals

#1 With so many swings in the market, Fat Pigs came with a banger and their higher returns position them as the leader of the park! They may have not as many trades, but they did have very high profitability of 86% win rate, which is an outstanding performance for a month that saw so much FUD!

Verified Crypto Traders
3) Verified Crypto Traders

#2 VCT did very well in both their margin & spot trading for the signal results in September. They actually had the highest number of trades combined. Again all 3 of the Top providers were outstanding with very high win rates, again great job VCT!

Sublime Traders
4) Sublimetraders

#3 Sublimetraders added to the upside for signal results in September. Again holding onto #4 and keeping it real! I don’t know about you but I like their technical style of trading, seems solid and easy to follow.

Onward BTC
5) Onward BTC

#4 Onward BTC signal results for September were a mixed bag, with wins just three wins and three loses, and a small amount of trades. We look forward to Onward BTC making a comeback in the following months!

6) 4C-Trading

#5 4C-Trading signal results for September hurt the eyes a bit with losses being higher than wins, not sure if some technical glitches hit them, but the market was prime for most signal providers. We hope they have a great October and regain their trading mojo.

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Conclusion for September…

September had Bitcoin jumping back above 45k and showing a great bounce from the previous month’s down move from China’s crackdown on crypto. Fat Pigs and UCS did it in style showing what great signal providers can achieve with their great trading. VCT pointed to the target on Bitcoin as exactly above 45k as they stated last month for it being a target.

The FUD in September was crazy and it appeared the only avenue for BTC, and the entire market was down, but due to the technical had no effect. Thus we say the real adoption of BTC starts to demonstrate itself in the marketplace. With the next quarter starting out, we could have some good news on the horizon.   


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